July 4, 2013

Google Payment Banned in Pakistan by Western Union

google payment banned in pakistanWe just discovered that On 29th June 2013, Western Union issued a notice to all its franchises in Pakistan to stop payments and transactions made by Google Inc. Whether you are a Google employee or AdSense Publisher, unfortunately you can no longer receive payments from Google through Western Union Quick Cash. We discovered this news today when I was shown the official notice which stated that due to several fraud cases being reported, Western Union has decided to cut down all transactions made by Google in Pakistan. Neither can a customer send money to Google as Sender nor receive a payment as the receiving party. So far Publishers living in Pakistan especially in cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad are not yet informed through any communication medium. Neither have we heard anything from Badar Khushnood, the Country Google consultant. The information is undisclosed and both parties are trying to keep things confidential. We have not heard any print or electronic media reports on this so far.

Update: Luckily the ban by western union on Google has been lifted. Bloggers can now withdraw their AdSense payment from any WU Franchise in Pakistan. The ban was lifted on 12th-13th July 2013. Then ban was put when WU found fake use of NIC cards and some hacking attempts but now things are all sort out and you can happily withdraw your hard earned money. Make sure you take Original NIC with you this time, duplicate copy wont be accepted as they have imposed strict rules now. We just withdraw it on 15th July! :)

I discovered this news today when I visited the nearest WU franchise near my home in order to withdraw our company's monthly AdSense payment. Somehow we are really disappointed to know how badly the country is losing its trust and credibility day by day. With up to 80% AdSense Accounts banned each year in Pakistan, this is yet another set of a horrible news that embraced us today.
Now its time for all bloggers and webmasters to edit the Payment method using AdSense Account. This tutorial is aimed to help publishers from Pakistan to continue receiving payments from Google without using Western Union Money transfer system.

Change Payment Settings in AdSense

  1. Log in your AdSense account
  2. Click Account settings
  3. Under Payment settings click the link that says "edit payment method"

change Adsense payment method
4. Under the check options you will see two radio buttons. Standard delivery checks are sent by regular country mail and it often takes around a month but if you want to receive the payment as quickly as possible within 4-5 days then choose the Secured Express Delivery however this includes a charge of $25 which is the processing fee.
Standard delivery is done by Pakistan Post but Secured delivery is often done by a reliable courier service which is often TCS and rarely DHL.
   5. We have chosen Express delivery option. You may choose as per your timely requirements. Hit continue and you are all done!

Why this alternative method Sucks? Updated Section:

Google payment checks are issued by Citibank Only. Pakistan is lucky in this case because CitiBank is offering services here for the past 50 years. But what will surprise you more is that  Google checks can not be cashed out, they can only be deposited! This creates problems for Students and for those who don't have their Bank accounts. But wait the story does not ends here. Unfortunately Google AdSense Checks sent to Pakistan are in US Dollars only which means you must have a Dollar account , transaction of Dollars can be made on a Dollar account only. PKR account wont work with Google Checks. 

Luckily in our case, we recently registered our company and have opened both PKR and Dollars accounts at Standard Chartered Bank. It takes only a day to open a Dollar account, you just need to fill up some formalities.

Will you be paid this month for your June Earnings?

Since AdSense has a strict policy for monthly payment cycles, therefore if you are editing the payment method today then you will get June and July payments together at the end of July. We are a little late because payment settings must be changed 15 days earlier before the closing month. Therefore finger crossed for June earnings but be glad that at least you have set an alternative payment method.

Why Google does not pay via PayPal or Bank Wire?

We still don't know the exact reasons to this but as far as we know, Google like many other big corporate firms don't use an Online Transaction method like PayPal in order to avoid hidden commission costs and charges. PayPal charges about 2.9% + $0.3 Per Transaction. On contrary WU charges much less i.e. Just $10 for a payment under $500. Google makes sense in case of PayPal but what about Online Bank Wire Transfer? Why can't publishers receive money straight in their bank accounts?  This is where AdSense doesn't make sense at all!
I just hope Google offers more flexible ways of Online transaction to its users and sort out this newly erupted problem in Western Union Pakistan.

When will Western Union Lift the Ban?

Not sure if this is a temporary ban or permanent, only time can tell. Since it's a matter of some serious fraud cases being caught and reported therefore unless Western Union recovers all the loses or make a new silent business policy deal with Google, we can't expect the ban to be lifted that soon.

