There are lots of AdWords consultants out there. How do you hire the best one?

For businesses to grow, it is almost essential to hire a Google AdWords consultant. Google remains the go-to search engine for billions of people around the world. Appearing at or near the top of search results for people looking for what you sell is vital to stay on top of your game. 
Hiring a Google AdWords consultant enables you to pick up leads while you run your business. They key is to find a consultant that can get to know your business then apply their expertise to turn that into good campaign ads and copy.  

Once you have made the decision to go ahead and hire a Google AdWords consultant, you need to define your approach to recruitment and campaigns. Set out with your agency what you are trying to achieve with your campaigns. Is it lead generation, or brand awareness? Give your chosen agency the time to find the best formula that gives your firm what it needs from Ads. 

Recruiting and briefing your AdWords management agency

Spending a little time to find and onboard the right AdWords campaign management is an essential step to getting your business in front of the right potential buyers.  By investing a little time, you can be assured you have made the right choice and that your chosen agency will deliver. Once you have a trusted relationship with your agency you know you can rely on them to configure the right campaigns and content to interest your audience.  Having this relationship established will mean you can all agree on timelines and deliverables. AdWords do not achieve success overnight, and some experimentation will be needed to optimize your keywords and other campaign elements. 

Prepare a tight brief

Be clear on what it is you are asking your AdWords consultant to deliver. An agency is only as good as its brief, and it is your responsibility to be as clear as possible. Define what you are looking for your agency to deliver.  Is the focus of your campaign on leads, impressions, or brand awareness? The agency will need to know what they are trying to deliver. It is also important to agree what the agency will need from you to get up and running, and for their ongoing work. How often will they provide you with updates and metrics reviews?  Being realistic about your expectations with your budget is also important. Google AdWords consultants are good at what they do, but they are not miracle workers. Identify your objectives and then be patient about getting results. Striking the right balance between the number and quality of leads is vital.  Once your AdWords campaigns have had time to bed in, you will find that they will deliver great results. The quality of leads from people searching for what you offer is almost always better than you will obtain from other digital marketing channels. 

How will your AdWords consultant add value?

Helping you decide on your strategy is the first value your agency will add. After that when the campaigns are up and running, they will be able to monitor and tweak the campaigns as they progress. Keeping an eye on your stats and keywords is vital, and a quick tweak here or there to capitalize on a good keyword or protect you from a bad keyword is vital.  While it may be tempting to run AdWords campaigns yourself to save money on an outside AdWords service, it is difficult to get up to speed with the technicalities. Specialist agencies have these skills in abundance, which leaves you free to run your business and follow up the leads that will be coming in.  Agencies will also be able to ready your other digital marketing elements to optimize your AdWords campaigns. Small tweaks to landing pages, ad copy and titles and even images can make all the difference. A good agency will also help you establish consistency across all your campaigns which is an important success factor. 

Key questions to ask your agency

Talk your agency through this plan and ask if they are comfortable with it. Be clear about your budget with them and explain that you are in it for the long-haul to establish your firm’s digital presence. This will allow the agency to plan and optimize your campaigns without the pressure to deliver instant results.  Making sure you hire an agency you can work and partner with is vital to the success of your campaigns. 

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