AdSense For Feeds Service Shut Down

No more AdSense for Feeds!

Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to monetize blogs and websites. A lot of bloggers and webmasters monetize their sites in different ways to make money. One of the lesser used way to earn money is through tweaking your blog feed to include ads. This is particularly useful for people who have a large number of feed subscribers, so they might as well tap into, and harness the benefits. Ordinarily, Google AdSense for feeds would be a good option for such monetization. But now, Google has decided it's perhaps better off without AdSense for feeds, which might be cause for concern for some popular bloggers.

The revelation came as a part of Google's spring cleaning program, where Google has decided to shut down AdSense for feeds in around two months, starting 2nd Oct. The deed would be completed on 3rd December, hence leaving bloggers with around two month's time to pack up and think about an alternative. To quote Google, "Starting 2nd October we will retire it, and on December 3rd, we will close it."

What's the big deal?

Nothing much, really. Feeds generate very little revenue, if at all, even for very popular websites with thousands of subscribers. But looking at the bigger picture, it is cause for concern. Google AdSense has already retired AdSense for Domains and AdSense for Videos. And now, AdSense for Feeds is going down.

This could jeopardize Feedburner's future. It's a free service, and a lot of bloggers are using it. In fact, it's the best free email marketing tool out there. Other good ones are paid. And since AdSense for Feeds was Feedburner's major source of revenue, it's only a matter of time before Google pulls the plug on Feedburner, resulting in the loss of hundreds and thousands of subscribers.

So what now?

Since Google provides no replacement, you might have to look for one yourself. An alternative could be Kamoodle, Text Link Ads, or The Pheedo. Feed Show and Ad Genta are two more. You can use any of these to monetize your blog feeds.

Another option you have is to start affiliate marketing on your feed! I mean, why not! You can always put in HTML codes for your affiliate ads (links, banners etc) in your feeds. It could make a difference, as regular and loyal readers are the ones who will eventually get you earning through referrals.

If you have further questions, do let us know about them, or consult this Help page from Google AdSense for more information about this radical step Google has decided to take. Cheers :)

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  1. Yup...i also got email of retirement of AoF from 3rd dec, 12. But i think there are also some good alternatives are present to reduce loss in sense of earning....which u already mentioned.. btw thanks for sharing nice post.

  2. Hey....Qasim i have a question please if possible replay me,
    Adsense need street address to verify address but we have no street address in our address. So how can i get adsense account?

  3. Hi, that's sad news, but adsense for content will not be shutdown?

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  4. This is an biggest loss for all bloggers.
    Thanks for sharing the information.

    visit: Google Official Tips.

  5. Ohh its not good news !!! Can you tell me how can i Optimized this site for my scoliosis latihan topic.

  6. @Bibhuti Bhushan BarmanYou can add your own address and correct postal address. I don't think you need the street address. I know it because i had also experience the same problem. There is no street address. But my postal address was correct and i got letter on my postal address.

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  7. Adsense for feed is gone but Qasim Zaib is right in his post, We can use other alternatives. I am going to use text links and some html stuff. Thanks for the info and tip on time. After Google buzz and its time to shut down adsense. Lets hope next one is orkut :P
    Sachin kundu

  8. thanks for sharing this information. i don't know about this but after read this article i got it :)

  9. this is really Sad news for Me.
    i have 800+ Email Subscribers in Feedburner.. and i used to Earn 2-4$ per day from Feed Ads..
    But Still not a Big Loss..
    Affiliate marketing is Always better then adsense..
    i have never been over depended on Adsense..!
    Thanks for sharing this News Technology Blog Coupons and Deals

  10. I never used Ads in Feeds...and don't think that showing them on feeds can make some difference until you have a mobile app based on your feed.
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  11. What If Adsense will shut Adsense for Blogger Content.

    I will really gonna Mad.

    1. It's not possible aumkar because half earning of Google is through adsense so it's not possible LOL :p

  12. Why Muhammad bro not posting from many days :(

  13. Ahhh..thats really bad to hear..


  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. its not good news ,I hope they not do this

  16. sir only you can help me.

    I want to add complier for online program run in my website.
    like as
    any......idea please give me