How To Solve Google Sitemap Feed Proxy Errors – One Tip Solution

Google sitemap errors You all know how to submit your blog sitemap to Google if not you can Google for it and can find 1000 tutorials on this single topic but something that most of you might have observed are the Google Sitemap Errors! How do you solve them? Why so many errors when you have done everything the right way? The answer is simple , read on.

What actually happens is the fact that most bloggers burn their feeds at feedburner despite the default Atom feed system provided by Blogger. So most bloggers have redirected their default feeds to feedburner as shown below,



When we submit our RSS or Atom feeds at Google Webmaster Tools Site we are actually submitting the redirected feed hosted by feedburner. The disadvantage of doing so is that when Google Robot crawls your blog it basically indexes the data provided by the default BlogSpot feed system but since you have redirected your default feeds to feedburner, Google robot has to contact two feed systems at a time! first from BlogSpot and then from Feedbuner and thus it turns out into a confusion and results as Feed Proxy Errors which is surely a headache for every newbie blogger. Unfortunately the internet has almost rare tutorials on this issue. The reason behind doing a professional SEO course was indeed learning how to solve all such problems. Luckily I have come up with a solution.

The mistake everyone makes is by adding the following sitemap data,


But this results in dozens of feed proxy errors. To solve this issue simply submit the following sitemap data,

Note:- You only need to add feeds/posts/default?redirect=false  because your blog URL will be added by default.

where , feeds/posts/default?redirect=false is the code that redirects Google only to the default BlogSpot Atom Feed system.

Finally the results for your blog will look like that for mine,



Impressive isn’t it! Adopt the right method and you will see a positive change too. Search Engine do really count for 75% of the traffic to your blog so make sure you smoothen the path for them by optimizing your sitemap as guided in today’s post.

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  1. thank you very much i am trying to solve this problem for days but you did it for me

  2. wow that is interesting to know. Man how did you figure it out????

    Thank you very much!!!

  3. please advise everyone to be careful about submitting this fix by copying and pasting, because Google provides the entire prefix and it is only necessarch to insert the very last portion (feeds/posts/default?redirect=false) of your code, or you will receive this error:

    Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog See Ya At 'What Gets Me Hot' does not exist.
    General HTTP error: 404 not found
    We encountered an error while trying to access your Sitemap. Please ensure your Sitemap follows our guidelines and can be accessed at the location you provided and then resubmit.

    And MOHD, please contact me at to help me sort out the template mistake which was made by adding your incorrect code in the Blogger 'Read More' code which you provided. I could not understand your followup instructions.

    Thank you for this helpful advice.


  4. Could you please followup this post with the same easy tutorial on submitting the proper Robot Txt. file (

    *Result of my Txt.:
    *User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /search


    Although I receive this (Allowed) Result, I have no idea what else I'm supposed to do, if anything.

    And any and all posts that you could make in the area of Webmaster Tools AND ESPECIALLY FIXING GOOGLE ANALYTIC ERRORS would be greatly appreciated. There are so many confusing unexplained (with examples) problems aspects of Analytics and Webmaster Tools, that you could devote an entire blog to helping people in just this one area.

    Thank you for your help.


  5. @what gets me hot

    I have clearly mentioned that there are 1000 tutorials on google sitemap submission so everyone knows what to add. Of course you will only need to add feeds/posts/default?redirect=false rather
    Readers can figure it out easily. Its just like filling a blank box. I hope this was clear.

    You also asked about submitting the robot.txt file. Well in blogger, the robot.txt file is submitted automatically rather like ftp blogs. So there is no need to worry about it. Google will contact blogger for retrieving your robot.txt file.

    You also requested help regarding the read more text. You are most welcome to contact me using the contact page. But I wonder how come I share an incorrect code?? The code works just fine. :D

    I hope I was clear. Thanks for making it more easy for the readers.

  6. Like this ridiculous Google attempt at helping people understand 'Preferred Domains':

    Google Help › Webmasters/Site owners Help › Using Webmaster Tools › Site configuration › Preferred domain (www or non-www)

    ( )

    "The preferred domain is the one that you would like used to index your site's pages. If you specify your preferred domain as and we find a link to your site that is formatted as , we'll treat that link as if it was . In addition, we'll take your preference into account when displaying URLs in our search results. It may take some time for changes to be reflected in our index.
    Learn more about setting a preferred domain"

    These "help?" instructions by Google are completely useless to the general public and its understanding of code, etc.



    p.s. and even someone like Nitecruzer at the Real Blogger has so many redirect internal links, etc., that it is impossible to get a clear picture of what to do in a simple 1-2-3 Guide like the above which you have provided.

