Google And DMOZ’s Warm Welcome And My Activities During The Long Break

hello-everyone! I offer my humble greetings to all loyal, valuable an highly motivating readers and contributors of MyBloggerTricks Blog. Its been a long time since I last posted and to be honest I was dying for this day to arrive. Its really tough to take all things along when you live in a world where you are surrounded with responsibilities from all corners. I started blogging in the year 2008 and my interest kept on increasing so much that I dedicated six hours daily to blogosphere and that was fun in its own. But today as I joined university and crossed my teenage, several responsibilities often slow down the posting process.

I opened my inbox after two months and was really shocked to have found so many unanswered queries and feedback. I humbly apologize all those who waited eagerly for a reply but could not receive any response from me side due to the most horrible and highly extended University Exams of my life! It was a 70 days long Preparation and Exams torture which I fortunately survived Alhamdulillah. :(
Keeping all things aside, what can be more shocking to an author than having lost valuable readership and ranking in the Online world. This was my biggest nightmare till last week but to our expectation I was shocked to have discovered everything the other way round! Amazingly not only did our readership have increased but the overall search engine ranking, blog traffic, blog publicity and not forgetting blog revenue have dramatically accelerated. MBT’s monthly page views, page bounce rates and number of daily unique visitors have increased. And I just don’t have words to thank all those who kept sharing our content with their fellow countrymen in different languages. I am thankful to Allah Almighty and then grateful to all of you who continuously kept me motivated with your amiable letters, emails and feedback. Thank you so much pals, it could have never been possible with you!

Do we have any Shocking Surprise?

Oh yeh we surely do. Just some months ago we announced that some pages of MyBloggerTricks blog have been finally added to the Largest human Edited Online Web Directory  and today to our amazement the homepage of My Blogger tricks has been finally added to DMOZ Directory in a category where only four blogs are listed along with the Mega Giant blogger and its an honour in itself. Search for “My Blogger Tricks” in the DMOZ search box and you will be driven to this,
 My-Blogger-Tricks-Listed-in DMOZ Directory

Google Gifted Us with A Hot Cheque!

Though I was not posting regularly but thanks to some loyal friends and readers the Traffic kept on increasing MashAllah and I just received a Cheque from Google through Western Union Cash and it felt really cool because I was running out of money and needed a better Computer to restart my blogging. Thankfully I have upgraded my system to Core 2 Duo now! :p

So What did we do during the Long Break?

Of course I can’t breath calmly unless I create or design something new and different. so during the Exam preparations and before it I was given the task of designing my University Department’s Annual Students Magazine. It was tough and hectic at first but as time passed, the experience turned really exciting. I designed around 50 pages out of 126. The Magazine includes my article and poem too. I have shared below a screenshot of my article on blogging,
If you want a readable version of the article above then kindly subscribe. The Article will be emailed to you instantly. Make sure you mention your Email ID in the comment box below once you subscribe. Current subscribers can simply mention their Email ID’s to receive the download copy.
Another project was designing a Premier Template with MBT’s copyrighted widgets, icons and goodies for a hacking blog i.e Rafay Hacking Articles The template was designed during EID Holidays and it turn out really interesting. To have a look at the template and read the author comments kindly visit this page –> Rafay Hacking Articles Redesigned
Now that was all for today. It was just a Hello post with little info about my activities during the long break that I took. I am back on duty and ready to share again some inspiring templates, Icons, goodies, widgets and some cool and useful CSS Tricks. Till then Prenez soin. Avoir un jour béni! (I am learning french BTW :p)

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  1. I am glad that you are back, Congratulations for your first check, My first check was of 10$ and for now you know about it and I was very exited though it was not a big amount

  2. Mohammad welcome Bk man... Looking forward for some stunning posts. Waiting for the replies!!!!!!

    xoxo :]

  3. i dont know ..what this blog is about...but i wish you best of luck for blogging :P
    and i'll go through this blog of yours for sure and lo0king forward to learn some unique stuff from it...and i want to meet you in person..want some information live ;)

  4. Welcome Back!

    How the page bounce rate is good?

    Please send the readable version of that article

    My Id:

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  6. Thanks buddy you are back.
    its very long time since you post a article.
    believe me your html editor help me a lot its really amazing and the best part is that i can work with it in offline mode too :D
    i don't remember how i come to your blog but i know that was really a holy time for me.
    i have read all you articles and now i am good in html and css.
    i am also a subscriber of your blog you can see my subscribe date to know that when i came to your blog because i just subscribe to your blog when i first see it.
    i know i am a talkative person but i want to tell you that how much i love your blog.
    waiting 4 ur reply...............
    and also waiting 4 some awesome post..
    allah aapko salamat rakhe.

