SEO Best Practices For Brand-New Websites

It’s no secret that SEO can take a while to establish and this is even more notable when it comes to brand-new websites. The fact is, Google isn’t going to instantly award a brand-new website with wide-ranging visibility before it has had enough time to properly suss it out. In any case, we’re going to share some SEO best practices for brand-new websites so you can gain more visibility as quickly as possible!

Pick a perfect domain name

Don’t make the mistake of rushing in and purchasing any old domain name that closely resembles your brand and business name. You should pick something that is short, simple, and easy enough to remember. It should also be indicative of what people can expect from the website as well. Take this SEO company in Dubai as a great example: Online Marketing Gurus is an excellent domain name, it is easy to remember, there are no unnecessary ‘dashes’ in the URL, and it lets people know exactly what to expect.

Plan your site structure

Rather than just pay someone to build you a pretty looking website, you should think about the architecture. What will the finished product look like? Will the design support future growth? How easy will it be to navigate your website once completed? This is a very important step, especially when it comes to your internal linking structure. Every single page should be connected with intuitive internal linking both to provide a superior user experience to your visitors and to make the website easier for Google to crawl and index.

Do your keyword research and plan your website copy

Since you are in the process of having a website built, you should also think about what kind of content you are going to publish on it as well. Don’t just pay for generic website content to use as a place-holder; invest in well-optimised, SEO-friendly content that has been written with consumer psychology in mind. Start with your keyword research: this is critical for your SEO and helping Google identify who you are and what you do. Once you understand your audience better, your competitors, and where you fit into the market, the keyword research should be much easier. Following that, you can include these focus keywords in your Title, headers, meta, and website copy (naturally of course – no keyword stuffing!)

Master onsite and offsite SEO activities

Get the technical SEO locked down during the web-build process. You should be building the website with the many technical and onsite optimizations in mind so that you don’t have to circle back and redo everything later. Design for performance: fast page load speed and a flawless UX. At the same time, make sure you begin link-building and creating high-value content immediately. You want to hit the ground running and start making some noise so that others will link back to your website and Google will start to rank you as soon as possible.

Learn about tracking and analytics and put it into immediate practice

You should get analytics set up on your website and start learning the basics of tracking immediately. That way, when your traffic starts to pick up and you’ve got some real data to play with, you’ll feel far less overwhelmed and will be primed to start putting the data into practice with well-thought-out adjustments to your website and content creation strategy. 

Final thoughts

Ultimately, for a brand-new website, your priority should be working alongside a digital marketing agency so that you can make the necessary optimizations during the design and construction process. Far too many people make the mistake of having a website built, then seeking out a marketing agency and realizing that their website needs to be (more or less) gutted and turned inside out. You can counter this and hit the ground running by crafting a perfectly SEO optimized website, with the appropriate keyword research and content development strategy in place, ready to go! 

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