How Can Weak Eyesight Destroy Your Blogging Career?

How Can Weak Eyesight Destroy Your Blogging CareerBeing Neutral in everything you do is the primary rule to lead a happy, peaceful and contented life. However, when it comes to making money, there are hardly any rules to be followed to ensure a healthy routine. If you are a blogger or a freelancer, or an entrepreneur, making money online, then one thing you have common with all others in your niche, is your eye exposure to the Screen of your Machine. Although the idea of earning from your living room is always an appealing one, but what you really risk is your eye! It is no wonder that the online money making business causing vision weaknesses and in return, weak eyesight can affect your productivity, further bringing a downfall in your career.
If You Work for a really long duration on your machines daily, then you need to have a keen look on the unfolding aspects, that we will share in this post.

1. Student? Say Bye to Good Marks!

Assuming that many of the MBT readers might be students just like me, Qasim and Mustafa, it’s equally important to maintain a focus on studies along with the Blogging Career. As a Blogger or freelancer, you are required to work for more than 5-6 hours depending on the level of your seriousness towards your business. At the same time, it’s obvious that you have to attend your school, College or university, giving 7-8 hours to your academic life. Once after returning from a hectic day out, working on your laptops and PCs for consecutive 5-6 hours is certainly not easy. What suffers the most in this frantic schedule is undoubtedly your eyesight.
weak eyesight problem in class
Once your vision starts giving you a problem, trust me, there is no way out! The worst part is that if you have been enjoying your academic life as a back bencher, studying and having fun simultaneously, then this is what you are going to miss the most as a weak eyesight do not allow you see the whiteboard from behind, which is itself a harm to your academic performance.

2. Drowsiness and Headache

Weak eyesight brings additional gifts, further making your online professional job difficult. Once your vision becomes a victim, you then suffer from Migraine and severe headache when you work on your computer consecutively. As a writer, this condition is itself a disaster, making your mind completely idle, saturating all the ideas.
drowsiness and headache affecting blogging

3. Weak Eyesight affects Memory!

According to the Medical analysis, eyes are the second most sensitive organ that affects brain largely in case being under pressure. On the other hand, when you plan adopt blogging as your career, neither your appearance, nor your dressing matters in your success, but its only a game of mind that is needed to be played safe. You have to keep your mind present at every single step while writing your posts and working on your blog’s Design. With weak eyesight, you are more likely to become lazy, and will often find an urge to throw everything a side and give rest to your eyes-and-mind! Not only this, but you also might start forgetting things due to the memory weakness, that ultimately follows the visionary problems.
tired of computer work weak eyes

4. You might become Color Blind!

A continuous exposure of eyes to the rays of screen might lead the eye weakness too severely that can even make you color blind. Although, it is not considered to be a disease, in general, even my father is color blind, but you see, as blogger, web designer or graphics designer, being too strange with colors is surely going to ruin your career.eyesight weak- blogging career disturbed

5. Watery Eyes

Now this is way too common to be explained here. Not only for Computers, but its true for televisions, multimedia, etc too. You must have gone through this condition a couple of times, the itching is intolerable. Watery eyes further give constrain the brain capillaries, giving a rise to severe headache, as discussed in point number 2.
watery eyes affecting blogging

Bonus: Solutions to minimize the Chances of Eyesight Weakness!

Now that you know how dangerous your online business could be , its recommended to:
1) Schedule your life to avoid continuous working hours by introducing 1-3 hours break in between.
2) Place your PC or Laptop in an open location, so that when you remove your eyes from your screen, the pupil of your eye changes its shape to see distant objects. This advice was given to me by my eye Specialist, therefore, 100% authentic.
3) Start sitting in the front row of your class, this will please your teacher, as well as your mind, both!
4) Do not over burden yourself with access of work. It’s your business, you can always take a leave, if too necessary
5) Visit your eye specialist once in every six months.
6) Sleep properly for at least eight hours.
As it is said, precautions are better than cure, we Leave you here with all the good wishes for a healthy life and happy blogging!

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  1. ya you are right.eyes affected most by computer and it is neccessary to take precaution.small breaks are must during working.

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  4. Color Blindness... Now that seems to be dangerous...
    Although I have specs I just follow the last bonus point of sleeping for 8 hours which happens automatically :p

    I do need to take some steps to care my eyes. Thanks for waking me up Nida.

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  39. I am 14 and still wear specs with high power. However you can use softwares like F.lux that protect your eyes from the laptop/pc screen.By the way good article.