Should you Enable Blogger Dynamic Views?

Dynamic views

Blogger has now officially introduced Dynamic views for all blogs by default. Now you can change the layout of your custom template into different shapes. A dynamic view is an automated code that rearranges your div areas and automatically changes the default style sheet settings into different flavours and colours. In short it provides your readers with better readability. This new feature helps you to arrange your posts, comment body and sidebar in different orientation. It arranges them into either a stream of thumbnail images or table containing columns of your latest posts. However this new feature has some advantages as well as some drawbacks which I have shared below.


How to Enable dynamic View For your blog?

  1. Go To blogger > Design > Template Designer
  2. Now you have 7 different layout options namely classic, Flipcard, magazine, mosaic, sidebar, snapshot, Timeslide.
  3. Choose the one you like and hit the "Apply to Blog" button at the top-right corner
  4. Done!


Advantages of Dynamic Views

This dynamic view has the best advantage of being compatible with all major browsers such as Mozilla, IE8 and Chrome and Safari. It also uses light theme that tremendously helps in reducing your blog load time. The layout are perfectly coded so each widget will remain at its position and wont interrupt neighboring widgets during load time. Stylesheet is the one officially provided by blogger and it rarely contains any image so again helps your blog to load quickly. Blogs with this feature enabled are better browsed, bookmarked and viewed even on smart phones.

Disadvantages of Dynamic Views

You don't have complete control over the appearances of your widgets and post body. While applied most widgets stop working and are misaligned. No special attention is paid to sidebar section. All widgets get replaced or deleted. The sponsor area and subscription area disappears. Again applying it though provides you with main delightful bonuses but if you are running a professional blog with ads on it then better quit this feature. However if you are running a personal diary or non-commercial blog then you can surely go for it in order to let your fans enjoy different flavors of your site.

I hope this little info proves helpful to most of you.

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  1. Most features has been badly disabled, mostly HTML/Java Scripts what love most. :(

  2. I loved overall look of 'Dynamic Views'. But the bad thing is that You don't have complete control over the appearances of your widgets and post body.
    means customization is minimum. :-(

    I had found that just by putting
    after your blog home Url( on address bar you can view Dynamic Views of your blog without changing template.
    how is that?

    1. Beautiful tip! I wanted Dynamic views, but I didn't want to sacrifice all my work customizing.

      Thank you!

  3. @ Mohmd, true to your advice but since there are short-comings related to the new dynamic templates such as the ones you mentioned. I'll suggest you get to know more about the same and find us tips on how to professionalise the same. I'm saying this because we don't want to move in the opposite direction of technology rather to move together with it (blogger). Also, it always nice to be in synergy with the big players (Google). I believe Blogger has just offered you a goldmine of content to write, it time to mine it :)

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  6. Mr. Dark hacker,
    I am very shameful to read your comments that I am also a blogger. I am shocked that a blogger publisher can use this type of language for a brilliant blogger. You are not insulting the Mr. Mustafa, you are insulting the blogger platform.

  7. @KISONI
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  8. @Darkhacker
    Thank you brother for such compliments. Whatever you said will remain on this blog forever thats what blogging taught me. Only those comments are deleted which promote spam. This blog does not only accept kind remarks and thanksgiving from readers alone, it also accepts constructive criticism and I am not sure if your words do fit into criticism.

    I will email you the templates just now but I want to wish you something back:
    May God bless you with patience and may you realize that hatred does only hurt you back in return. Peace be on you brother

  9. Hi, great post. I thought you might be interested to know that you can place google ads in dynamic views if you just make sure that you do the following.
    1. while still in non-dynamic view using any regular template, switch to page elements and you'll be able to place adsense gadgets on the sidebar and the bottom (below the post)
    2. The adsense formats must be in sizes 728 X 90 Leaderboard or 160 X 600 Skyscraper.

    The best part about adding adsense to blogs using dynamic views is that the stats are much higher. You get a higher page count and there are ads on every single page. You can read about it here on Google Support

    Anyway, this is a great blog with helpful information. Thanks! I've bookmarked it for future reference.
    Have a great day.

  10. ok sir I click the try button of this new dynamic views I will study this also.Actually is a very simple physically.But this is new offer by Google so lets start this.I hope you sir mustafa you can help us how to handle this new blog so that it will become very professional in design and we can put different widgets in sidebar so as that it will become blog for business, not only for diary.So thanks mam tiffany and hope also to all bloggers don't insult any trainor or educator of bloggers.Lets help them to more become resourceful so that they can provide more knowledge us.Lets help us one team...

    Godbless To all...


