WebTextTool: How I Get Best Keyword Suggestions?

Customer WebTextTool review on how it gives us best keyword suggestions & optimize our blog posts in real-time to rank higher in Google search.
Out of every 10 clients who approach us for SEO auditing services, 8 find it difficult to understand how to do keyword research, how to get quality keyword suggestions, check keyword competition and search volume. In short every publisher today is most concerned about his competitor's keyword strategy and what is it that ranks his competitor higher on search results but not him or her.
WebTextTool keyword suggestion tool
Web Platforms and frameworks are mostly auto optimized today, what is required on publishers side is on-page optimization. Keyword research is all that matters most for content writers. Search robots judge content based on its quality content which is E-A-T (Expert-Authoritative-Trustworthy) and quality is judged by your presentation and selection of keywords. Serious bloggers and SEO agencies today rely heavily on building a solid keyword strategy using the best tools found online. I will be sharing and reviewing one such SEO tool with all of you today that fulfills all your blogging needs and which is a must for people with multiple blogs and no SEO skills.   It will seriously help you dominate your niche in search rankings and crush your competition.

Do you really need a SEO tool to optimize content?

From 2015 onwards I personally felt the need for a user friendly SEO tool that could help my network authors to better optimize their blog posts in real time by choosing the best keywords for our content. For this I needed an advanced keyword suggestion tool which could fit my budget on monthly basis and as well as help us rank higher in SERPs. Google keyword planner is one such free option but it lacks several advanced functionalities and features and we needed something ahead of it.
I came across WebTextTool (WTT), which is the simplest on-page SEO assistant tool that helps you optimize your content in real time while you are writing your blog post. It gives you realtime suggestions to improve your content and make it more SEO friendly.
I was honestly fed up of correcting the SEO blunders done by my authors since a year but today thanks to webtexttool, I really don't need to waste precious time auditing a co-author's blog post. I can now concentrate on the creative part while WTT handles the optimization stuff.
I will therefore love to review WEbtexttool as a customer and share its unique features with all of you so that it may benefit you as much as it has helped us improve our organic traffic.

How can WebTextTool help you rank higher in SERPs?

Thanks to its 6 Unique Features!
Features Description
Keyword Suggestion Helps you find best keywords and matched phrases for your content
Advanced Editor Far advanced than even Open Live Writer or WordPress editor
Accessibility Checker Helps you optimize media content one by one
Sentiment Analysis Makes sure your content gives a positive touch and is irony-free
Readability Scores Calculates how easy and difficult is your text to understand.
Page trackers Tracks Google rank of your published content for a given keyword
Sometimes common sense and strong SEO skills are not enough, you really need tools to give you insights and stats to build a powerful keyword strategy in order to get an edge over your competitors.
I am currently using WTT's Silver Plan which suits our requirement, so I will be giving you a brief introduction of all its important features that we are using currently. It has both free and premium plans so it is really a handy tool for all bloggers unlike some expensive SEO and SEM tools found online that gives me nightmares when I see their monthly billing structure.
Before we could proceed, I recommend that you sign up for the 14 days free Webtexttool trial account. You can also sign up for the Starter Plan which is free forever. Follow the link below to register your free account.
Sign up for Free!
WTT's unique features like sentiment analysis, readability scores and page trackers are a life savor. The webtexttool Page Tracker utility allows us to track the Google rank of our blog posts for a given keyword and its optimization score after it is published. Surely my favorite feature!

1. Keyword Suggestion

The biggest reason behind any websites high position in Google rankings is its combination of rich keywords. The better you understand this terminology the better you rank in Google search results page.
Our co-author Nida Zaidi wrote an article recently on "Ten Richest Billionaires of Spain In 2016" on our sister blog "Smart Earning Methods". Let's analyze how SEO friendly her article is and find SEO mistakes if any made by her =)
On WTT homepage click "New Page" to see the "Keyword suggestion tool". Follow the steps below to learn how to do a keyword research before writing a new blog post.

How to use the Keyword Suggestions Tool?

