Attractive Animated Read More Buttons For Blogger With Stylish Arrow Nose!

Animated Read More Buttons

If a picture says a thousand words than it would not be objectionable to say that an animated image would speak a million words. Well if not you then at least I believe that way :>>

Its time to get rid of the Read More or Continue Reading Text and replace it with a cool, stylish and most importantly with an animated Read More Button. Give it an Arrow Nose!

Below is an example of an in-motion Read More Button with an animated arrow nose,



purple green







Animated Read More Buttons with Arrow heads


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  1. Marvelllous Job MOHD! Just subscribed to your blog on my first visit. Your blog is surely unique in look

  2. wow MOHD_ really great job its sooper i like it . Arz

  3. @Arz,

    Thks bro, the credit goes to Rahman :D

  4. I've tried this to my blog and it works so iconicially! Thanks & more power to this site

  5. download link not working dear!!1

  6. @nil

    Clear your cache and cookies and try again

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  8. awesome...
    now using this on my blog... :)

    can i get the same red color for previous, next and home buttons...
    it wud be great if u can provide us...

  9. @Samsex98
    Dear if you have a basic idea of photoshop and imageready then you can easily do it. I am heavily loaded with many works these days else I would have emailed your requested button to you.

  10. i don't know about these stuff that's y i told u..
    but now worries.. make it when u are fully free...
    i m not in hurry nor i want to give you any extra load.. :)

  11. thanks for the buttons dude i am using it on my blog

  12. Dear Mohammad, I got problem with my template, many times tried to make read more but always fail, don't know why. I'm looking for your posting about making read more in rounders 4 template. I always come here from your link in Mbth Editor. Congrat for your new header. Thanks.

  13. hi..
    thanks dear.. m new to it so please could u tell me how to apply this animated image instead of "read more" text?

  14. Hi everybody, could you help me out, please. I want to add Read More button on my blog but I could not add a read more picture at all. So how could I do, if I want to add read more picture to my blog?

  15. My blog already has the Read more feature by default But one look at my syt and you will see what is happening to it.The sentences end mid way.It does not require a jump break to be put in and thus the problems. also there is the colour problems in the follow and like button which when I change through the widget,it reverts back.Also,when I put the table of contents there,the colour scheme is awful.Please check my blog and help.I am putting all this here bcoz that read more problem was the biggest.
    Your tips are the best but most of them don't work on this particular template.The other templates work just fine.
    Please help

    Thanx in advanc,

  16. @mohammad:

    bro......actually i'm a regular and frequent blogger. My vlog is

    I downloaded the buttons but m unable to use them Can u plz tell me how to Use it ?

  17. Thanks ...........

    now using this on my blog... :)

    for example visite

  18. Hi Mohammad nice article on Readmore buttons.. can you send me the Animated buttons to my email id:

    Thanks & Regards