  11. I heard you all friends and in fact there is still space for customizing this new feature.I have not yet checked the source file, and code structure in dynamic view. I am a little busy with studies but very soon I will have enough time to introduce some more interesting ways of changing the entire look of a template in dynamic mode. thank you for the consistent motivation pals. :)

    Yes adding flipcard, sidebar etc keywords after url/view/ will surely show you the dynamic view but that is just a preview and the method shared above is a permanent application of the feature so that your blog may look the same for all your visitors

  12. @Darkhacker
    I hope your little walnut sized brain realizes that Mohammad does this for free, on his own time. Do you pay him for all the services? Yeah, I didn't think so.
    I'm not Muslim, but to use God's name in such a trivial matters is a shame. It shows you in a negative light.

    1. Three brief observations:

      -Darkhacker was rude.

      -Mr. Ahmedzai is generous, providing support for blogger. (Thank you.)

      -Allah is not YHWH.

  13. Can anyone tell me that how to add advertisement in dynamic views .. please tell and help me I would be helpful to you..

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  15. I enabled Dynamic Views just today Morning..
    And till Now, I find it very much lovely!!

    Earlier, while using widgets, my blog load time was a bit higher..
    Now, it has drastically reduced!!

    Thanks for the info!

  16. hi dude it's nice and it increase page viewers but no changes in CPM rate,and one thing my daily page viewers 300 after using this it increase to 800

  17. Mohammed, i just switched to dynamic view and my images are not showing up. any idea what to do? is this a common problem

    and thanks for leaving darkhacker's stupid comments in so we can see what a LAMER he is.

    thanks for your help!

    1. I found that loading images through Blogger (clicking on the insert picture icon and updating the post) caused missing thumbnails to appear.

  18. hey bro........actually i want to request you something. I run my hacking blog at and i'm a fan of your site from last 8 months.

    I am not interested in Dynamic Templet of blogger, still the left side pane of " sidebars" is most intresting.

    can u provide the HTML or CSS or anything by which i can apply that SIDEBAR top any other blogger templet ?


  19. how bout the seo?

  20. Is there a way to add a "read more" link on posts in dynamic view? I was using magazine format, but it wasn't clear that users were supposed to click to read the entire blog post

  21. UPDATE

    The dynamic views have no SEO value and do also not support Adsense at the moment. The page requests for Ajax to load and then other elements load. Therefore for those who are running ads it is recommended that you don't use it.

    I will create Custom stylesheet and will share tutorials on how to create such layouts and themes. But at present do not get betrayed with the beauty.

  22. @darkhacker, relax. @CB is right. All we get here are free. So what the fuss?

  23. For a very brief while dynamic views enabled sidebars and widgets, at least in theory. I tested it for about an hour, couldn't get it to actually work, and while I was doing so it suddenly disappeared as an option. My guess, an from my reading of their blog, is that they are working out a solution to enable more control of dynamic views. Since I run commercial sites that have sidebar advertising and other widgets, I need that kind of control.

  24. I like the dynamic view but it disables all the gadgets so i won't enable it until the gadgets are enabled with it.

  25. i'm very lucky i stumbled upon this blog :) , i'm having problem with dynamic views, i have a poetry blog and i make updates after every few days, i want to be able to share my post on Facebook through my blog to bring traffic to my blog, could you suggest a solution where i can provide my readers with a link and preview of my content on my facebook page automatically as i publish on my blog.. ??

  26. My blog ( can not be shown in either Classic or Sidebar viws.I can fit into to all other dynamic views. What could be the reason?

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  29. Hey Vishnu, really appreciate the tip! We wanted to have a dynamic view single page so I could display our posts in a condensed manner and this really does it!

    We'll add a link to the most pertinent dynamic view. Thanks again!

    If you wanna see the result:

  30. @Tiffany

    could you please explain how to enable adsense on my dynamic views i tried the thing you told me and it's still not working..

  31. This template very problerm for SEO. U will not index by google. Im already enable dynamic view. After 1 week, All my new post not indexed at google SERP. And some keyword droped dorn in SERP.

    Got a big problerm in google webmaster, 7 duplicate title and description for my home page (domain) in SERP.

    Now 1 question : How To Disible Back ? Thanks ya :)

  32. Hi, I'm very much impressed with the blogger dynamic template, so started working on my blog through dynamic template only.

    Here i got stuck at permissions as i want to share my blog to a particular community at my colony. So when i opt option "Only these readers" instead of "Anybody" (Public)...., the home page or any page opening speed goes to zero, i mean the page open twice if attempted 10 times and that too after so long.

    Speed constraints if dynamic template chosen for few blog readers...,

    What to do...


  33. I enabled DV for my blog >>
    and done a little customization it looks gr8 :)