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Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

Can you recognize this man up here? Yup that's me! ;p Colored in almost just black and white. We are glad to introduce today yet another additional service being offered by STC Network. Apart from the huge list of services we offer like designing icons, logos and web templates, we have stepped into Vector Face Designing. An art that is a mixture of limited flavors of colors that combine to produce a compelling digital image. Whether it be you, your pet or your company's CEO, just submit his photo to us and get him an artistic digital Personality!

A vector image as you may know could be resized to any dimension, small or big, without any loss in picture quality. Company CEOs, webmasters, internet marketers could use these images in promoting their campaigns by giving it a more personal touch.

What Makes it different?

Traditional JPEG, GIF, PNG computer graphic formats can not be resized to bigger sizes because they involve pixel loss problems. A JPEG if stretched would loose its color quality and would look dull and blurred. On contrary a vector image is easily printable and could easily be resized to as big a resolution as you want. So be it your Large sized PanaFlex Banners for local street advertisement or your T-shirts or Standard Ad Banners for your website, the Vector Image would blend in just perfectly.

Tools used:

When it comes to art, we take you to Abdul Rahman Majeedi, our company's senior Graphic Designer. The images displayed on this post are a gift from Abdul Rahman for my engagement. Can't thank you [Abdul Rahman] enough man! :)

To produce a Vector image we make use of the following tools:

  • WACOM Graphic Tablet
  • Adobe Illustrator CS5
  • Corel Draw

Pricing Details:

Our Price quotes for all services depend on the quality and depth of the order placed. If you wish to place an order the early possible, kindly contact us via the services page.

Your Views?

I guess we have now a clear vector photo to use in our promotional campaigns coming this year. Always wanted a personal touch in banners and power point presentations, I have now a good way to say it loudly: "I Blog for living!" ;)

I just hope you find this service useful. I would really appreciate a feedback on the imagery being displayed today. Your valuable reviews would surely help us a lot in improving things more. About those Delicious Kitchen Recipes? Stay tuned! We have a lot to share this month. Peace and blessings buddies. =)

From this:

Mohammad Mustafa Photo

To This:


blogging for living

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  1. Well it's nice.By the way whats the cost for one picture? Is there ant discrimination in passport sized pic and 4*6 or 5*7?

  2. Yahoooooo, Today I got first chance to Comment at MBT, first of all Wish you a Happy Married Life and of course this Service will be Another Success for you.

  3. O'yes that's you on the vector pics BOSS. Its a nice one. Thanks for pointing out your service website. Will check it out and know the service you run. Want to patronize my boss.


  4. Wow..!! Look great.. it is not easy to design like this..:D

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  5. MashALLAh brother, Unbeatable skills, Without a doubt, you are a very creative person. God Bless You.

    Warm Regards,

    Rafay Baloch

  6. Wah Mustafa Jan wah, that's a great thing I've even seen...! Hope this service will rock..

    Your victor is completely outstanding..

  7. @Wali Khan
    Awesome Mohammed bro,keep rocking with inspiration to all newbie bloggers!

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  8. well well another creative and unique idea comes from the best of all, great work, keep it up.

  9. wow it looks great

    you great fan

  10. Nice vector Graphics, i hope u post more again about coreldraw tutorial :D
    Keep it up !
    Thanks :D

  11. very nice art good work. keep it up

    Rahul Kashyap

  12. Another great one from STC network, kudos to u bro. This is goin to be another boost up for your services. Weldone

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  14. very well dear. I hoped this from mbt only. And only u in mbt :D Looking forward for your more stuff like this... And please start pro blogger's kitchen series soon.. :) :P :D


  15. veryyy impressive ... :P
    BTW looking very dashing ... ;)

  16. Mohammad bro. Sorry for the trouble. Please get to your mailbox for my reply.! :P :D :) ;)

    Thanks a ton,

  17. woww... brother.. lokkingg soo cool..:)

  18. It is superb, I will click my photos soon and then I will decide to use this service.

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  19. Look like Great Nice Service for all

  20. Nice looks realistic....
    Like to have it for me for my site Indyarockshub-Free Music donloads-Wallpapers

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  22. Thats a Image Buddy! Really Hats off To that Talent :)

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  24. Mohammad bro. Sorry for the trouble. Please get to your mailbox for my reply.! :P :D :) ;)

    Thanks a ton,

  25. Hi friend,
    Please help....Need of fixed table for blogger which should not resize the column when writing more letters.

    Awaiting for your reply............

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  31. assalamu alaykum

    wow sir great look
    allah aapko aur aapki team ko khush rakhey

    such a aap log kafi knowlege share karte ho aur sir great thanks
    i love blogger trick realy me bahotkuch sikha hu
    great thanks

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