Importance Of Post Title Limit In The Eyes Of Search Engines

title-tag-importance If the content of any blog is King then it would not be wrong to say that the Title is Queen. Post titles play vital role in search engine optimization. Each Post that you write has a title and this title is responsible for bringing Traffic to that selected Post Page. Now how do you write a keyword rich and full length title that may take you high on search engine rankings?

Google and Yahoo are indeed the two Mega Search Engines that dominate all others. But for Bloggers Google has more value then Yahoo and we usually receive more Traffic from Google than Yahoo. But We can’t even ignore Yahoo.

Both Google and Yahoo have different limits for Post titles. Google Displays only the first 66 Characters of any title while Yahoo displays the first 120 Characters.

For example,

The following title has 85 characters including spaces,

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  • Google Will display it like this,

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  • Yahoo will display it like this,

12 useful Useful Tips and Tricks To reduce The Load Time Of Your Blogger Hosted Blogs

You can see the difference that Google has cropped the title and displays only the first 66 Characters while Yahoo displays the full title. Of course an incomplete or cropped title will not be much attractive to the visitors compared to a fully displayed title.

How Do You Write An Optimized Title That May Look Good In Both Google And Yahoo?

The best strategy is to create a long title consisting of at most 120 characters in order to make sure that the title looks good for both Google and Yahoo. The optimal title should be thought of as consisting of a primary title (for Google) and a secondary title (for Yahoo!). The primary title should consist of no more than 66 characters and your secondary title can be any length up to the point where the full title reaches 120 characters in length. Now lets see an optimized title below,



Now visitors will be able to see the red portion in Google and the Full title (Primary + Secondary) in Yahoo. You will now receive impressive flow of Traffic from both Google and Yahoo. Now that is like killing two birds with one stone!

Tip:- Use Only those Words in your titles that describe the entire content of your post. Such words are called keywords.

How DO We Count Characters in Post Titles?

Counting titles in no more a hectic job thanks to the  MBT Character Count Tool. This tool will help you count the number of characters of any data that your provide. Give it a try and let me whether you liked it or not. Take care :)

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  1. Nice Post for newbies
    once again you have proved as a great blogger

  2. i am searching for a widget that will automatically show the all posts as slideshow
    hope u understood and try to get itttttttttt

  3. And One more Request
    i will Give you the souce code of the template will u try to make that kind of template for me

  4. @Chinna

    Glad you liked the post. Well Yes I know such widget that shows thumbnails of your recent posts as slideshow. The disadvantage of this widget is that it uses heavy javascript that messes up the entire template. Further it loads slowly. I will try hard if I can optimize it in some manner to get it work with blogger.

  5. @Dofollow blog

    Thanks dear for sharing it but I observed that you almost have this post ditto in your blog with same words and paragraphing. This can result as a duplicate content and can harm your blog as well as ours. I will appreciate that you either write this post in your words or kindly remove it. This will be good for both of us. Let me know soon.

  6. I have this template but search is not working. can u fix the code also Can i add a search box with an image

  7. Hi there

    Another newbie question...

    If the primary title is only 60 characters long what is to stop google from extracting part of the secondary title and croppin it?
    Do I need to put in the hyphen OR
    Do I need to write the Post Title as two separate sentences.

    Sorry for my ignorance:

    I love your blog and all the information provided.

  8. @valerie

    Dear adding a hyphen looks neat and adding it would not effect your search engine ranking unless you use it sensibly. Avoid sentences i.e a dot between two sentences because this will make no sense as a title. Title means just one meaningful sentence. hope this was clear :) and yeh sorry for the delay in answer

  9. But the problem is that blogger use only a part of the title as permalink and not the full title like in Wordpress! :(

  10. @Ayush

    Yeh true and guess what friend my future scheduled posts include one on post url thing. :)

  11. "How DO We Count Characters in Post Titles?
    Counting titles in no more a hectic job thanks .... "

    i think it should be "Counting titles is no more ..... let me 'know' whether you liked it or not. Take care :)" :P

    hehehe ... Hey Mohammad, Love your site manh ... Yeah Really... ;)
    ... hmm let me come to the Main Topic .... Does Short Post Titles Effect any Ratings or kinda in Google SERP ??

    - hackrishna

  12. @hackrishna
    Thanks pal for all those kind words.
    And pardon me for that spell. We often write in hurry. :>

    Well as I said just make sure you write within the 60 characters limit. If the short title has your important keyword then it is more than enough.

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  15. Great post. This is more important to new bloggers. Because I am also newer to blogging. :D

  16. no words to say just " JAZZAK ALLAH "