Yahoo Axis: A Complete New Web Browser

yahoo axis
Internet browsers have recently gained considerable limelight as the world is becoming online. Now when physical businesses are turning into the virtual ones and new online methods to make money are productive enough to facilitate the talent across the globe, the competition among the internet browsers is inevitable. We saw that gradually yahoo maintained its pace and somehow has overpowered hotmail when it comes to search engines, it was expected that yahoo will soon come up with its own internet browser as MSN enjoys internet Explorer (thanks to Microsoft) , and the youngest competitor Google that came up with Google Chrome. Realizing the importance of launching a new browser with its tag, Yahoo released its browser, Yahoo! Axis, few months back.

What’s different?

It is true that the upcoming decades are all about embedded devices. Yahoo is lucky enough to take this step at this stage, grabbing huge attention due to its innovative new mobile browser and desktop plug-in that gives visual search results to people. This works like a magic where people find a new, direct way to choose what they were searching for.
Not only this, but Axis is now available for our Apple iOS devices, (get one from here) apart from its major, HTML5 enabled desktop browser to enjoy a new change in your life which is worth adopting.

Its Features

Yahoo! Axis offers some exceptional features that are solely responsible for its big success in no time. When you choose Axis as your web browser, you are actually said yes to equipped handy features that unify searching and browsing. 
As stated above, the visual search has simply made the back button obsolete. Not only this, but axis also offers a personalized homepage that contains your most recently visited sites along with your bookmarks and the sites you are actually following.

Yahoo Axis On Your Desktop

The best part about Yahoo Axis is, it is easy to install with user friendly layout. You can download the desktop browser from Axis website and get the plug-in for your current browser.
Yahoo axis for desktop
After installation, a black search bar will appear bellow the browser window. Typing in this search bar will scroll down the visual thumbnails of the appropriate results from where you can choose the right option, saving your time.
If you are a busy person and a socialite who wants to keep a track of everything happening at all ends, then Axis is the best choice. Once you signed in with your Yahoo, Facebook or Google account, you can set your favorites and can make your access much quick to your pages.

Yahoo Axis On Your iPhone and iPad

Yahoo axis for embedded devices
Whether you take it as a merit or demerit, but unlike the desktop version, axis is an individual browser application for iOS. It offers a search bar at the top of the screen. The visual search option is more or less same here, giving search a new look. The only features that are a part of interface are the back and forward buttons, bookmarking option, and a share feature to email or tweet a page. The browser can also do tabbed browsing, and you create a tab via the tiny icon at the bottom left of the screen.

With its Launch, Yahoo’s Axis has somehow given a new way to explore internet with a faster and easier access. It has turned out to be a shock that Axis has attracted many followers in no time and it is expected that in coming months, it will be one of the tough competitors of Chrome and Internet Explorer.

All for now,

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  1. When Google Chrome was first released, and I used it, I left all other browsers. Now let's see what will happened with Yahoo Axis.

    Zeshan Ahmed
    From: Urdu Poetry

  2. I am using Google Chrome, but I think that I should change to this new browser.

    Thanks Nida for this news.

    I am commenting on your blog, and I see that you don't approve comments there.
    Please check them.

    Ahmed Safwan

  3. Thanks a a lot both of you. Axis is fun to use. Hundred times better than Internet explorer!

  4. Is it better than google chrome ?

    Please tell why if it is.

  5. @Sandeep Chaudhary No Dear, Its not better than Google Chrome. Infact its not a browser for your desktop Its just an extension or Plugin. And Remember one thing that Yahoo is too late to enter in browser War. So if a Big company releases a new thing, it doesn't means that it'll be better like their other services. I think the Yahoo is unnecessary extension that uses more memory and bandwidth and stores our searches in cache. Its not a requirement. I don't want that my recent searches goes to a company without my knowledge. Its just for knowing our personal info just like other companies like facebook and Google are collecting our data.

  6. There is nothing which can achieve Google and Chrome too....

  7. @Gurjit Singh Khehrai also think and i fully agree with Gurjit Singh....

  8. Yahoo is doing well to be available on the web. Thanks for this update, we should give a try to this new browser

    Kulwinder Singh

  9. I am using Chrome and till now it is the fast browser with great features. now let see yahoo axis..

  10. Aaaa... This is not a browser... It's a search tool or you can say a new tab page or somewhat like a reader extension. I tried it on chrome. I actually like that search bar at the bottom more than those thumbnails in the middle of the page. And also the trending searches may be helpful a bit.

    One thing I found important and which is not present in the extension is bookmarks which doesn't sync with my current bookmarks.

    That was my opinion. I will keep it for some days and will test how far it is useful for me.
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  11. Google chrome is the best..
    but still i will Try Yahoo Axis.
    and i hope it will be better than INternet Explorer:P The Technology Blog

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  14. i dont know how to response to this article, but getting a NOFOLLOW backlink from this is also a fun :D

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Great article as always! Thank you so much Nida!

    Actually it's not a Browser, it's an extension, kinda interesting but i'm afraid not so helpful..The video also was fair enough with the review. Anyway though since i have the honor to work on a real Web Browser i must talk about it :

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  17. Yahoo is gonna cross Google, huh! It is a good competitor to Chrome.

  18. let's see this new browser im going to install it.

  19. Yahoo is doing great and wonderful work. Thanks bro for your update and we hope Yahoo will soon launch the browser that will work for blackberry users too.