How can you Contact Blogger Team for Real help?

blogger Team HelpIf you are a blogger or looking up for blogging to choose it as your career then Google has some real good news for you. Blogger has always provided its users, all the opportunities to express their point of views, meanwhile learning a great deal online. Taking a deeper look and conducting a detailed survey on the problems and queries of its users, Blogger team has recently announced its availability and contact procedure with its users. Knowing that, you can now feel free to present your queries to the team and can hope to get some fast results.

Blogger- The Team

There is no doubt about the popularity as well as the effectiveness of the products that are been offered by Blogger. It has also been noticed that the team is keen to counter the user issues in no time and has established an efficient Global team, all dedicated to ensure that no compromises are made over the quality of product.

When To Contact Blogger Team

Blogging is an interesting domain where a blogger never gets perfect in his business, as something new is leaking in to the market now and then. In these circumstances, there are all possibilities to have some problems arising. If you go through the forums and take a general look on the most occurring issues, you would find that the bloggers might find themselves in a difficult situation in the following scenarios:
1) When planning to make an upgrade to a custom domain
2) Feel like giving a new look to their blog
3) Where to start it off
4) Difficulty in building a considerable readership
5) A sudden drop in the blog’s stable traffic.
6) No relevant Ads been Offered by Google AdSense
In short, there are much more than this when you feel like actually contacting the team to let the team know about your problem that might be a specific one for you, in your case. However, it is a dilemma that many bloggers, although earning with their blogs, find it hard to basically how and where to start a proper communication with team. It seems like Blogger has heard it all and has developed helpful resources that can help the users in learning about the latest features. Not only this, but you can now report your queries with blogger, and can also post your questions where the blogger support Team and Top Contributors can help you in tracking down some worth following answers.

Blogger Help Center

Blogger Help Center is where you can find all the latest news about the features been lined up and leaked out recently, knowing all about the dashboard activities and much more.

Google Feedback

Blogger welcomes your feedback truly. Therefore if you have a good problem to report, new ideas to share, or have some valuable suggestions to give, never hesitate! Sending a feedback is much easier and all you need to do is to click the gear icon in the dashboard to fill a feedback form.

Blogger Product Forum

It is essentially important for the bloggers to be a part of active communities that are related to their niche. Blogger Product Forum is an official community been offered by Blogger where you would find Blogger Support staff, and Top Contributors who are always ready to listen you and help you out completely.

Abuse Reporting Form

Coming across to an unethical stuff and abusive content is something that a blogger must be prepared for. Luckily, Blogger Team is smart enough to provide some remedies for this too. With Abuse Reporting Forms. you can report abusive content and ask for special help from the team. For details, Visit Google’s Terms of Service and/or Content Policy.
In brief, Things are pretty easy with Blogger, We recommend you to start exploring the support tools that are offered by the team to facilitate you.
Best Wishes,

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  1. This is the exaclt article which i am looking for. My new programming blog CODERS HUNT is still weak in seo. I am now concentrating on traffic and seo by reading all the articles in MBT. Thank you all the authors of MBT for your Tutorials. Thank you.

    1. Sometime we can contact blogger on - but sometimes it's not well.

      Richard Daris

  2. :/ Sorry I won't Agree with You BLOGGER HELP Forum is not a great place to get answers of your questions. Being a Blogger myself i have experienced lots of Problems but "Blogger Help Forum" have never ever helped me.

    Instead of Blogger Help, we could Search our problems on Google. I Do agree it would be difficult but the experience you will get is really precious because You Hunt for answer and during it you will learn lots of new things. Those things are really crucial because without it you cannot achieve success.

    Since Blogger Help Forum has no official mean members it is runned by few Blogger Geeks. However, the forum is official.(You won't get accurate answers. However, on few occasions they might be accurate.)

    Thats my Opinion (NO OFFENSE)


    Syed Faizan Ali

  3. Hi Nida,
    Nice post..after a long time you come back with a good topic...
    But i can't completely agree with your points that was mentioned in the earlier comment.How blogger product form will help blogger i don't know that is possible or not.

    Any way thanks for a great post....

    My last Posted Article:10 Best Way to Improve your Blog Page Rank

  4. @Syed Faizan Ali
    Brother Google is always helpful for his user. You never find help from "BHF' but when i am a newbie on blogger i got many help from there.

    Nice article :) Very helpful for newbie.

    wordpress style comment box for blogger

  5. @ Iqbal,
    Bro you get help when you are new and you get some basic stuff from them but if you try any complex question they fail ! I too tried them.I'm agree with syed bro.