  7. :> I agree with you and so is Google Terms Of Services, written in such complex and technical language that even a bachelor find's it difficult to interpret.

    Never mind, my coming posts will be mostly SEO based. I have a lot to share. I love all who suggest or even criticize. I hope you guys will find them easy to understand.

    As far as this article was concerned it is for ftp websites with custom domains. I will write also write a post on how to get a custom domain and replace it with the current one

  8. I think you misunderstood. I was thanking you for the informatio; however, when I went back to check I got this Warnings 10
    Invalid tag value
    This XML tag has an invalid value. Please fix it and resubmit.

  9. I just checked my results and am now returning this Warning for my main blog with this Feedburner Feed -

    atom.xml?redirect=false Warnings Atom Feed Nov 12, 2009 26 1
    feeds/posts/default?redirect=false Warnings Atom Feed Nov 12, 2009 26 1

    I have this result for my other blog though:
    atom.xml?redirect=false OK

    atom.xml?redirect=false OK Atom Feed Nov 12, 2009 26 1
    feeds/posts/default?redirect=false OK Atom Feed Nov 12, 2009 26 0

  10. Kindly resubmit using feeds/posts/default?redirect=false only. If the problem persists than submit the normal sitemap data as rss.xml

    I hope it works for you. Also check in settings > Site Feed to see if your have redirected your feed to or not.

  11. hi mohd how to set different mata description for each post kindly comment on this

  12. @nil

    Just after 2000, metas lost all its importance in the eyes of search engines but still some renown SEO accept as a good habit.

    Meta Description is only inserted once and doing it for every individual post is not encouraged because this will effect the overall search ranking of your blog. Thus resulting in index confliction. Your blog will appear more and more on search engines if you make the job for data crawlers more and more easy.

    Simply write a good description for your homepage only and write a good title for your homepage that must be brief yet meaningful.

    I hope that was helpful :>

  13. Hi Mohd,
    As per to you message :
    1.I tried to see in Google analytic but I do not see the feed,But yes i had submitted in Google webmaster and it does show my websites initial name and after that blank for filling the -feeds/posts/default?redirect=false

    Whatever I tried it does not accept and later it comes an icon of red cross in status.For all my blogs/website after i tried this it is not accepting .Help me to resolve this.

    2.Regarding the website not opening in IE.Whenever I type the address it opens for 2 seconds and than shows a pop up saying operation aborted and page does not load and neither takes any more Url address to check any further finally I have to close the page and start afresh ..
    This problem is not in Firefox.
    This issue only few readers are facing where as other can view the website .It is happening the same for me hence I am doing my work through firefox.Feeds I have checked and they are working fine. Need your view and solution for this .My website which is having the problem in IE in opening is


  14. @MAnisha

    Thanks for sharing your link for indeed it made my job easy :>

    There are reasons why IE Terminated Opening Your Blog due to reasons below,

    You blog is sending too much external link requests. i.e. You are using too much JavaScript. If you observe carefully IE has browsed half your blog but failed when it came to browsing the remaining half portion. And the reasons are simple.

    You have a lot of widgets at the lower portion of your blog which contact external sites for data and all these widgets use JavaScript. Such widgets are,

    1.The Recent Posts Widget at the bottom. Display few posts on it and place it on top.

    2.Two Slide Widgets. One on left sidebar and one at the bottom This widget is unnecessary and Unprofessional Should be Avoided

    3.The Chat Box. This widget is unnecessary and Unprofessional Should be Avoided

    4.Post readers reading now. This widget is unnecessary and Unprofessional Should be Avoided

    5.FeedJit Widget. Unnecessary Widget

    4.Radio Service. This player Increases load time. Place it only on posts. Or replace it with an optimized one like Wordpress Mp3 Player

    5.Manisha You are using too many images. At least replace the images entitled "United By Sai" with text links.

