How Women Entrepreneurs In Pakistan Are Using The Internet To Make Money?

How Can Women Make Money Online
Making money online is the dream of every student, housewife, job seeker, and even the employed. The challenges of unemployment and rising inflation today are simply too great, and people are turning towards alternative income sources to meet them. Granted that making money through the internet is not everyone's piece of pie, but there are thousands of women now in Pakistan who, with the help of the internet, have built their own businesses from scratch while staying at home!

When it comes to making money or building a business online, we always emphasize on skill development. If you happened to catch our recent interview on national radio, you will know that, for us, entrepreneurship, is all about developing the right set of skills that are relevant to your business, coupled with the right marketing techniques that will help it grow.

Women often face problems when it comes to working at a job, or becoming entrepreneurs. These could be due to sociopolitical, cultural, religious, and other barriers. Hence, the internet provides the perfect solution to a majority of these problems.

How are women making money online?

We have talked at length about how you can earn money online by running a website, freelancing, and so on. But that is as far as internet-savvy users are concerned. What can people from non-technical backgrounds do to make a living online?

The internet puts the whole world at your fingertips. You can use it to market your skills and talents and become an entrepreneur, just like some 6,000 women from Pakistan who are now successfully marketing their products online.

Marketing and social media

As we've said time and again, for becoming successful online, you need to familiarize yourself with the various social media and marketing tools available. These fresh Pakistani women entrepreneurs learned digital marketing under the 'Women Entrepreneurship Development Program' organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and developed in response to the various challenges to women at an enterprise and institutional level.

Anyone from any background can take part in the program. Indeed, most of these entrepreneurs are from middle-income families, and looking to expand their businesses online to reach a wider audience. 

Asma Kamran, a housewife who didn't even know how to properly use a computer before has learned to utilize the power of internet and social media, and has been able to treble profits from her home business in a short span of time.

"I used to scramble for keys on the keyboard as I typed or waited for my husband or children to come home to help me access the internet".

She started her business from a small set-up at home, selling homemade snacks to nearby customers. Now, she has built into a complete home-business, and is called by family and friends as "Master Chef".

Social media also helps women overcome social barriers, as is the case with one Jabeen Siddiqui.

“My father would not let me step outside the house. He used to come to the training center with me. Ever since my business expanded, my entire house has been converted into my workshop.” 

She now runs her own marble mosaic business.

Other women have found businesses of their own liking. Some have started their own online fashion brands, whereas others have set up jewelry and textile businesses, and report profits gains of more than 100%.

So, what are your plans for the future? Are you going to follow in the footsteps of these motivated ladies, or would you rather get a desk job? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

In honor of the International Women's Day tomorrow - 8th March 2014 - we dedicate this feature to all the women out there - women who are housewives or are working, and women who are - or want to be - entrepreneurs. Empowerment of women is progress for all.

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  1. Perfect post on behalf of international womens day. We should respect womens.

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  3. Qasim Bro these reference are enough for newbies to motivate themselves toward blogging and making money online.
    Great Post Bro! Keep it Up.


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  5. nice article . Some of the points are just new for me. thank you for sharing

  6. Amazing article with lots of information, Keep posting

  7. After following this blog for so many years all i can say that previously this blog was most informative one in the web due to it's unique content and tutorials . but these days they are updating this blog only for the sake of SEO

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    1. Dear, we really appreciate your concern, and if possible, will try to improve this blog even further. But the reason we are publishing topics like these is, we're trying to empower energetic people on the internet to make a name for themselves. Over tagline has been "turning bloggers into entrepreneurs" for a long time now. We share tutorials and widgets etc to help people set up their blog. But we also share posts like these to help them grow their blog or online business. Hope you understand :)

  8. I have seen many women who are working online beside their home job. They really deserve a salute for this hardwork
    Regards: PBT

  9. this is very nice article for pakistani and worldwide women.
    gud job

  10. Hi Qasim,
    Interesting that most of the comments added are from men! Anyway, here's one from a woman... I AM tech savvy and have been working on the internet since 1994, but I thank you for your article about other women who are not so lucky and yet managed very well! And in particular your final quote -

    "Empowerment of women is progress for all."

    That's a great attitude. Well done, you!
    Thanks from Cheryl

    1. Thank you Cheryl! Thank you for the appreciation. Unfortunately, many women, especially in this part of the world, do not get a lot of opportunities. I see them equally as capable as men, but the fact that men dominate most aspects of life means that the essentially, the work-force in the society is reduced by half (due to lack of working women). Now isn't that a pity? If only we were to mobilize the other half of the population, and put them to work productively, things would be so much better.

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