11 Most Popular Female Bloggers of 2013!

Popular Female bloggers
Today when the biggest competitor of man out there in industry is woman, even the online earning medium too is equally availed by the powerful ladies who know how to cash their talent. It was once perceived that women lack in technical skills and it was somehow true too when the technical work was all limited to the real world, thanks to the online earning strategies, now the chances to make money online are equally available for both-man and woman.
When it comes to blogging, women are a sound contestant of the race and are generating good revenue with their blogs.
Being a female blogger myself, here are a few inspirational women who are known for their work. All data is latest for 2013 especially.  Have a look!

List of Most Popular Female Bloggers

1. Gina Trapani

Alexa Rank: 625
Niche: Self-improvement
gina trapani
The lady who has made it to the top 10 richest bloggers of the world is the owner of Life hacker. The site has always been an inspiration for me where the main focus is given to how actually one can improve his personality. Gina is an active social blogger and the founding editor of her blog. She earns about $110,000 a month with her blogging skills.

2) Rita McGrath

Alexa Rank: 4068
Niche: Marketing
  Rita started her blog in 1994 as a not-for-profit blog with an aim of improving the practice of management and its impact in the changing world. Although initially the blog focused on Hardvard University only, now the blog has turned into an organization where there are 30 employees, having offices in New York City, India and UK.

3) Ree Drummond

Alexa Rank: 7,645
Niche: Food
Ree Drummond
When it comes to mixing some ingredients and making the best out of it, the Pioneer woman has no comparisons. Whether you are a housewife or a business woman, your interest in cooking is something most evident. Ree Drummond provides all what you might be looking for in food on her blog which is widely followed across the globe.

4) Heather & Jessica

Blog: Go Fug Yourself
Alexa Rank: 18,000
Niche: Fashion and Style
heather and jessica
Heather & Jessica have been keeping an eagle’s eye on every move taken in the fashion industry to share it all with their readers. A good site to follow.

5) Jenny Lawson

Alexa Rank: 28,433
Niche: Humor
Jenny Lawson
If you are looking for some great fun to laugh on, you must visit Jenny’s blog. The blog contains every aspect of life, giving it a new touch, making it hilarious. The site has a relatively good traffic rank in the cities of Hartford and Washington (DC).

6) Julie, Janet, Francesca, & Sarah

Blog:  Remodelista
Alexa Rank: 31172
Niche: Design
remodelista team
If you are looking for a platform to learn more about interior designing and wish to give your home a new look; then this site will provide you some decent ideas to follow.

7) Sara K. Smith

Blog: Wonkette
Alexa Rank: 32,975
Niche: Politics
sara k. smith
Women were never behind in the field of politics and Sara Smith has proved it through her work. Wonkette is a popular political site owned by this female blogger. The blog covers all the highlights and latest political affairs

8) Ariel Meadow Stallings

Blog:  Offbeat Bride
Alexa Rank: 50,404
Niche: Fashion
Offbeat Bride is most popular website for brides who dare to walk off the beaten aisle. The site is all about fashion, advice, photos, and more for couples who think differently about their weddings. The site is viewed by over 170,000 unique visitors a month and has over 1.2 million page views each month.

9) Martina Zavagno

Blog: Adverblog
Alexa Rank: 62,968
Niche: Marketing
martina zavagno
Matrina is working as an insider in an integrated marketing firm and is more than willing to share all her knowledge with her readers through her blog.

10) Danielle LaPorte

Alexa Rank: 73,342
Niche: Branding
Danielle Laporte
She’s positive, slightly spiritual, avant, and fully facing the possibility of every day, which is probably why so many people turn to her for guidance on how they can expand their brands, their campaigns, their work, and their minds!

11) Tamar Weinberg

Blog: Techipedia
Alexa Rank: 87,000
Niche: Social Media
The lady whom we know as a Community & Marketing Manager at Mashable, Tamar has been all up in social interactions for 15 years. Although her personal blog needs more than what she is contributing at mashable, it is likely to expect techpedia one of the biggest rivals of mashable in the coming months.
So you see, women can make it all possible no matter which ever field you pick to compare the capabilities of a man with a woman. One thing that is common in all of these women is their consistency and high spirit.
Hope that you enjoyed reading about the magnificent ladies of the blogging world,

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  1. Interesting and impressive article. Great female Blogger list, I inspired by Rita McGrath, she does great work!


  2. I think that there are many others who can be featured.

    You forgot Sonia Simone from Copy Blogger. "She is actually one of the top marketers out there". You also forgot Kristi Hines, Ana Hoffman and many others.

    However, this post is great. Keep up the good work.

  3. This is very impressive. All female Bloggers should learn from these. Actually, men were the most dominating power in the past years. Nowadays, in case of blogging women are equal to men. And the earnings of Gina Trapani, owner of LifeHacker is much much much impressive. Finally, it's no matter whether you're man or women, but as, MBT mentioned, convert your skills into cash via blogging and it's doesn't matter what type of niche you're going through...!!! All the best, nice article. thanks for sharing with us :)

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  4. Awesome post all about woman pro bloggers and theirs top blogs in the world. Thats amazing. Thanks Nida Zaidi

  5. I appreciate your effort. However, you have taken Alexa rank to filter. I beg to differ with you. Alexa rank alone is not a correct measure to rank popularity.

  6. women are equal to men. And the earnings of Gina Trapani, owner of LifeHacker is much much much impressive. Finally, it's no matter whether you're man or whttp://bilokr.blogspot.com/omen, but as, MBT mentioned, con

  7. Overwhelming list of female bloggers. Found great places to be in touch always. Thanks to share!

  8. Nida Zaidi became active now

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  9. Missing 3-4 female bloggers in this list. All the female entrepreneurs mentioned in this article are really awesome in Blogging field

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  11. Nice Article, This Information Is Great For Women Who still not start blogging...

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  12. Overwhelming list of female bloggers. Found great places to be in touch always. Thanks to share!

  13. Awesome list! Compiled by "Nida Zaidi", thumbs up! But why excluding yourself from the list?
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  16. Very nice post (Y)

  17. Believe it or not, it is true !

  18. truly inspiring now thinkings are changing and women are getting success in every field.even in my country as well.seo tips for traffic

  19. @ all
    Thank you soo much for appreciating the work:)

    as for my inclusion in the list is concerned, I still have a long way to catch up the pace :)

    Need your prayers,


  20. Thank you Nida, for this great post. You did a marvelous job by your extensive research.

    However, I was expecting to see Africa's richest and most popular blogger, Linda Ikeji, make your list (though I don't know the full criteria you have used). Linda has been featured on CNN, BBC, etc and is currently making waves and creating more influence.

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    Special thanks to Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai, Qasim Zaib, Nida Zaidi, etc. Keep up you good job and God will surely bless you.

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  21. nice very well written..thanks for the info

  22. Chitraparna of Socialvani deserved a place. Her blogs alexa is 49 k

  23. @Efoghor Joseph Ezie

    Its a pleasure to know that MBT readers are actually following the tips that are been shared with them.

    Thank a lot brother for your humble comments for the team. I did read your post and really happy for you.

    Best wishes for the journey that has no end, that is, success!

  24. They are all great and have something in common. :)

  25. they have a good nature of humor, like u mustafa. thats y these blog are so powerful.

  26. Waw! This makes feel jealous. Long way to go. How long does it take someone/blog to become so popular?

    1. Every Thing is a long process which proves fruiful at the end ! Check THis Guide below

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  29. Hi
    These all are probloggers and working well. I think you should also write a post about IndoPak women bloggers too. Blog on Blogging

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