8 Tips to Creating an SEO-Friendly Website and Generating Organic Traffic

tips to create seo friendly website

The best way to increase online visibility is by utilizing SEO. Google accounts for almost 90% of organic traffic, so an SEO-optimized website is bound to rank higher on Google SERPs.
If you are serious about expanding your online business, SEO should be your first priority when developing a website. Focusing on SEO also allows you to post better content. 

You might have the most thought-provoking content, but if they are not optimized, no one is going to find them. Creating an SEO-friendly website takes time and careful mapping. To help you rank higher on SERPs and generate more organic traffic, here are eight tips you should follow.

1. Choose Static URLs

The URL structure might not be the most important aspect of SEO, but every little detail matters. There are two types of URLs.  One is a dynamic URL that looks like-
And a static URL would look like-
A search engine can understand both languages, but a user will not be able to make sense of a dynamic URL. If you publish an article on WordPress with a dynamic URL, it is going to convert it into a static URL but will pick random words from the content for the address. For the sake of SEO, it's better if you manually create a static URL.

2. Structure Your URLs Better

When you are manually typing in the URL, use one primary keyword or one keyword phrase. When inputting your keyword phrase, do not use underscore (_). Google’s crawlers treat words with underscores as a single word. So if you type How_to_optimize_your_website, the crawlers will refer to it as “Howtooptimizeyourwebsite”. That’s a mouthful and the complete opposite of SEO-friendly. To separate your words, use hyphens (-). Lastly, keep the URL address brief and relevant so users can take one look at it and understand what that page or content is all about.

3. Optimize Your Contents

Quality content is easy to produce these days, but optimized content needs a little more work. There are digital marketing companies like RankUp SEO that offer you optimized content along with several other services to boost your ranking.  However, if you want to optimize your content yourself, you will have to cover the following things-

A Title Tag

Use title tags for all your pages. Your title tag is going to appear on social media, SERPs, browsers and other digital spaces so, make it count. It has to be a brief, compact, and catchy sentence that explains what your domain, page, or content is about. 

A Meta Description

Right under your title is going to be the meta description. It’s a short paragraph of 150-160 characters that explains your brand.

Add Alt Texts

Alt texts help crawlers understand the meaning of the images you put on your website. You can use your keywords in the ALT text as well. You can optimize your keywords each time you post or upload an image by using ALT texts.

4. Experiment With Keywords

Keywords are relative words people supposedly use to find products and services. There is no definitive guide to finding the right keyword since the words people use can change over time.  But to optimize your content and your website to the fullest, you will have to use all types of keywords. There are primarily 3 types of keywords. They are-
  • Generic Keyword
  • Broad Keyword
  • Long-tail Keyword
Generic keywords bring in the most traffic but are also competitive. Best SEO Practices can be a generic keyword. A broad keyword will be something that narrows it down a little such as Best SEO Practices for Beginners.  Long-tail keywords are phrases to target niches or very specific target markets. They are less competitive, but effective long-tail keywords can bring in a large chunk of organic traffic. How to use SEO for online clothing shops can be a long-tail keyword to target your specific audience.  Strategically place your keywords in titles, meta descriptions, headings, and subheadings to get maximum results. To search for popular keywords, use ahrefs, Ask the people, Moz Keyword Explorer, and other keyword suggestion tools.

5. Optimize Your Website

Your website and content should be compatible with all devices. According to a report in ahrefs, 52.2% of the global online traffic comes from cell phones, and this traffic is only going to grow. If your website is only designed for desktops, you are going to miss out on more than half of your audience.  Make sure your website is compatible with both mobile phones and computers. The user experience has to be smooth for everyone. 

6. Create Internal Linking

Internal linking significantly improves SEO on your website. Readers can also navigate better if the website has proper internal links. The links have to be for meaningful content.  Suppose you have this article for tips on improving SEO; your internal links should be related to SEO. If you have another article on how to write the best blog posts, go ahead and link it.  People will stay longer when you have interesting content linked together. Internal linking also improves content strategy and mapping.

7. Don’t Forget about External Linking

External linking increases your website’s credibility and organic traffic. Pick relevant websites in the same industry, and try to receive backlinks from them. Target authoritative websites more because if you can get backlinks from them, your traffic and authority will surely go up. You don’t need dozens of links, but you do need high-quality and trusted links. For that, you will also have to create high-quality content. Do not go for sponsored links; it will only hurt your credibility and SEO. 

8. Always Maintain Social Media Presence

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are the holy grails for marketing. Facebook’s marketplace has over 1 billion users. If your content is popular on social media, people will share and interact with them. This increases organic traffic and authority.

Final Thoughts

Creating an SEO-friendly website requires a lot of practice and experimentation. However, if you can follow up on all the information we put here, you will be able to create a high-quality website that ranks high on Google. 

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