  1. Select the right language and country, so you will get the results for the relevant country and Google domain.
  2. Enter your keyword or keyword phrase in the second step.
  3. Click "Give me suggestions" to get a list of suggestions based on your keyword
keyword analysis and selection
It gives you a clear idea of how widely is this keyword searched (Volume) in Google USA each month and how strong is the competition for this phrase. If you scroll down you will get several related keyword suggestions that are no less than a treasure for your content.
keyword suggestions by webtexttool
All your searched keywords are stored in history so that you could research them further in future.
keyword suggestions history
Click "Use my Keyword" button to start writing your blog post inside the WTT editor.
use your keyword

2. Advanced Editor

In simple words I am in love with this editor! I am using Wordpress and Blogger Editors since 7 years but I have never came across any WYSIWYG editor with so much functionalities and support for content writing. You really don't need Windows Live Writer or your blog editor to write content anymore. WTT editor has all web editing tools to help you produce high quality content, which may not only be optimized but also well formatted and presented.
webtexttool editor
The hyperlink tool does more than just linking. You can specify different protocols such as http and https.
hyperlink protocol
You are no more limited to just "target_blank" attribute to open links in new window. You can set your link target to an iframe or even a popup. Sky is the limit here.
types of link target values
You can add optimized tables by giving it a caption name and summary:
webtexttool table properties
or add special characters inside your content.
select special character
The right panel gives your real-time SEO suggestions to improve your content. The page score meter monitors your overall optimization score in percentage.
page score  and realtime seo suggestion
Lets get to the real work!
In order to audit Nida's post for SEO errors, I don't need to copy and paste her article, I will simply import her published article using its URL. This option is surely a time savor and this is another reason why we find WTT so user friendly.
1. Go To Page > Import article
import article in webtexttool
Insert your URL and click load to see the magic occur!
import article from URL
optimize imported article
If you observe clearly WTT has detected that Nida's focus distracted from keyword "Richest billionaires" to "Spain", in short her post will not perform good in SERP's for our intended keyword unless these mistakes are corrected. That page score of 73% is for the word "Spain" and not for our intended keyword. Thus to better optimize this post, I will copy this post's source and paste it inside a new page in WTT for our intended keyword i.e. "Richest billionaires"
After creating this new page, the page score drops to 10% which is the actual and correct page score for her Post based on our intended keyword.
optimize  article using focus keyword

The Bad Things
  • She forgot to add meta description again! This is a serious mistake.
missing page description

  • She forgot to emphasize on her suggested keyword using bold and italic text. She could have used related keywords suggested by WTT here.
missing bold and italic text

  • The keyword density in her post is almost negligible. WTT suggests that adding the keyword 6 times can improve search appearance significantly. Without a proper keyword density, it is really difficult to rank high in SERPs. Though the length of her article is acceptable. Fixing this part can improve page score by 80%!
low keyword density in webtexttool
The Good Things
  • Her title is well optimized and follows best SEO practices as highlighted by WTT
optimized page title
  • She has used highest priority H1 tag in her title.
optimized H1 headline
  • She has also made fair use of H3 tags for Sub headlines but adding her focus keyword at least once in these headlines can do wonders.
optimized  Subheadlines

Now lets dig further to see if more errors exists in her post.

3. Accessibility Checker

This tool will help us optimize media content by finding missing alt tags in your blog images.
Go to Tools > Accessibility Checker.
accessibility checker in webtexttool
A window will guide you step by step to locate the errors in blog images and will give you option to fix it with a click of a button by optimizing blog images with keyword rich alternative text. Amazingly Nida forgot to add alt tags in a total 11 images. =/
accessibility checker in webtexttool

4. Sentiment Analysis

Here we can find out about the language tone used by the author and whether it follows ethical blogging standards or not.
Go To Tools > Analyze Sentiment
page sentiment summary
Luckily everything look normal here which shows that her verbal expressions are well expressed.

5. Readability Scores

Readability Tests are designed to indicate how difficult a reading text is to understand, usually by counting syllables, words and sentences inside your blog posts or general articles.
Go to Tools > Readability
page readability score
She scored on average 80% or 8, which means the post can be easily understood by a wide range of audience from age 14 onwards. Since most of our articles target teenagers, so this score means a well written post.

6. Page Trackers

The webtexttool Page Tracker allows you to track the Google rank of your published content for a given keyword. webtexttool page tracker
To start tracking a page, we simply need to fill in the URL and Google domain. WTT take the keyword from the current page you are optimizing in WTT editor. It then starts tracking the rank and the optimization score and will report it to you. I love this feature and it really helps us know where we stand in SERPs.
webtexttool page tracker  

Your Views

I could not be more honest with you than sharing with you the SEO mistakes of my co-author as a CASE STUDY with all of you. God knows how will sister Nida react to this! =d
Managing multiple blogs at a time is difficult unless you have tools and resources to lighten up your burden. Webtexttool has really helped me save precious time by making it easy for me to audit blog posts and fix the SEO mistakes instantly. WTT really helps you optimize all of your web content to make sure that you rank high in search engines like Google and Bing. I have been using several SEO tools for the past 7 years but so far none could provide us the above mentioned features.
I strongly recommend that you sign up the sooner possible with WTT. Use their 14 days free trial period and if you can offered, then go for Silver plan which is the partner plan I am using for managing all web content including those of my clients.
I hope this post may help you better understand how to optimize your blog posts using keyword suggestions and realtime optimization. Do share your feedback about this latest development and let me know if you have any queries to ask related to this Webtexttool review. Which of the features above impressed you the most and why? Do share your precious views. Peace and blessings buddies! =)

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  1. Oh now that comes as a surprise! =p. I had to go through the post again to make sure I was really audited. :D

    Making sure everything is as per compliance and business interest is essentially important I am glad to know we are much in-line with it. There is still so much to learn from you brother! More power to you!

