4 Best ways to Contact Blogger for a Deleted Blog

contact blogger teamHas Google just sent an email that mentions that your BlogSpot blog has been deleted due to spam complaint or copyright violation or for being flagged several times? If yes then you are not alone because several blogs are deleted on monthly basis, sometimes for genuine reasons and sometimes mistakenly. If you feel that your blog was mistakenly removed due to a DMCA request filed against you, or you have taken the necessary steps to remove the infringing content, as per Google they can surely reinstate the blog upon receipt of a counter notification pursuant to sections 512(g)(2) and (3) of the DMCA.

We just reported around 15 sites that were illegally distributing our template layout without our permission to DMCA and it took less than 24 hours for around 7 of them to be permanently deleted. Most of them will also have their AdSense accounts disabled because DMCA does take into account the AdSense Publication ID also. Now for those of you who are spending hours of hard work to produce rich quality content, you should keep patience because there are several effective ways to get your blog back even if it was deleted by a manual action by blogger team itself.

First and Foremost

Before anything make sure you backup all your comments, posts and categories before taking any step. If you are able to access your blog account or blogger dashboard then kindly backup your blogger XML file by following these easy steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Other
  2. Click on Export blog
  3. Click Download blog
  4. Save the file in a safe zone
  5. Done!

This xml file could be converted into a Database friendly format of SQL if in case you wished to restore it through a different platform like wordpress.

1. Contact Blogger Team Immediately

Fill up a counter notice to Blogger Team and mention everything clearly but in precise detail format. You will need to submit your name, phone number, website address and signature (your name). Make sure you fill up the clarification portion carefully.

The link above is a simplified version of the directory on this page: Remove Content From Google

2. Sending Spam Appeal

If you have send an appeal and received no response within 24 hours then you may submit the URL of your blog again using this secret door:

3. Create a thread at Blogger Help Forum

Create a well written precise post with attractive title at Google Groups that provides Support help for BlogSpot blogs. You can create a post by following this link:

Note: Most of the top moderators are Blogger employees.  So posting here does not mean talking to walls!

4. Visit Google Customer Service Center

You can reach out Google's functioning offices in your town or city. If you are one of those fortunates where Google operates at public level then you will surely love paying a visit to the nearest customer care center. All locations are given in the following page:

Following are some important locations for our readers who visit us daily. More details are given on the locations page.


47 Office Building
Section 1
City Centre
New Cairo


Kuala Lumpur
Level 36 Menara Citibank
165 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur Centre

United Kingdom

Google UK Ltd
Belgrave House
76 Buckingham Palace Road
London SW1W 9TQ
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)20-7031-3000
Fax: +44 (0)20-7031-3001


Google India Pvt Ltd
1st Floor
3 North Avenue
Maker Maxity
Bandra Kurla Complex
Bandra East
Mumbai, 400 015 India
Phone: +91-22-6611-7150


7 Fragoklissias St, 2nd floor
Athens 151 25, Greece


3rd Floor, Mulliner Towers
39 Kingsway Road, Ikoyi
Lagos, Nigeria


Need help?

For those of you who may have lost their blogs, my sympathies are with you but if you were really not violating any of the terms of service then relax and sit back. You will surely receive just treatment. Many people have contact blogger this way and they have successfully retrieved their lost blogs with all posts and comments restored, with no harm to SERP ranking. You can surely have your little baby back. Just follow each of the above applicable method and give Google at least 24 hours to get back to you. This entire reinstating process could take up to a week or more so a lot of patience is required on your half. For any more advice or help, I am always here. Feel free to post your comments and stories. Peace and blessings buddies. :>

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  1. So Even If I Produce 100% Unique Content ... Should I Worry ?

  2. fantastic post bro u r great


  3. I know what happens When your blog gets deleted . جزاک الله Atif Imran

  4. Mustafa dear, it is indeed another great post from YOU.

    The Blogger blog's restoring process is however so long.

  5. Mohammad bro nice one and I guess its for Mehul right :>
    Be sure to check my email but don't report my blog to DMCA report me first :>

  6. nice post again Mohammad bro.


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  8. OMG! Perfect timing as Google deleted my blog yesterday.

