Why My Meta Description Appears in All Search Results?

solve-meta-descrition-issue The next step towards better optimizing your Blogger blogs is to understand that several works are incomplete and Blogger has left its codes open for all to develop them. Thus thanks  to some programmers and SEO’s  most of Blogger bugs have been solved recently. One problem in default blogger templates is that your meta description appears below all your Post titles instead of Post description in search results. This badly effects your overall search rankings as same description that you have set for your homepage appears below all your posts. To address this issue I will jump straight on the solution.

PS: If you don’t know what Meta Description is then kindly read these posts first,

How To Make Meta Description  Appear Only on Homepages?

  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
  2. Backup Your Templates
  3. Search for your meta description which lies just at top portion of your HTML editor. Mine looks like,


   4. Now simply enclose your meta Description between these codes,

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>

Meta Description Goes here


   5. Save your template and you are Done!

I hope this change will greatly benefit your blogs with better search results and more targeted traffic. Questions are always welcomed. Peace out! :)

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  1. How long does it take for the change to catch up with search engines?

  2. I have applied this trick...it works wonder...however it does take some months to see the difference...thank you for this post Mohd

  3. Welcome all!

    No it takes effect within 24 hours for all your links. :>

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  5. Hey! Firstly thank you for your great blog, and helpful post.
    I tried to follow your description but I can't find my meta description in the html coding. When I tried to add meta tags I was given an error because there already exists a widget within my html coding, the widget is LinkedWithin.
    Do you know how I can add a meta description? I'm able to do the title no problem, via blogger layout.

    thanks in advance for your help.

  6. @Webhost

    Not for all your subpages. It makes sense when you give description to the homepage only. Using the same description for all other pages rather effects the SERp.

    @LEs Garcons

    Buddy kindly read this post. It has a tool that can help you create one in seconds :>
    Meta tag generator tool

  7. @Debby

    I searched some of your post pages in GOOGLE and the post description is displayed just fine. I guess you have trouble shooted yourself. :>

    Paste any of your post title text in Google search box and you will see that only post description is displayed and not the homepage description. I hope this helps.

  8. You're right! But when I copy a link and post it on Facebook it shows the post title but the description is the meta description not the post - can this be fixed?

  9. @debby

    Oh that is a different problem. It is happening with all Google Hosted blogs. However the post starting paragraph is neatly shown on Facebook notes and pages. I will appreciate that you submit your feeds to facebook. May be this post can help,
    How to drive traffic from facebook

  10. @Jay
    Yes pal! Blogger templates are very poorly optimized and important steps like the one above do surely further optimizes your blog template for search engines

  11. What i discover troublesome is to find a weblog that can capture me for a minute however your blog is different. Bravo.

  12. Hey Mohammad,

    I also got a new post in mail where you shared I guess how to go for title tags in blogger,was searching all around couldnt find it can you give me the link and also do we have any post here how to add meta description in blogger post,do you recommend it in blogger?As also heard shouldnt do meta keywords as if you overstuff the post with keywords it may result negatively so what about description do you apply it on MBT for separate posts

  13. @Neeraj

    For all seo articles chech the SEO tag here ->

    SEO Tips

    Brother meta description and keywords for individual posts has little sense and I personally thing it is not important when it comes to search engine crawling. I have seen my friends loosing PR for doing so. I never tried it.

  14. Sir good evening, How to add tag in new blogger template like the sidebar wrapper?I need to add a cloud tag like your blog sidebar.Need rply sir...\

    Thanks happy new year


  15. I was looking for the "description" tag but found this, instead:

    <meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' name='description'/>

    Does this mean that whatever I write in the blog description automatically appears inside this tag? Can I add your code around this tag?



    P.S. I'm going through all of your SEO tips - thank you so much I haven't paid much attention to SEO but as a "pressure cooker recipe" website running on blogger it's just ridiculous that the site does not list within even the first three pages of google results for exactly those words - and, instead, websites and blogs with NO or FEW recipes are listed!

    I hope to see an improvement by following your tips. I'll keep you posted!

  16. Hello Mohammad,

    I really wanna optimize my blog. I need to put my Meta tag on my site. The html editor can be overwhelming even when reading instructions. Can you help?