30 Free Web Tools To Create Favicon For Your Website

Create your own favicon
Every big website has an icon or image associated with it. This is what makes the website unique and gives it its identity. Look at Facebook. It has the 'f' icon, which is immediately recognizable. Google has the 'g' icon, and so on. These icons are displayed on browser tabs right next to the page title, and are known as favicons. In essence, these favicons are a means of branding your blog. Every blog or website needs to have a brand. Without a brand, a blog has no credibility. It's a small, but essential step you need to take. In fact, it is one of the first steps you need to take when you start a blog or website.

You might think these icons appear automatically or something, but they don't. You need to manually create a favicon from your logo, and then add it into your template. Luckily, there are tonnes of tools that can help you create a favicon for your site. So here goes an insanely huge list of many such tools! :).

Lets you create your own favicons. You ave to upload an image file and choose the size, and this tool will do the rest. You can download the icon to your computer. This site also have a gallery of some of the favicons made by others.

2. Animated Favicon

This is a great and interesting favicon tool. Instead of the traditional .ico icons, it makes .gif icons for you, which can be animated. Just visit the site to check it out!

3. Photoshop Tutorial

If you are a Photoshop fan like me, then you'll definitely want to check this out. This is a tutorial on creating favicons in Photoshop. You can create favicons right on your computer if you have Photoshop installed. 

4. Favicon Maker v1

This again is a simple favicon editor that lets you create your own favicons from the ground up. The best thing about it is, there are no ads on the site, and no extra stuff. So there's no distracting stuff that can bog down a website.

5. Dynamic Drive

Not a favicon-ish name, but it will do the job. It also lets you upload images to create favicon from. And it gives you instructions as well! You can also add this tool on your own site by pasting a code.

6. iConvert

Now here's an idea I like. This tool is unique in the sense that it creates icons for Windows, Mac, and Linux, all in a single step!

7. GenFavicon

One of the best favicon tools. It is really easy to use. Just upload your image, and you can cut, crop and preview it. You can then convert it into a favicon, ready to be used with your site.

8. Online Icon Maker

Another great icon pixel editor. It has the looks of a professional icon maker. It gives a wide ranger of colors to choose from to fill in your pixels. This is the first such tool I ever used.

9. Convertico

Convertico lets you upload images to convert to favicons. You can also provide a URL to the image you want to use. It is also one of the best favicon tools out there.

10. Favicon.ru

Pretty much the same as the others. But I've noticed that it's faster, and it generates favicons more quickly. I may be wrong, though.

11. Favicon Editor v0.03

Now here's where creativity comes in. This tool doesn't take images from you and converts them into icons. I has a simple pixel editor that lets you create a favicon from scratch!

12. Degreave Favicon Generator

This one is a my favorite. It lets me generate favicons in two way, from images and from the pixel editor. It has a wide range of colors you can choose from for your pixels. It's really cool!

13. Favicon Generator

Not a very attractive one to look at, but this definitely is a very useful tool. It explains what a favicon is, and how to use it on your website. I recommend you use this tool!

14. Favicon editor

This is just a simple favicon pixel-by-pixel editor. Throw in 16 million colors though, and you have yourself quite a treat! This is one of the few editors that offers the complete set of RGB colors.

15. Web Script Lab Favicon Generator

Although it is a simple uploaded-image converter tool, there are some small, but pretty useful tools from Web Script Lab you might find useful.

16. Converticon

One of the easiest and most simple tools available. It guides you through the process, and makes you upload an image to convert into an icon. It has many icon resolutions to choose from.

17. Favicon.cc

A nice favicon tool that also provides 16 million colors, and gives you the option to import an image. It also has features like latest favicons, top rated favicons etc.

18. Faviconr

Simple tool that creates favicon from an image that you supply

19. Favikon

Here's a neat little tool. It asks you to upload an image, and then shows you the generated favicon so you can see how it looks. You can then download it in .ico or .png formats.

20. Favicon Japan

This is a simple image converting tool, but it is in the Japanese language.

21. Favicon Tool

This one again isn't in English. But it sure is very helpful to me. It's an editor, and lets me enter RGB values manually! It also offers 16 million colors, with many color profiles. Best of all, when I select a shade, it tells me the corresponding RGB values, so I can use them in future.

22. Favicon Generator

This is one of the simplest favicon editor, and one of the easiest one to use. It is also a pixel-by-pixel editor.

23. Favicon Drawing tool

As the name suggests, this is a favicon drawing tool and it has many color to choose from

24. Favicon Generator

Image converting tool. It also gives you instructions on how to use favicons.

25. 256 Pixels

This is pretty much like the other favicon tools. But despite what the name says, it actually provides 16M colors for you to work with.

26. HTML Kit Favicon

Simple image converting tool

27. Buddy Icon

This tool lets you add your own icon to instant messengers, bulleting boards and other places that accept custom icons.

28. Favicon Tool

Convert images into icons, and learn about what favicons actually are and their advantages.

29. Favicon Factory

Simple image converting tool

30. Iconfu

Simple, but easy to use favicon editor

This was my list of top 30 favicon tools. If you know of any better ones, then do let us know! Cheers :)

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