    Google is not up front anywhere with the steps to follow. I only located information by searching.

    You mention contacting Google before using your back door link. Am I correct in assuming you are referring to "clicking the restore button from the blogger dashboard?"

  9. i also think that its for mehul mohan.his blog www.mypremiumtricks.com.he did his work fine. and i want to mention one more reason here.sometimes we spam google productform.so it is very bad.google wil mail us first.aftr than we dnt stop than google wil del blog permanently.
    regards www.careerandtricks.com

  10. nice brother....and also i have seen your blog layout on other websites such as "allbloggingtools.com",Truebloggertricks.blogspot.com"..

  11. Its really helpfull for me... keep it up guys........ thanks for sharing such a great content.

  12. Dear mohammad

    I was shift my blog to a domain name, but in google search my blog address is also shows with my domain address, i request you to help me please for showing my domain address instead of my blog address. Screenshot is available for your reference.


    Please help

  13. @Akhil Pulotil
    I think you should not be afraid if your blog post was really originated from you.

  14. thx mohammad. I would surely try these. They told me they would contact me within 2 days. What r business days?

  15. This is so important for fellow bloggers. Thanks for sharing this wonderful info! ;)

  16. Hi sir Mustafa Ahmedzai! I am a fan of your blog and I really find your site helpful. By the way, about your post, you gave me a nice idea if ever my blog gets turned down (but I think it won't happen to me because I write my blogspot post personally.)

    And I also put some link back from your blog located at my blogroll sidebar in my blog called Inspirational Christian Quotes

  17. Mohammad bro, if somehow my blig gets recovered, then would you advice me to move to wordpress?

  18. @mehul Blogger did very bad with you ....the reason might be your auto pinging tool i think.so dnt eveR use this type of tools to ping Or any software

  19. @sunil kumar sir you should remove the blog addres from your webmaster.and also remove the verify meta tag from your blogger template.which was for your blog.its done aftr some days your blog addres wil completely remove.and your custom domain wil show in your google search for your blog. have fun.

  20. @Mehul Mohan I would suggest you to move to WordPress as then such thing could never ever happen to you .

  21. Mohammad Sir when are you going to giveaway your previous template to your student Bloggers. i'm waiting for it so bad.

  22. Of all the above ways, contacting blogger team via Blogger Product Forum is the most effective way, as I have told in your previous post about iframe redirection. :)

  23. @Mehul I would never suggest you to move to wordpress even knowing that nothing like that will happen. Because my blog was also mistakenly deleted but it was recovered in 12 hours.

  24. First of All Congrats on entering 4k Alexa ;)

    Kindly DHL my Pizza :P

    Coming to the point, this is indeed a great post because several people do face such problems.

    However i would like to add a tip and if you can, than add it in your post too because it will help a lot

    It is my experience not once but several times that whenever i face such technical problems, i always sued Google Forum and as you mentioned, Top Contributors are actually Google Employees.

    The tip is that always write your complaint in the forum at night time. Means for India and Pakistan, the time should be something after 10 Pm because at that time, the time in Western Countries is Morning and Employees are on their work and they will reply you soon MOST PROBABLY

    I have tried this many times. When i write complaint in morning time ( IST/PST ) i do not received any reply but when i posted after 10, i got instant reply.

    So go for it @Mehul :-) In Sha Allah all will be fine dude

  25. @Slim Šhady I haven't got any reply from blogger yet. This may be because of weekend. Bad luck. I am losing all traffic. :(

  26. A Very useful information. Thanks for sharing.
    Best Regards.

  27. Very helpful article when i was newbie i lost my blog then i contacted with google and sit down waiting for their response and after 2 or 3 week i got my blog back. Thanks Google

  28. Mohammad Sir, This is another great post by you. Actually I need your help. I want a related post plugin that shows excerpt(post summary) for my blogger blog. I have seen many related posts plugin that shows thumbnail but now I need a gadget that shows post snippet without thumbnail. Please provide me resource if you know or please post a tutorial for that.
    Thanks & Regards
    Ankit @ Hindi Jokes

  29. I know how you feel as I have faced it once but I still advice you to stick to blogger.

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