    P.S happy to know the thicks and thins of the good part of it. A sure compliment for me as an author! =)

    1. Nida I must say I was really scared while SEO auditing your post and sharing it in public but as always it is so humble of you to have accepted the thins and thicks. =)

      Indeed blogging is tough when you have to write posts on daily basis and yet meet the deadlines and sometimes we do forget to notice optimization mistakes that we make unknowingly. I am pretty sure you will focus more towards the accessibility part of your text and try to improve it more.

      I am sure you will never forget to add a meta description from now on wards! =d

  2. Amazing Tool (y)
    and Thank You so much Mustafa Bhai for sharing this tool with us =)

    1. Always a pleasure abid and thank you for finding it useful. Do try its free trial or startup plan to play with webtexttool yourself. =)

      Nothing is more useful then try it out yourself. It will really enhance your SEO skills and make you a better blogger.

      Do ask me any queries you may have after using it

  3. Nice article Mustafa bhai!

    Not used yet, and have a simple questions :P
    Is it has option to publish to WordPress blog?

    1. Buddy WTT editor is a general WYSIWYG editor where you edit and optimize your post and once you are done you can easily export it as a Word Doc or you can simply copy the source and paste it inside your WordPress editor.

      That simple! =)

  4. Thanks for introducing me this tool brother.I have never heard it before.

    But I would like to say that Yoast SEO(for wordpress) also gives almost same suggestion as you have described.

    http://mycodingtricks.com (adding this link because I know that many of you guys would like to know about me :-) )

    1. Hi Shubham,

      Thank you for the kind feedback. Yoast is a good plugin but it lacks a lot of features and I really did not find many of its features even worth using.

      For example its XML sitemaps are almost non-indexable for reasons I could not understand. The chances of a google bot indexing it is often 85%. This is one reason why I prefer Google XML sitemap plugin over it.

      Further it has no support for keyword density, accessibility checker, sentiment analysis and most important no support at all for "keyword suggestions"! As a result only one questions comes to my mind when using YOAST. It is good only for optimizing the URL structure of Homepage, Posts and taxonomies but as far as on-page content optimization is concerned, I really did not find it's free version that useful.

  5. Dear Mohammad,
    Some pages of my blog are having only 6% score by this tool but by those keyword those pages have 1 rank in google search results. what do you think about this?

    1. That is surely possible!
      Being at top is not as much important as maintaining that position at top. If your competitor analyses your post and prepares a post with all those keywords that you have used and also optimize its content with a Page score better than yours then you can easily loose that position!

      What I mean to say is that sometimes we are lucky by chance to rank higher in SERPs due to low competition but if we choose our keywords smartly and optimize the content with at least 70% Page score, we can assure to maintain our rank in Google for a much longer period.

  6. Wow that's really useful! Many Thanks for Sharing!

    1. My pleasure =)

      Stay Tuned as we will be writing more tutorials on how to properly use webtexttool coming week.

  7. Thanks for sharing this post. It is very useful i like it.

    1. Do share your views after using the keyword suggestion tool. Do let us know how it effected your traffic :)

  8. I dont think this tool is free, because i just create my account and the tool saying that i am using 15 days trial version :( Can you please confirm ?

  9. Hi Brian,

    the trial is free. And after that you can choose to switch to a 100% free "starter" account or choose to upgrade to any of the subscriptions. So you can actually continue to use a 100% free version.


  10. Hi Mohammad,
    I have tried WTT and found it to be highly useful. It increased my pageviews by 300%, and it is increasing day by day. Thank you for your suggestion, it has refreshed by blogging passion.

    I would like to know one thing. I can see a star rating snippet for this post in google. Tell me how did you do that.

  11. Hello Mohammad,
    I've wrote an article which when I import it in wtt it tells it score 58 on a keyword but when I check the google top result in wtt then its score was just 32 so I want to ask that if my score is better than his, then how he is at top and I'm at 19 on the same keyword. Now I've optimised my score up to 82 so let's see will my rank in serp is improving in upcoming days or not. Also, tell me how to remove page tracker , actually by mistake I add url of my competitor in page tracker... and I don't know how to remove it. please help....