Your Views?

Share your precious discoveries with us. What do you know forced WU to take such a big decision? Will this create problems for you or you don't care and enjoy to be paid via courier? Please share your precious views with us.
Peace and blessings buddies.

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  1. bro from where we withdraw this check

    1. Courier he said..but bad luck..hope they will lift the ban soon.

    2. Note

      All Google payment checks are issued by Citibank. citibank is serving Pakistan for past 50 ayears and available at all major cities.

      The major problem is that a Google check can never be cashed but only deposited!

      You can only deposit Google AdSense payment to your account but can not receive cash. For this you are required to provide your bank account details. If in case you don't have an account then provide Account number of your Guardian or any Family friend.

      If you have requested payment by Check but have not received payment within 60 days then you can request a reissue by following this link >> Request Reissue of Payment

  2. It is really bad news, but I withdrew this month's payment from Western Union on 27th June, And I think this ban took place after 27th June, because on 27th there was no such issue.

    However, I would say that continue frauds by some Pakistanis is very shameful.. I condemn it..

    And hopefully Google & WU will try to resolve the issue soon.

    1. You are right wali the notice was issued on 29th June. I wish I had been as lucky as you are! :)

      For the shameful part, I agree to that. This could be due to that increasing Adsense scam programs that we were reading daily on newspapers

  3. I must say that various Pakisanis (sorry to say) are involved in illegal practices like buying and selling Google adsense accounts, auto updated websites and this list continues.
    Sadly to point a fact that these fraud people only target non professional and unemployed persons in Pakistan. There must be a platform to complain about those websites who are involved in these illegal practices.

    In the era of crises , Google has given a fantastic support in terms of Adsense and sadly to say we are cutting or feet ourselves :(.

    By having eyes on these issues, Paypal has been denying to serve our country Pakistan.
    At last, we have just hope and pray that all things may get clear.....

    1. That is very true gru and there exist Google Spam Report center where you can submit URLs that are involved in a malicious activity.

      As far payPal is concerned it is a different story with reasons that go far beyond politics

  4. You are right brother, I notice many people doing so and Making Repute of all Pakistani Bloggers Down.

  5. Bad news for Pakistan bloggers :(

  6. This is really a bad news because now we have to wait for a long time to receive payment via check or any other source. Thanks mustafa Sir for giving the Alert to all MBT readers.

    Sir I have again Off topic question we have left our queries on your previous post but not get a reply.

    Mustafa Sir another question is raised in my mind, is that>>

    I see that these days wordpress and bloggers blog using h1 tag for post title. So it will be better to use h1 tag for post title because robot give first priority to h1 tag then h2 and so on.

    So if you are answer is this>>>that we use h1 tag for homepage then you are right, but we will do some mini trick, we will give h2 tag for post title on homepage and give h1 tag for post title inside the post when the post is opened.

    SO please guide me because nowadays this is recommended by many bloggers. But i will follow your instruction without you i will not touch it. Because i have customized it according to your old post in which you have told us that use h2 tag for post title.

    Will this customization would help in search engine results.

    Bundle of thanks and hope for earlier reply,

    1. Hi hafeez,

      I know about this trending fashion especially in thesis and geensis layouts. these ideas were given by yoast developer and they do hold logic. As far as blogger is concerened, due to no access to original XML tags library, we can not edit them. Like we can surely set H1 to post titles and H1 to blog title on sub pages but I don't find it something that is a must. I am running H2 for post titles and H1 for blog title both on homepage and post pages and I apply this same technique on all blogs that I service. All of them are working much better in SEO compared to Wordpress.

      Therefore unless something is too important, lets never waste time on it. Robots are much efficient today and they can easily differentiate between post title and blog title.

      I have already shared a tutorial on how to turn post titles from h3 to h2.

      Further in blogger all sidebar titles are having H2 as the heading tag and this can not be changed because it comes built in inside the custom XML tag.

      If it were too much a matter of care, I would have surely written a tutorial on it.

    2. Hugely thanks to you Mustafa Sir you explained very well i got the answer

      Thanks i like thats words & its truly said >>> I am running H2 for post titles and H1 for blog title both on homepage and post pages and I apply this same technique on all blogs that I service. All of them are working much better in SEO compared to Wordpress.

