How To Add Adsense Anywhere in Blog Posts?

Add-Adsense-between-posts You might have recently observed that I have integrated Adsense ads just between my posts and I choose those locations manually. This helps to keep my content neat and clean and as well as serve my revenue aims. To add adsense first you need to create a Ad unit using your Adsense Account and I just hope you guys know how to do that. If you don’t then don’t worry follow the steps below,

How To Create Adsense Ad unit or Link units?

  1. Simply go To you adsense account
  2. Then Adsense Setup > get Ads
  3. From the choices choose Adsense For content
  4. Follow the simple instructions to create either a Ad unit or link unit.
  5. Get the Adsense code and save it in a notepad for use in the next part of our tutorial.


How To Add Adsense Ads in between blogger posts?

This part is fairly easy and does not require you to edit your template or do some complex code work. Simply follow the steps below,

  1. After you have written your post decide where you want to add the Ads. See the one of my sample posts below,


2.   In your Blogger Editor simply switch to the Edit HTML mode and paste the Adsense code you saved in notepad just below your chosen sentence/paragraph. In my case I will add the code just below that blue headline. Since I use windows live writer instead so it will look something like this,



3.  Publish your post and see it to see a beautiful AD hanging between your posts ready to be clicked! =d


Hope you liked it!

This method helps you manually add adsense wherever you want. However to make adsense appear just below post titles as you can see on my blog then you just need to paste your adsense code above <data:post.body/> in your templates. In that case you will have to first encode your adsense code.

Make it a habit of manually adding the ads in your posts just like you add tags and images to it.

I wont charge anyone for asking questions. =p

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  1. thanks mohd_ i have changed my photobucted pics to blogger pics and noticed the change also, you are great....

    can you check whether my css and javascripts are messed with each other or not- i think that was also an issue..


  2. Thanks Mohammad, this can surely increase the CTR but dont feel monetizing my blog too much!

  3. Assalam-o-alikum Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
    my name is Sajjad and i am student of CS & IT in N.E.D UET Karachi i am know u about your Presentation that you give in Fast University
    My Question Is that i have a blog is not optimize and i also have google account on this so please tell me some usefull tricks to optimize my blog and increase my revenu
    waiting for ur reply

  4. @mohammad ,
    nice posts, so far i have heard about placing adsense under post title,here you shown between posts .Its nice.

  5. @karan

    You are welcomed pal. For CSS and JAva kindly read that post I recommend.

    Why don't you feel so ? :>

    Walaikum Salam brother,
    Thanks for the kind remarks pal and I would highly appreciate if you meet me in uni so that we could talk in detail. I have visited your blog and there is a lot I can share on optimizing it. So please meet me. You can find me at CIS-004 SE Section-A

    Oh hi sreejesh! Where were you lost man?
    I am much better Alhamdulillah now. Had an appendix operation but now I am much sound. :) How do you doing?

    Most welcomed pal. :>

  6. @Mohammad Sreejesh has moved to wordpress now!

  7. @Ayush
    Yes I know and It is equally good to use either of the services. Since I prefer free lunch that's why I wont leave blogger ever. I hope Sreejesh would agree on that :P

  8. hey mohd_ i want to give advice to you that why do you post an article on web designing software and how to use them in making cute,customizable images and banners etc...

    Its my request to post such an article to make people like you as a master of photoshop..
    i have also read your mail and dont wory mohd_ next time there is a big article submitted to you which you will happy to publish.

    karan chauhan

  9. Thanks Mohammad .it helped me a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hi friend... i got tht 'Read More' shiny button.

    I need 'Home''previous' and 'next' post shiny button. its very cool.

    Waiting for these shiny button :)

    Thanks and Regards

    Hari (

  11. @Karan

    I respect the suggestion buddy and I will surely kept this in mind. I will try to cover photoshop as much as I can. Thank you for your precious advice. And I will be waiting for your article. :)


    Sent! :>

  12. Don't know hay this process is not working for me.I've tried WLW but no sucess.

  13. Friend...Don't mistake me.

    Still i didn't get. Last two times, you sent 'Read more' shiny button.But.... i need 'Home' 'previous' and 'next' shiny button. That is post 'Replace newer,older and home links with shin button in blogger'. Its very cool.

    Thanks and Regards
    H@r! (

  14. one more thing you can do is to just paste google code in post template settings that every time you create post it will automatically be shown in the post editor. You just need to write post above or below that code.

  15. @Hari

    Thanks for making it clear. I sent them now. Enjoy! :>

    It is just copy and past pal!


    Of course you can do that but then you are left with just two options i.e Top or bottom of post body. But the purpose of this post is to paste it anywhere you like even in blockquotes! :>

    Always welcomed! :>

  16. Dear sir,

    I did your tips, paste the Adsense code in Edit HTML in my post like your advice, but why the ads doesn't appear? I already make sure that the Adsense in my blog not yet more 3 ads, so the ads must be allow to appear, doesn't it?

    Here my blog :

    Thanks a lot
    Ook Nugroho

  17. @ook

    You can display a maximum of three Content Ads at a time. I would advise that you remove skyscrapper at our right sidebar. It seems attracting but it has the least impressions and clicks in general.