  7. DMOZ has been dying a death for a long time now. I don't know what's been up with them of late, but they need to get it sorted soon, or I can forsee them losing all their clout. Has wiki become the new DMOZ? I'm not so sure. The two are different things. One's a directory, one's an encyclopedia. The difference? A link from DMOZ is very category specific. However, a link from wiki could simply be loosely related to the source material, rather than actually directly correlating to it. So, what's going to take over as a directory? I don't know. LII is fairly good, as is BOTW. Either would be a good contender. I'd put underdog money on Jayde. What does everyone else think?

  8. My Mohd, Welcome back to blogging world again. Even though there was not new updates i was regularly coming and making sure that one adsense link is always clicked :) I knew that you had your academics there. Hope from now you will be consistent in writing. And do you think its time to move to WordPress, because you can very well manage guest posting with WordPress. In the mean time, before 5 months I moved to WordPress. You can checkout my guest posting page and get an account to check how it works, And I will be very glad to see your guest post in too :) Since you are my very old friend, I can setup WordPress & configuration for author advertising for free. Do let me know once you learn the benefits of WordPress blogging platform(I still remember the article you wrote comparing WP and Blogspot).

  9. Congratulations on surviving your exams! Goodness I remember those days.

    It seems your hard work has also brought fruit for your site as well, and I was happy to read you received enough money for a new computer. That's awesome!

  10. love reading ur post after such a longtime..i m thinking of having my blog on food science..may time allows...
    plz send the readable version of the article at ""...thanks

  11. Thank you so much guys for all the sincere wishes and for the honest love. I hope I may be able to share all that I know and it would be a pleasure sharing my little ink with excellent scholars like you.

    @Cashyf Shaykh @Rafay @Karthic @samsexy

    Thanks dudes for all the respect and warm wishes. :>

    @anjani kumar soni
    I am fortunate to have been blessed with a pal like you. thank you for all that love. :)
    Ps:Well I love MBT HTML editor more than anyone :P It really is a blessing.


    Hey thank you sreejesh. I am really delighted you going so good with your interest. More power to ya. And don't ya worry it would be a pleasure writing a adorable post for you pal. And why did you changed to wordpress? :( But to be honest your blog looks just awesome! Thumbs up. :)

    Thank you hannah and yeh I really survived them thankfully! :P

    Thanks dude and you surely will receive the copy soon. Glad you liked the articles. :)

  12. I just lost the folder where I had saved the JPEG version of the article. Give me a day guys, I will grab it from a back up and will email it instantly.

  13. Welcome back man!
    You made me a better blogger!
    @Sreejesh you told about a thing that is a top secret. I know about friends relationships, but, believe me, clicking is not the best way to help a friend. Make sure you not click every day.

  14. @Anonymous
    Thank you dear and yeh Sreejesh I would agree with him. The visit that you pay us is worth a thousand clicks so we really don't care a lot about the earning my friend. :)

  15. Mohammad! We really missed you.


  16. @Mary

    I missed ya all too... and I just observed your blog... you have broders around all your images.. Follow this to remove those ugly borders,
    In the image codes which looks like this one,

    <img src="Image Link will be here" />

    Simply add border="0" to each one of them like this one,

    <img border="0" src="Image Link will be here" />

  17. I use google chrome :) That's why i can't see them, i guess.

    Anyway, thanks in name of my readers which are using Firefox xD


  18. man Where you were gone now my heart beats are back man thanks you come back 1> my progress have increased so well i received my first check 124$ from adbrite man i wanted to share this happiness since i got my check but you were nowhere now you are here

    Rahul >>>>

  19. @Mary
    Now you are a webmaster mary so be versatile. Use everything! :P

    Hey hi Rahul. Glad to hear from you after such a long time. Man I told ya you are surely gonna make it. Congratulations champion for your first cheque!!.. Proud of you dear :D

  20. Mohammad one Thing I Need you to write an article on " How To Seo A Blog Step By Step " because every budy know seo tricks but no one knows how to Apply It ,There are many tricks about seo but the technique is not there

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    You Know What He Is An SEO Gem " Please Consult Him About This This Seo Article "

    I M a Huge Fan of techgyo and MBT

    Man Thanks For Being Here Mohd You Are a Kohinoor Diamond For Us

  21. Hey Mohammad This Is Rahul Today I Got My Another Adbrite Check 121.28$ I Am soo Happy To Tell You About It

  22. Mohammad, Dont fell bad about me asking this! Can u give me your article about blogging? My teacher asked me to publish it in our school magazine.Reply fast!

  23. @Rahul

    Buddy Thank you so much for all your motivation. I really feel embarrassed to have noticed your message so late. And congrats to you as always. Proud of you :>>


    Oh that would be an honour. Let me grab the copy from some other back up. I have lost it.

  24. @ Muhammed Need the copy within this week! Thanks in advance!

  25. I knew that you had your academics there. Hope from now you will be consistent in writing.I received my first check 124$ from adbrite man i wanted to share this happiness since.