      Many many thanks from the bottom my heart you have removed my confusion. I have some others SEO related question i will ask thats always on MBT.

  7. Really a Sad news. I hope In Sha Allah all goes well soon

    JUST one correction
    We can change payment settings 10 days before the month ends means now 20th is the last date for making changes instead of 15th

    As per my account

    1. Haider I guess that 10 days limit is for Saudi because from what I read on my account we must make payment changes 15 days earlier then the finalized earning issued date.

      How are things at your end? WU working fine? :)

    2. Ya Alhamdulillah working fine and hoping for the best for all In Sha Allah :)

  8. That's a big bad news for your country sir, hopefully the Philippines will not Encounter this problem. well it's ok becuase there's other option to receive money from Google Adsense. Although its to long to wait.

  9. Really bad news, but still we all have alternative to that as you described. Hope western union sooner or later will fix their problem regarding of fraud.

  10. It's very bad news indeed.For few people's fraud,everyone in Pakistan will suffer,so sad.i hope this problem will get solve very soon. INSHA ALLAH.


  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Very bad news for all Ad-sense users specially in PAKISTAN and hopefully Google and WU will solve this problem soon InshALLAH.

    My Blog

  13. Very Bad News For All Pakistani Adsense Publisher Sir Now How To Get Next Month Payment From Adsense Tel Me...
    I dnt Know ?

  14. This is what they claim they are the largest transaction tycoon. If they can't stop the fraud, they are responsible for everything. Who said five fingers are equal? Who said all other countries are innocent. China and USA has regular Cyber bounty hunters but they can't stop their services there. 180 million people can't be blame. Those who need to be blamed is either western union or the people who are doing fraud. I will say, Shame on you western union! Shame on your services and shame on everything what you are doing with us.


    1. Osama I agree to what you said boldly!

      Banning a country for fraud cases is simply not justified. This was a matter which should have been resolved between the two parties peacefully. This way they have only created mistrust amongst people and especially amongst Google users.

  15. we will pray for your country sir...

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. Very Bad news for us.But Can the other ways you mention is safe for us?

    My blog is:

  18. Hello Sir ,

    What should i do?
    I have no bank account. If i select the payment by check , then how can i receive payment

    1. You will need to deposit the check on a Dollar account. Ask for a favour from your family friends or relatives having a dollar account. I am sure they can help here because its something quite easy.

    2. Dear Mustafa,

      Is it possible to deposit check in someone else dollar account? I am confused.

  19. Good News for All Publishers. I have contacted to WU. They replied that they do not issue any notification of such kind. You can contact your local agent.
    WU payments from Google Inc. are banned only by National Bank of Pakistan and maybe some other local agent. You can still receive your adsense payments from The Bank of Punjab, Summit Bank, United Bank Limited. These all banks have not received any notification of such kind.

    Muhammad Faheem Usama

    1. Brother Muhammad based on the information you submitted I just visited UBL and Soneri Bank but not Summit. This is what I heard
      "Google Payments are banned by WU itself on all its franchises, irrespective of whether it is a direct agent or indirect (through banks). The State Bank is not involved in it because this is a matter between Google and WU only which only they can resolve. "

      I just hope this info helps other from making fail attempts because all Banks and local agents have been issued this notice. :)

  20. I have called 080082598 to confirm this either they have any notification of such kind from Western Union or not. They told me that there is no such kind of notification to stop payments from Google Inc. through WU. The above number is a help line of UBL for All kind of remittance. Before this, I also have visited to my nearest UBL branch and they said you can collect your payment if they have sent it. There is no restriction from WU to us.
    I wish that may UBL never receive such type of notification so that we all can receive payments through WU. As you know that the checking process is very lengthy and time consuming.

    1. Did you personally visited any of these banks and withdrew AdSense cash?

      Because what you are saying is justified but most of these bankers don't know themselves about the latest updates. All banks in Karachi have received these notices because I visited almost every franchise. Unless you personally visit them, you will not be convinced Muhammad.