  6. @ Nida

    I'm not agree with you be'coz as we send any kind of query to BHF we get reploes but official team doesn't reply and they doesn't solve your problem.

    Some of their basic questions which newbies ask frequently, then only give tutorials about it but when any one ask a difficult question, they doesn't reply that one.

    But Nice Article for Newbies, but as a blogger and geek I'm not 100% agree with out.

    (This is Only a Response of Your Article)

    Thanks & Regards,
    Hemant Verma
    Widget Generators

  7. @ all
    Thank you so much for the appreciation,
    As I mentioned in my article as well, the following methodologies of seeking help are been prescribed by the Blogger team and not by Me. :)

    @ Faizan, Yes. for the problems that cannot be tackled easily, Google is the answer.

  8. Hi Nida

    thanks for sharing this valuable informative post. really good work and Welcome to come back after log time :)

    Rahul Kashyap
    Blog: |

  9. May Be i am looking for this for my blog Rapid Programmers
    Thankx a TON :)

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  11. On my own point of view, i've tried blogger help center on diff occassions whereby no single help or even reply has ever been offered either personal from one of them or team.
    Thanks @ MBT chief editor
    I am looking forward to article on how to really make a blogger blog Special among millions
    how to make a huge sales within a certain period of time

  12. Thank a Lot Nida...
    this will be very useful for new Blogger who consider Blogger as a Blogging plateform.., for any issues they can Contact Blogger Support. Blog you will Love...

  13. I agree with you it is best to contact google directly when you have good reason for it,google will always refer you to their forum if you have a petty issue.

  14. @Nida . Awesome Post ....... Keep it up...... Guyz chill !! there is nothing to dis-agree .... Blogger Help Forum is paradise for newbies . but Yes we have to agree that Google is the best choice for complex questions .

    Tech Ravers

  15. Thank You Soo Much Readers, It feels great to know that people who are writing for, actually likes your efforts :)


  16. مصطفٰی بھائی!السلام علیکم
    میں ایک بلاگ بنا رہا ہوں گمشدہ لوگوں کیلئے۔۔آپ مجھے بتائے کہ اس بلاگ کیلئے کونسا ٹمپلٹ بہتر رہے گا۔۔بلاگ کا ایڈریس نیچے ٹائپ کر رہا ہوں ضرور وزٹ کیجئے گا۔۔۔شکریہ

  17. Once again very nice post Nida
    thanks for sharing this useful information with us
    New Blogger Tips

  18. Great Post Indeed! But I have bad experience with bloggers help desk. Though i managed to be polite, to the point and bla bla but i never received a single word from blogger about my problem.

    They have put everything on automatic system and i hate automation. Automation should be controlled by Humans.

    Anyhow this was my experience. Maybe Robots do hate Pakistanis. 3 kudos.

  19. You are an astonishing source for my confusions :))). Honestly whoever invented this blog, had a brilliant idea. Kisses and congrats

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  22. I created a blog FaaduGames.I created my friend the author of that blog & I was the admin.He got my id & pass from somewhere and logined and created himself the admin.Then he go to his blogger account and removed my privilages from the blog..Now i am neither the author not admin.Is there any way i can get my blog back..Bcoz i have created it and even most of the posts are written by me. My frnd's name is Sparsh Gahlot & My name is Lucky Singh.Plz help.

  23. @Lucky Singh
    Even all the Html/Javascripts,facebook/twitter pages,header,editing the tempate is done by me..plzzzz help,how can i contact google for this.Bcoz i can't find my help there

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  25. I purchased my domain name ( from Go Daddy last Friday, 13 September and now I would like my Blog that I created from free Blogger to point to my domain name. I have asked Go Daddy assistant and they said I need to get the 'name serve or A records' from Blogger to finalise my blog link to my domain's name. Can you please help me Blogger and send me your server name for me to forward to Ga Daddy to link my blog to my domain name.
    I went in setting in my blog and typed domain name but I got this message: Invalid blog*Spot sub domain. what can I do, can anyone help please?

  26. You need to go back through your blog and check your wording. The first sentence under blogger team "of the products that are been offered" you don't need the word "been" in it. Such poor english in America. :/

  27. someone is sending my blog huge fake traffic what will i do

  28. This is all way too confusing and complex. Google needs to simplify.

  29. I'm still unable to get my blog aspergersthealien to accept and show comments. I've done everything the "help" center state's but no luck. Something transpired when I switched phones because now I cannot enable comments and I Cannot Get any Help.