    6. The Recent Comments widget at the bottom uses Javascript and is a great trouble for a browser. Further you are displaying l1 lengthy comments with around 420 Characters each. Kindly replace it with a more optimized one like Feedburner's Comment Widget like that of mine. I will write a post on it soon.

    7. Remove the Page Navigation Widget Because it is already not looking suitable with your layout structure.

    8. Now a final minor change required. You are displaying two Subscription Forms from Feedblitz. Display just one.

    You provide reading content and make it your first priority. Widgets play only 40% role in keeping readers engaged. Don't overload a blog too much with widgets. Readers appreciate content first!

    Correct all these areas and you will have a more light, professional and user and browser friendly blog. I am sorry the errors are a lot but they are reasons why IE is finding it difficult to contact so many servers at the same time. That's why IE is aborting browsing your blog for IE considers it unsafe.

    Do not forget that IE is world's second largely used browser. You can't compromise its requirements with your blog widgets.

    Now let's understand why Google is finding it difficult to accept your sitemap. I observed the following.

    1. You have submitted feeds to two services i.e Feedburner and Feedblitz. Keeping in mind that blogger has Feeds by default so you are using three Feed Syndication at a time!
    The code that you use to submit your sitemap tells google to contact the feed service rather blogger for retrieving your sitemap data. But Since you have submitted your feeds both at feedburner and feedblitz, Google robots find ambiguity and thus arrive with no sitemap data.
    Kindly use only Feedburner and contact your feedblitz readers to subscribe via Feedburner. It is hard but the result will be fruitful

    I have shared the above points with completely know-how and would never share where I lack authentic info. I hope you will make your blog a healthy reading spot for your readers, browsers and search engines.

  15. Hi Mohd,
    Thanks a lot ,I cannot thank you enough for taking out time and going through the website in detail .All the points that you have mentioned make lot of sense and I am going to follow it ASAP.I am not clear about the Feed burner Comment (you shall be writing a post on it as you mentioned) need more detail on this.
    And yes I would like to ask you with site map again,as you mentioned as I shift subscriber from feedblitz to feedburner and than what should be my next step?I am yet to understand this point .

    Thanks again for your prompt reply and making everything so simple for me.
    best wishes

  16. @Manisha

    After All I am here to help!

    YOur next step should be as follow,

    1. Go To Blogger > Settings > Site Feed
    2. In the Box Add your Feed burner URL which will be something like this ->

    3. Now save it

    4. Go To Google webmaster tools and delete all existing sitemaps and resubmit the new one using the same method as guided in the post above.

    5. It will take google a day to index your sitemap data.

    I believe you will see a better change InshAllah!

  17. Hi Mohd
    Tried as you said but still it is showing error ?
    I am copying for you the result .

    Filename Status Format Downloaded URLs submitted Indexed URLs
    feeds/posts/default?redirect=false Errors Atom Feed Nov 27, 2009 26 0

  18. @ Manisha

    Lets make it more easy. This time simply submit rss.xml instead of feeds/posts/default?redirect=false

    Also remove your Feed burner link from Setting > Site Feed

    This must work out.

  19. @ Manisha

    Forgot to ask one question. When we submit a Site URL to It then asks to verify the account by adding a simple meta tag just below <head> in your blogger Template. Did you verify it?

  20. Hi Mohd
    Yes I have verified the blog with meta tag in head section .This time I have put only rss.xml and submitted and have removed my url from bloggers feed site.Its not working i got the result !!!But i am surprised that for one blog it has worked out fine .It is showing accepted in webmaster and I also have feed site url of feedburner in blogger placed.Why it is working fine in one blog and not accepting in another 3 ??Thanks for your prompt reply .
    Waiting your reply on this issue.

  21. @Manisha

    Manisha this can be due to reasons described in my detailed review of your blog. all those javascropt based widgets can be the only reason why google can't find your sitemap. google bots use a browser to crawl your data since the browser (IE) was not able to browse your blog than how can we blame google webmaster alogrithm.

    If you observe carefully your Blog has browsed much better in IE after you removed some widgets but it still stucks at the bottom because you are still using slideshow widget, recent posts and recent comments. Simply remove them else there can be no solution to your problem.

  22. Hi Mohd
    The other blog which is showing sitemap submitted correctly has the same widget, slide show like other blogs which are showing error .Than why ?This is really getting tricky now!!!
    Thanks for your prompt reply .Looking for more solution .