  18. Wow this is such an interesting tutorial.

  19. Wow nice post..

    Also visit for all type of tricks..

  20. Hi, thanks for your blog help. I wonder why even when I pasted my encoded codes in my blogspot html still dont show up the ads. Please help, I waited for 12 hours to see but nothing happened.

  21. @Judith

    Pal you can display at most 3 Adsense For Content Ads and 3 link units. Make sure you did not exceed the limit. Further you don't need to encode the code just paste it in the HTML mode. Please share your blog url for better help.

  22. Hi !

    I am having one doubt.Is it OK with Blogger terms and conditions to add java script with in blogger posts ?.Because adsense code is a java script is it against adding java script directly with in blogger post.Please Reply.

  23. @suman
    I respect your doubts but you can use them with assurance. All dynamic Ads codes and widgets are created using programming codes which are independant of eachother. Using a script that in some manner may cause changes to Adsense look and feel and make cause auto clicks is highly forbidden but using scripts to customize your blog is always welcomed.

  24. Assalam o Alaikum,

    brother this is the first time i read your blog. I want to ask you that i want a nice decent blog that is complete in most of the ways so can you tell me how to improve them. i currently reside in lahore. I love writing original content.My blog is

    but brother i do not know know anything much about programming or languages, neither i have learnt HTML code or whatever you call it in technical lanuage but i'm sure you can help me out by guiding me how to improve my knowledge and my blog too.

    thanx alot brother in advance.

  25. @Straight
    W/salam brother,

    Pleasure to have you here. Blogging is simple and it wont take you long to become a humble blogger soon buddy. Just keep reading tutorials related to blogger platform. For a good template I would advise that you try our Monop Template which is optimized and fairly monetized and equipped with tons of widgets. You can always reach me for any help if needed.

    Keep reading that's the only advice I have for you pal. God bless. :)

  26. Asallam o Alikum brother how can i add animated youtube add to my blog that u have added above plz tel me (

  27. hw do apply for a adsense acount evry tym whn i apply it says ur account disaled...

  28. In my case, adsense ads more than 3 doesn't show up in my blog - why is that?
    This is the link to my blog

  29. Hi sir,
    When we add the ads like this the labels page and archieve page will contain ads more than 3 units. Will it be against adsense policies.

  30. Very helpful post, i want to know one more thing. How i can wrap text around my ads???
    . See my blog- Please let me know if u have any suggestions about my blog. I really love to hear suggestions from a experienced blogger like you. And please help me in above topic.

  31. Hey,

    Can you please elaborate how to add adsense code anywhere in blogger through theme. Because I've heard from many that adsense usually gets banned if its inserted , manually in between the posts.

  32. Hi Mohammad, great post i will definitely try
    but i have a question

    Adding ad-sense in between blog post can effect crawlers to crawl my post ?

  33. Asalamualikum Mohammad bhai,

    i have been reading your blog posts regularly and appreciate your work that you have done. I personally also love blogger and will never leave it but i am finding it hard to generate good revenue from my blog. I have adsense and follow most of the trends. Can you please have a look at my blog and give some suggestion with your experience.

    Blog :

  34. Thanks mate, the trick really works albeit a little bit of hiccups. I have inserted the code in 3 posts consecutively.
    And although it didn't exceed the max of 3 adverts, somehow the whole first page only manage to show one advert.
    I already turned off the "ads between posts" feature in the setting, and still of no success. Any idea what happen?

    blog url:

  35. Hi, I just wanna ask Is it allowed to add adsense ads inside the posts by google. Will it violate adsense terms. plz tell me

  36. Thanks for this tutorial finally I've put an ad inside my blog post! more tutorials to come!

  37. I'm so confused, hoping you can help. I have been struggling for the past few hours. I have a blog where I found a way to move the an adsense block to the top left corner of my posts. It was showing up fine for a week. Today, I was adding a few gadgets and I noticed the ads disappeared from my main home page, but when I click on the blog post to open the full post page, the ad is where it should be. Do you know why the ad wouldn't be showing up on the main page?

    My Blog ->


  38. Thanks working for me.... Currently i am using code manually but because of this page taking long time to load is there any way and also Adsesns Scorecard showing Page Speed Performance error please help me about this

  39. Thanks for nice tips. Thanks for sharing with us

  40. Bro If i post some ads account on post my ads which i have in widget layout , that will disappear on that page only .. why is it so?

  41. hey bro If I Put Adsense ads manually in Posts under Titles...will it work?
    Can I Put Adsense ad code after the first DIV of my Post to make it appear after post title?
    Is it Necessary to include ---More-- tag before adsense ads in posts?

  42. this didnt work for me, i copied the asychronous code from adsense and pasted it directly into my blog post in the html mode with using any html parse too and the ad is not showing. i have only two adsense ads on my blog.

  43. Its little helpful. But if I get reached to Thousands Of Posts and got lost my adsense account due to some reason. Then how will change all units in between the post.. one by one..??? But it would be really good if there is some dynamic way to add those units..