New Features for Verification Management in Google Webmaster Tools

Businesses these days, whether they be online or otherwise, often tend to be backed up by a partnership of some sort, where more than one individual is running the show. In such situations, the distribution of tools and online resources can be a bit tricky. For example, imagine having to share your website's passwords, or Google Analytic property with your business partner(s). An immediate problem arises here, because you cannot trust anyone with a password. Luckily, Google makes it incredibly easy to share vital tools and resources between partners, such as Google Analytics properties, website verifications through Google Webmaster Tools, mutual-sharing of fan pages, and so on. Google has  now introduced some latest features to go with its management of multiple users feature.

Verification details

Now, for every verified owner of your website, you can view the method by which that user was verified, so that you can keep track of who you add, and who got in by somehow tricking you. To access this information, log into your Webmaster Tools account, and click on your site. Now, from the Configurations menu, click on Users.

Google Webmaster Tools configuration

Now, you'll see a Manage Site Owners option at the top-right. This will take you to the verification information.
Manage site owners

You will be able to see what owners are verified for your website, and what methods they have used. Click on the verification details next to each user to find out more.

verified owners

Unverifying an owner

You can no longer un-verify a website owner if the method(s) they used for verification still exists. For example, if verification was done through meta tags, then Google Webmaster Tools will prompt you with an error, and won't let you un-verify an owner as long as that meta tag is still there. 

CNAME verification

CNAME verification strings have now been shortened in order to support a larger number of DNS providers. Systems used by some providers restrict the number of characters that can be used for a DNS record, and as a result, many users couldn't use this method of verification. Now, with shortened strings, they will finally be able to do it. However, this won't change the existing strings, and the old ones will continue to work just fine.

Questions? Feel free to ask us. We'd love to respond to your queries. Peace and blessings :)

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  2. Ohh.. its really a very useful and powerful tool added by webmaster's team. Thanks Qasim bro to share this information.
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  3. This is pretty nice brother Qasim, job well dine! Any new template mohammad?
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  4. But it isn't new.. This Feature was already there

    Passionate Blogging

  5. CNAME verification part was unknown for me first time i knew about it.thanks.Newborn Baby Pictures

  6. Hi Qasim everything is fine in webmaster tools but confused for one point i recently purchased domain name for one of my blog but when i for verification it does not show the recently purchased domain name but it is still showing the sub domain of my blogger much will it take to show that.well i did this trick yesterday and also bought a domain yesterday.Best of shayari

  7. hi. What is cname verification how to do it in webmastertools?
    Dr. Adil

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  9. @PassionateBlogger buddy....the user management feature was already there.. But the three features we have discussed here are latest, and have been added like three days before this post was written

  10. @Dr Adil Ramzan CNAME verification is a method of verifying through your DNS provider, or the company you bought your domain from

  11. @Rohan Mod try adding it again......and it wouldn't hurt if you add it twice....once for your www directory (, and once for your redirection URL (

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  13. @Mehul

    Please note buddy that this blog is not a Google Blogspot Tutorial blog, its a portal of knowledge for bloggers. So the domain suggests tips and tricks to bloggers and not blogspot tricks.

    Without these posts blogging is meaningless. Many people are running blogs today but very few are well versed with SEO, blog marketing and traffic generation. So these posts by Qasim are especially recommended by me. I hope this clarifies the purpose dear.

  14. @mohammad
    thats not the thing bro. I know that these articles are also important. You deserve such traffic and SEO because you worked hard and smart in past. I m just saying that don't just make this site 'My Blogger News'.. We want some cool creations and widgets from you.. Hoping some best and finest posts from you!!

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  18. Bro Really need hlp i want to know that how i can ge adsense approval to this blog

  19. Actually, these new procedures have been a royal pain for me.

  20. Google made the Owner verification process look so simple..with its brand new features.

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  23. nice post brother..keep it up the good work , Really helpful for new bloggers like me thanks for sharing ..