  23. Hi Mohd,
    i have not been able to resolve this issue.Only one blog is accepting the sitemap rest are not (they have same widget in all )..
    I look forward to resolve this .

  24. @Manisha

    Send me the other blogs link via comment.

    Does the other blog has feeds submitted both at feedblitz and feedburner?

    Its not really due to widgets but due to a feed issue. Feed data is conflicting. If you other blog has only feeds at feedbuner or at feedblitz and not at both then the answer is infront of you.

  25. Hi Mohd
    Yes you are correct ,widgets are not problem .
    In two blogs which are old they have feed burner and feedblitz .Other 2 which are new -just 2-3 months old do not have feedblitz only feedburner account.
    Only one has been accepted in all the 4 ,for which I am giving you the link below,rest are not getting accepted.

    Hope this info would help in resolving this !!
    Thanks .

  26. @Manisha

    I can only highlight two reasons,

    1. The first one can be due to different feeds. Stick to one feed and delete all others.

    2. Correct me I am wrong: is the content same on 4 blogs?
    If yes then sites with duplicate content are removed from Google's indexing. I believe this is a serious issue.

    The link that you just sent me has one feed and that is Kindly manage all other blogs with one feed system and delete any others. And also re-edit any content that is used in all blogs. You can also attach a link at the bottom of your posts to the major blog. This will let Google that you have adapted the content and have not infringed it.

  27. can try this code in sitemap:


    Hope this may solve your issue!

  28. @Manisha...after submitting sitemap in google webmaster you need to wait around 3 days to get your URL(s) indexed.

    Try this code:


    (without ") in google search after regular intervals of 5-6 hours of submitting your sitemap till you get your URL(s) indexed.

  29. Hi Mohd
    The content is not same in all the 4 blogs,they deal with different topics.I have removed the other feed and have left only feedburner .Also tried to see that my url of blog is ok .As earlier it was blogspot ,i changed it to domain so I resubmitted my website with new domain name for verification.Verification is successful in all the 3 blogs which were changed to custom domain almost 2 month back .
    After that I tried all the possible feed url to submit the sitemap as given in your tutotrial above but it shows error .
    Now what to do next ..?????????
    I am trying my best as far as I know but ...!!!..
    hope this time i am able to resolve this ...

  30. Hi Googy
    I tried whatever is given but it returns with a red cross (error).
    When I submit within few seconds the result is there .There is nothing like waiting for 3 days .Infact I can also see what are the links,query which come in search to my blog .I would like to mention i can see this in my old Url of the blog which was blogspot and the new one which is a custoam domain now is not showing any report as I think it needs time by robots to crawl as you mentioned above almost 3 days?!!!
    Hoping for the best

  31. Hi Mohd any solution !!! did not hear from you .

  32. @Manisha,

    Did you just removed other feeds from your blog or you deleted them?
    You must delete them permanently. If it still did not work then I really find it difficult to suggest anything more. With my little SEO knowledge a blog sitemap should be accepted immediately by google and if there are problems as you have then We can blame none but Feeds. Because feed provide data to Google.

    There is nothing wring with your template or widgets. There is some issue with your feeds. I suspect it to be the feed conflict. But you should try and try because we learn it this way.

    Further whether you submit your sitemap to google or not, you site will still be crawled because Google robot's work does not depend on Sitemap submission. Sitemap submission only helps google to realize that you have a blog or website that should be crawled immediately. Since you use blogspot then Sitemap submission is not a must for you.

    I hope you figure out a way yourself because you know you feed accounts far better than me.

  33. hello mohammad,
    saw ur website long back but somehow i missed the url and since then i was trying to locate ur site on net luck i got it back today ...mohammad dont know why google is showing my blog on page rank 1st ...very funny coz i have nt done anything to my blog for ranking but my sitemap is verified rightly ...coz of ur wonderful post on i have some questions :
    1.what is this feed ?how do we use it and do we have to update it with all new post we make ?
    2. how to creat a backlink for my blog ?
    3.if i replace my current templet with urs then how can i preserve the same colour ,same header .....etc etc..
    these are few questions i am really confused about .
    mohammad ur website is very informative and i found that the posts u make are very unique and original ....hats off to ur love for blogging .
    my blog address is :
    have a good day

  34. @priyanka rautela

    I am glad I found my loyal visitor back :> Congress on your PR update. You got the PR update because may be your leave comments on many blogs and thus you have build up good back-links.

