November 13, 2008

MBT Tools For Bloggers

All MBT Tools are free of charge and are availed to help newbie bloggers find blogger resources handy and useful. All these tools are copyrighted under the creative commons attribution License. 

List Of MBT Tools

More Tools on its way!

November 12, 2008

Count Characters In Post Titles & Meta Description

Both Post titles and Meta Description plays an integral part in the eyes of search engines. It’s important that your Meta Description must not exceed 145 Characters including spaces and that your Post titles Must not exceed 66 Characters. To give an illustrative view, see the image below,


You can clearly see that my Meta Description is written within the limit of 145 characters and that’s why it’s not broken. On contrary I have exceeded the limit of 66 Characters for my post titles and that’s why some text appears to be broken. Make sure you write your blog description and post titles within the required limit in order to attract more and more traffic.

To count the number of your Characters you can use the MBT Tool below. This tool counts the number of letters as well as spaces.

Enjoy Counting!

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