From Uppercase to Lowercase, Change Capital Letters To Small and Vice Versa

Uppercase to lowercase When you write a post, letter, speech, essay, article etc, sometimes you need to convert a long string of words from Uppercase (From capital letters) to Lowercase (small Letters), and doing this is often a hectic and annoying work, because you have to rewrite the entire string of words in order to convert it to Capital letters or small. But now you don’t need to worry anymore! Because now Online Text Convertor services like have come to our rescue!

You just need to copy paste your text and have it converted, that’s it! See below,

text convertor from uppercase to lowercase and vice versa


I hope this may help you a lot with your articles and posts Enjoy!

Feedback, suggestions and questions are always welcomed. 

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  1. how to change gadget header from capital case to lower case ?

    1. Even I have that prob :(
      Don't know how to change the gadget title :(

    2. add this css class to your template editor:

      .sidebar h2{text-transform:lowercase!important;}