    For your questions here are the answers,

    1. From what I understood from your question, you want to know what feed is. If yes then here is the answer.
    A feed is basically a system that keeps record of all your published posts and sends emails to your subscribers whenever you publish a new post. Your blog subscribers are people who submit their emails to receive your feed updates. If you submit your email ID in the subscription form at the top right sidebar on my blog the you will receive an email whenever I publish a new post. You don't need to update feeds, the system updates itself automatically. One best Feed delivery service where you can sign up for an account is
    For more details see this video

    2. For backlinks leave your Blog URL where ever you can i,e Forums, blogs etc. Also Dig all your posts and Tag them with technorati. That's it

    3. First create a test blog i.e is dummy blog. Upload one of my templates there. Customize its look and colours to match that of yours. Then upload this customized template into your main blog. Give me some time, I will share some firefox plugins that can help you guys easily customize your templates.

    Thanks for your feedback! I highly appreciated it :D

  35. Dear Mohammad ,
    you have left me speachless ......thanks for ur prompt reply.
    I have tried this feedburner thing but seems its not working?
    anyways will try again,but the way u explain things they go deep inside the head :)
    thanks for taking time for visiting my blog ,i appreciate ur hardwork and energy .
    thanks a ton

  36. one of the best hack on sitemaps.... thank a lot.... keep going

  37. Hello Mohammad,

    I am really having a tough time getting my pages indexed in google.

    I had submitted my feed link. At first google did index only 7 pages and after sometime i did see that my pages indexing reduced to 3. It's just demotivating man.

    can you mail me on need to talk some things man and

    can you please look into my website

    I am looking for some serious help from you man. even me a student who is studying and request your help man.
    Hope you help out as soon as possible.

    thanks & regards,

  38. @ganesh

    Dear there is nothing to be bothered at this for the time being. Actually indexing depends on a website's post frequency and the PR of course. When I launched MBT, the search engine robots would crawl my blog once during 24 hours but today they crawl it every 7-8 minutes. Simply concentrate on producing some quality posts with rich keywords and try to get as much traffic as possible because back-links come once Traffic flow starts. Dear do not waste time by submitting your blog to blog directories and by commenting on forums and blogs. Simply devote your precious time to your blog and traffic will hug you within no time. Trust me! :>>

  39. At last, I solved my sitemap problem. Thanks a lot. More power.

  40. I have this same problem on sitemap submission to webmaster tools too. I am definitely going to try this. And I find your blog informative so that I became a follower. More power.Looking forward to learning more from you.

  41. hi you site is great and it help me a lot.
    i have download your HTML editor and i tell you buddy its rocks,its awesome and its fabulous.
    HE is my friend now :-)
    waiting for more............................
    and yes i m your subscriber also

  42. i have a custom domain name and every time i try to make this trick i get an error

  43. Thanks a lot. It helped me a lot! Thanks very much!

  44. mohammad mustafa you are a life saver :)

  45. i have 120 posts approx in my blogger blog
    so i added "atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500

    but every time i post something new and when google re-crawls my site i get a sitemap error
    plz help me
    how to solve it
    here is an image of the error

    thank you!

    here is the error i get plz help me

  47. slam dear... my blogspot blog have up to 1000 post what is the best sitemap for index all my blog posts. plz help me...

  48. Hi

    I have tried your code for sitemap. My blog had around 28 posts but it is showing me only 26 were submitted. How about the other posts!.
    Also do we have to remove feedburner link in settings page if we use default blogger atom feed.?

  49. you are a genius, i have been looking for this solution for ages am glad you solved it!

    thankkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  50. Please mohammad. which sitemap is best for me to submit between this two
    /atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500 OR feeds/posts/default?redirect=false , i really need your reply about this, my post is below 500.

  51. And which one can i submit to bing, have redirect my feeds to feedburner.

  52. I was try all method to submit my sitemap but there is following message shows:

    We encountered an error while trying to access your Sitemap. Please ensure your Sitemap follows our guidelines and can be accessed at the location you provided and then resubmit.

    What is it and how i resolve this problem. Please help Me