  21. By my luck, I have picked my Adsense payment up on 27th June. Today I have visited NBP, they told that we have received notification from Head Office of NBP to ban Google Payments for at least 6 Month. But when I came to UBL Branch they told me that there is no restriction from UBL Head Office or WU. After all, I have called to UBL Help Line. Maybe, they came to know about this issue when they will make an entry to payout Google Incorporation's payment.
    Moreover, I will confirm it again till 14th of this month, you know that 15th is last date to change the payment method :-)

  22. At last UBL has also received notification from WU not to pay any payment from Google Inc. So friends, change your payment method. If your monthly earning is less than $1000 then it is suitable to apply "Self-Hold" on your adsense account untill your earning reaches $1000+ so that you have to bear less amount of charges. Hope so Google will provide some alternative method for all Pakistani Publishers to collect their payments on time.

  23. Assalamo Alikum:

    Please koi Mujay adsense Payment Check k zaria Niklwanay k Tarika Detail say bata Day.
    Kya Es k lia Bank account ona zarori hay ya nahin?
    agar band account hona zarori hay to kis bank ka account hona zaro hay?
    Bank account ka Taype konsa hona chahia?
    Jab mujay adsense Payment Ka check mil jai ga to phir us say Raqam kaisay milay gi....

    Please Help me

    1. You need to have a Foreign Currency Account with the same account title as your Adsense Payee Name. You can open it in any Bank that have the facility of Foreign Currency Account.

  24. You guys were much luckier then us,in India we had only one option and that is by Check.

  25. Bro last month i got payment from Adsense by 27 of that month ... now this month i had to paid by Adsense ... Due to Blockage of WU facility in Pakistan ... What Should i do to get payment ??
    Should i Choose Check Method ?
    But Bro i am Student and i don't have an Bank Account ? What should i do ... Please Reply Soon

  26. Very bad news but i already use Secured Express Delivery for my business Adsense account, first i used Standard delivery checks but few days ago I had to wait for Standard Check delivery, so i decided to use Secured Express Delivery i give 25$ fee for this but it is too faster than Standard Delivery.

    Thanks Mustafa for Sharing such a good information.

  27. Slam,
    Secured Express Delivery Check TCS K Zaria aata hay ya Kisi aur Post service say. Hamaray alaakay main koi bhi post service nahin hay es lia pocha hay. Please inform me

    1. ٹی سی ایس سے آتا ہے ، اور چار سی پانچ دن لگتے ہیں پونچھنے میں.. آپ کمائی میں سی پچیس ڈالرز کٹ جاینگے، یہ یاد رکھنا

  28. Google chek cash honay main kitna time lgta ha aur Pakistani bank further kitny transaction charges wasool krty hain?

    1. You will receive the exact amount of your Google check in your foreign currency account.

  29. Sir can you tell me that how did you added the glow effect in the top of the navigation bars.

  30. Ban lifted up. I've confirmed it from a local franchise near my house. Nice article Mohammad. Thanks a lot for keeping us informed with all the insights of google.
    Usama Mujtaba

  31. Brother I Need help?
    I want to add Categories on my blog any body can help me please?

  32. Hi buddies,

    The news is correct. The ban has been lifted. Thanks to Abdullah Khan(who emailed me) and Muhammad Faheem Usama for the quick follow up.

    Go get your money out now! =)

    1. When are you going to start your recipes again?

  33. That is a great post. keep it up.I have also a website there people can learn about web development and other related pages.

  34. #Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai, brother is there any way to track the payment? in my payment history, it is written that payment is issued on 27th August. This is first time i am receiving my payment via secure delivery check. But i am little tense that whether the payment will reach to me or not. So can you tell me in how many days the check will reach at my address? and is there any possible way to track the payment? their is yet not any tracking id in the payment detail... Thanks for your help...

  35. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai, is there any way to track the payment? in my issued payment , it is clearly written that payment is issued on 23rd September. i always get my payment via WU but This is first that my paymen is issued via secure delivery check. ... i dont know why google adsense has changed the payment method but kindly tell whats the solution now for getting my payment .... kindly reply asap thanks

  36. Mustafa what you will suggest for me i have just receive adsense check of 960usd but bankalfalah not accepting it. What should i do?

  37. Dear Mustafa,
    I have just received USD 567.00, and my mezaan account is not accepting it. as per your article I got that I should have Dollar account. but It will take time because my case is different, recently I traveled to Muscat, and it is difficult to me to get leave yet. My question is will this chq expire or not, if it will expire then after how long it will be expire.


  38. There is a Blogger who said that google has banned Adsense in Pakistan. Is that true?


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