Speedup Mozilla Firefox, Make it Faster, Much Faster!!

speedup Mozilla Firefox Fed up of slow browsing speed? Don’t worry technology has brought many solutions. Mozilla Firefox is the best browser you can have. Many browsers like Safari claim to be thrice faster than Mozilla but they fail when it comes to innumerable features Mozilla can support whilst others can not. Mozilla Firefox even lets its users to speedup its browsing speed. You can make Mozilla run much faster than Safari just by tweaking Mozilla’s configuration.

I have shared two methods. Method 1 is a manual method and requires no installing of any software or add-on whilst Method 2 requires installing a Mozilla add-on called FasterFox and requires sign up for an account.

Note:- Method 2 is much easier than Method 1. Method 2 is recommended for newbie. To go to Method 2 directly Click here

Method 1

1.   Open your Mozilla Firefox Browser

2.   In the address bar type about:config and hit enter

Speedup Mozilla Firefox

A warning message will open. Simply click the button with this message “I’ll be careful, I promise!”

3.   In the filter bar type network.http.pipelining as shown below,

increase firefox speed

 Double click network.http.pipelining , this will change the default false value to true as shown above.  

4.   Now in the filter bar type network.http.proxy.pipelining   and then double click it to    change its value to true as we did for step 3.

5.   Now locate this network.http.pipelining.maxrequests Right click it and select Modify

boostup firefox

The default value is 4 so set it to 8.

6.   Now clear the filter bar, so to get on the main page. On the same page where you are i.e about:config, Right click on any blank space, then select New > Boolean

speed up Mozilla

name it network.http.pipelining.firstrequest and hit OK

Increase Mozilla speed

Now when asked to enter Boolean value, select true and click OK.

7.   Right Click on any blank space and select New > Integer


Name it nglayout.initialpaint.delay and hit OK


When asked for integer value set it to 0

8.   Restart your browser and enjoy the new browsing speed!

Method 2

This method is pretty easy. Whatever I discussed in Method 1 can be done using a firefox add-on called FasterFox. Fasterfox speeds up Mozilla’s browsing speed and also shows the load time of a webpage.

Note:- You will need to sign up for a Mozilla account to use this add-on. In this case Method 1 dominates Method 2

After installation you will be asked to restart your Mozilla browser, do so. After a restart, you will see an image with timer at bottom-right corner of your browser. Look below,


Right click this image and select options, a window will open as shown below,


Select the option Turbo Charged for maximum performance and hit OK.


Feel free to ask anything unclear

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  3. Very useful and your template is very good

  4. I agree with you about Firefox. I gave up on Safari and can't make heads nor tails of Google's browser, and I almost never use IE Explorer. Firefox is way ahead of the others. I'll give Fasterfox a try.

    Well-laid out and well-written blog, too.

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