Attractive Read More Button Images For Blogger|Blogspot blogs –Arrow Head

Thankfully we are glad again to present yet another unique blogger resource entitled Arrow Head Read More Image Buttons which is barely available in the blogosphere. We have created a set of 12 Images each of different colour and taste. Get rid of that Read More Link text and replace it with a cool MBT Read More button.
First have a look at them in the screen display below,

Blogger Arrow Head Read More Button Images
Read More button Images for blogger/blogspot blogs
To replace you Read More Link with one of these button images then do the following,
1. Go to Layout > Edit HTML
2. Back up your template
3. Press Ctrl + F , and in the search box write the read more text. You know it better whether to search for Read More or Continue Reading. Depends what text are you using.
Once you find the read more text in your blogger template then replace the text with the code below,
<img width="120px" height="32px"   src="URL Of Your Read More Button Image"/>
Replace the bolded text in blue with the image link of the read more button.
You can also resize the image. The default size is 120px by 32px. If you want a smaller one than you can use these proportions:
width=”100px” height=”27px”
width=”80px”  height=”21px”

I hope you like this new set of images. I will publish a new set tomorrow.

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  1. That really is neat. Oh goodie, another project to figure out how to do this. Gotta give it a try.

  2. Sure Marg! Your blog is improving too, I can see that

  3. i am using mbt template.i am trying to find read more text in template,but its not showing there.

  4. @Anonymous

    Make sure you check the "Expand Widgets Box" at the top right-hand corner and then search for Read More

  5. hi mohad download link is not working [lase check downloading link i click on downloading link a new google site window is open telling that click here for downloading attachment after click on that page suggest that requested URL not found

  6. @nil

    Clear your cache and try again because it is working just fine

  7. i am used a title like read more in my language and i can't find it on template.And if i try to swap it,with the word "read more"-again- don't work to find it!
    what is the problem?

  8. forget what i said...
    now...THE NEW PROBLEM! i can't put an button!

    error sais:

    \\\\\\\\\\\\\Open quote is expected for attribute "{1}" associated with an element type "src".///////////////////

    i don't get it!all steps are maked...what's problem?
    answer me pleassseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. dear mohammad, the code of image is incorrect.
    i think i broke my head when i tryed to find all methods to put one of this button on my page.

    Look,i find a code very usefull and for me it works.

    i hope it can helps others readers.
    and i hope you will find it helpfull...and you will remove that mistake in your post.

    god bless.
    xoxo,mary ^^

  10. off...the code can't be dispayed :(
    i will send you an email with that :(

  11. @Mary

    Thanks for the correction. I have updated the code :>

    For displaying html codes in blogger comments use this tool ->

  12. thanks i will use this in

  13. Thanks bro i did it well. And it worked out correctly.

  14. Hey Mohammad,

    I am using this method for read more function in my blog

    added a code to work it properly but now even after expanding widget cant find the text so how to replace the text with the image :(

    So many questions from my side on your blog today waiting for replies when you get time

  15. @Neeraj

    Please read this tutorial, it will solve all your problems,
    Add Read More Link To Blogger

    Please forgive me for the late reply. :>

  16. @Mohammad,

    Yup I did but the thing is whatever text I use for read more unable to locate it in edit html even after expanding it anyways solve that day itself by following a post in blogger buster.

    Its ok buddy I understand we have other work as well apart from blogging life

  17. @Neeraj
    I guess may be it was because of that arrows that gets encoded in blogger editor. Anyways I am glad you finally did it pal :>

  18. I need it, thanks i will use this image

  19. I m not able to find "Read More Text"

  20. its works for n thnx for that....
    but when i create a page then there also read more buton occurs.....:0
    plz help......

  21. Mohammad There is no Read more text in my blogger template!

  22. Ohh This One is really Awesome, I Try this one and it worked very well.
    Thanks for this Nice Post.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Salam bro
    i cannot find read more html file ni templete html
    plzzz help mei

  25. Mohammad I am Mrinal,i am not able to find read more in the template.I tried to open the link that you gave in the comments is not wrking.It has timed out.PLS HELP ME.

  26. Thank u MBT..:)It's cool, really working on my blog...take a look here