10 Crispy Tips To Write Optimized Blog Post Titles

optimize your titleTitle is the most crucial part of a blog's overall structure. It can either construct or demolish our entire post. Selecting an ideal title may become complicated if we don’t concentrate on accurate strategies. Every blogger wants his post title to be enriched with rich keywords words so his readers can taste the sweetest part of the blog. Generally a post title represents whole content in small peace of words. A post title not only enhances our blog but also has some significance towards SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Writing an optimized  blog post title is becoming a problem for nearly every blogger. The prime reason behind it is lack of proper guidance. Today we will learn about some practical Top 10 Tips To Write a Perfect Blog Post Title.

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SERPs stands for Search Engine Results Page. More than 95% of Google users look for a query on the first page and no one bothers clicking the next button to see results on the next page. So as long as you are on the first page, organic traffic will prove a blessing. Title plays vital role in bringing traffic to your blog. Major traffic is based on post titles and then comes the content. When Bots crawl a blog they look for all the relevant data inside the post i.e. Title, Descriptions, Bold keywords, headlines and all image tags. So everything counts and only an optimized blog post will let you survive on Google's first page.

1. The Simple You Write The Better It Gets:

write simpleWe should use most common keywords in our titles to increase our chances of getting a boost in our traffic, but if we select an irrational (illogical) post title then this will not only affect our SEO but also misguide our readers. We should keep in our mind our main intend is to provide quality information to our readers so instead of writing crazy titles we should keep it simple, and Google loves simplicity.


2. Writing Purposeful Post Titles:

make your posts relevant

We create posts on our blog to entertain our readers the situations gets worse when we start thinking about our self and become selfish. Our readers trust us with closed eyes so it’s our duty to provide them with accurate information. What if we create a post about Apple and we named the title of the post to Mango then the reader who is searching about Mangos will land in a place which he never searched, and hence due to our silliness we will lose a loyal reader. So we should keep our aspiration aside and think about our audience and moreover we should select the titles according to the content of our posts.

3. Make Descriptive Post Titles:

Title gives an idea to our reader what this post is all about, it gives basic knowledge to our readers about the topic which is covered in our post. So we should select a title which clearly tells our reader about our content. We can use creative keywords to make our title unique from other, but we should keep our title within 75 characters.

4. Use Synonyms to Make Your Post Title Unique From Others:


Commonly while selecting our post titles we often perform a search to check whether the keywords which we will use in our title is not taken by someone else, and mostly after searching we come to the conclusions that the keywords are already in use. So in this situation we don’t need to be over exhausted instead we can use a grammatical technique which will give us the same meaning keywords with different words, yes I am talking about synonyms. Basically synonyms are those words which are almost identical or similar in meaning for example, Instead of Creative we can use Artistic, and by using synonyms we are targeting the same content but with different keywords.

  • If you are using Microsoft Word then you can select synonyms very easily and effectively. To select a synonym
  • Open Ms Office.
  • Now just paste the title of your post.
  • After pasting the title just right click on that word which you want to change.
  • After pressing right click a drop down menu will be opened and then place your mouse cursor over synonyms.

choose synonyms in ms office

  • And here you will see a list of different words with same meaning now select the keyword for your title which suits perfectly your post.

5. Make Your Title Short – List only Important Keywords:

Try to use small but smart titles, by writing small post titles we are realizing the Search engine bots that we only offers specific niche content this is the reason why we maintain quality in our posts. Try to make your titles as short as possible and make sure you never exceed 75 (words) character limits. To maintain quality we recommend you to use 60 characters in your each post title.

6. Using Trendy Words in Post Titles:

Try to use trendy words in your post title to grab the attention of the readers this will not only increase your traffic but will also play important role towards building your audience. People want "Hot"  Latest topics. But still we need to use those trendy keywords which are related to our niche and it should be related to our content.

7. Using Important Keywords in Post Titles:

rich keywords in title

Now this tip is the most important one, Keywords play crucial role towards building audience so you must select your post keywords carefully. As I mention previously keywords present in post title determine how much traffic you will get, the better you select the more traffic you will get. Just search for most relevant keyword and if it matches your content then hit enter and enjoy the fruits of keywords.

8. Using Eye Catching Words

Mostly users look for those articles or content which are the best in the market for example, if we buy a fruit from a shop keeper we always make sure it is of superior quality. In the same way our reader only want to read those content which are of best quality so by using keywords like HOT,  Best, perfect, good, excellent we are indicating people it’s worth checking it.

9. Creating Questionable Post Titles:

questionable titlesThe world of vocabulary is really huge, we can select numberless expressions for our titles and with the same technique creating questionable titles is the most effective way to get noticed and grab attention of readers. For instance using How, What, How To, in our post titles



10. Be Unique Be the one – Rule the SEO

Google loves uniqueness no matter it is your content or title, unique titles has always proved it self important. Due to unique title we obtain high rank in SERP and hence this will not only increase our traffic but also has great impact in SEO.

So that’s how we can select perfect post titles for our blog and websites. In addition Post titles are the heart of our content so a silly mistake could break our entire post. And if we adopt these instructions we will surely see a huge increase in our traffic. So that’s it for now guys till then Peace, Blessings, and Happy writing. :)

Guest post by Faizan Ali from mybloggerlab. He is a 16 years old active blogger and enjoys writing on social media and blogging tips

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