6 Lead Generation Strategies That Actually Work

6 Lead Generation Strategies That Actually Work

If you’re an entrepreneur, it would be great if your enterprise is attracting and converting prospects and strangers alike. The process of identifying, attracting, and making your target audience your prospects is called lead generation. To attract and convert prospects, you’ll need lead generators. Lead generators are strategies that you can use to attract customers and lead them to your offers. Some examples of lead generators are blog posts, online content, live events, job applications, and freebies, and discounted coupons.

You can generate leads by marketing on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Guest blogging and commenting on other blogs can help generate leads. After generating leads, you’ll need to convert them into customers. Don’t keep them waiting lest they lose interest. Waiting may make them change their minds or move to your competitors. Your sales team needs to have a quick response mechanism. Just as you invested in lead generation, likewise invest in retaining your customers for business continuity. Let your product or service have value distinction, keep your customers happy with tailored products, and do targeted marketing. 

If you want to discover some ways to increase leads, you may consider seeking the services of professional online marketers to grow your business or applying some strategies that are proven to work. 

The six lead generation strategies outlined below work effectively even for startups:

1. Create Irresistible Opt-In Opportunities

You may need to do webinars and live demos or give away free reports, discounted promos, etc. to catch the attention of more online users. Make sure that you don’t stop at just one or two opt-ins. Employ every opt-in opportunity that may help you reach out to your prospects.  Add opt-ins to your website’s blog posts to grow your email list. Consider giving away recipes, resource guides, informative blog posts in PDF, worksheets, and more. Online users love free stuff! 

Remove your opt-in box from the sidebar; it can be easily ignored in that location. Instead, position it strategically and make it a pop-up graphic. Witfully lead your prospects into decision-making that’s favorable both for you and for them. According to campaignmonitor.com, a pop-up can increase conversion rates by 3.09%. Make your prospects say yes easily!

2. Make Clear And Effective Landing Pages

Effective landing pages don’t feed the user with a lot of information to process. As much as possible, avoid videos and long copy, unless you aim to provide more information to a prospect regarding an offer. If not, keep things simple and direct to the point. Create a short yet powerful copy that’ll convince them to subscribe to your email list or check out your latest offers.

3. Craft Epic Ads

Perhaps you’ve heard this before and it’s here again. Many ads suck! Avoid boring ads and ads that are similar to others. Your ads should be unique to be compelling than your competitors’.  If your competitors offer the same promise to consumers, take advantage of this chance to make something different—an ad that makes you stand out. 

Leverage great ads that can raise CTA responses beyond the average and give your Quality Score or Google rating a mileage. The point here is, create killer ads by showing how you can solve your prospect’s problem, relate to them, focus on product benefits, and make your unique selling proposition (USP) clear to them.

4. Have Better Offers

If you’re not yet on the list of guru advertisers, then there’s plenty of space for conversion rate growth for you. You can do this by creatively giving better offers. For instance, if your company deals in detergents, you can establish a USP that your competitors obviously don’t have. Endorse your detergents not only for their effectiveness in cleaning clothes but also in taking care of a mother’s hands while doing the laundry. Create a detergent product that doesn’t harm the skin! 

This produces better results than typical website optimizations like the changing of font type, button color, and spacing. As part of your marketing campaign, you can also give free coupons and vouchers through email, in print materials like catalogs, or mail product samples to them. 

Most software companies give free trial versions. Lawyers do offer free consultations. So, in what way can your product or service become compelling and unique, providing real value to your prospects? That’s huge! 

Give this a special consideration. Your conversions can actually go through the roof with better offers. Little optimizations give birth to little results. Have a big-time offer instead. Thus, use this strategy opportunity and drastically shoot up your conversion rate.

5. Do Crazy Remarketing

This is a strategy that makes you once again appear before your site visitors as they surf the internet, read their emails, search on Google, watch YouTube videos, and hang out on Facebook or other social media platforms. This may accrue some financial expenses. You need to set an appropriate budget that your business can foot. 

lead generation techniques

The advantage of this strategy is that it aids in rekindling your relationship with leads who already abandoned their interest in your business. A big percentage of people leave your landing page even after being beckoned to convert. As a solution to that, remarketing steps up all your other marketing activities—social media marketing, content marketing, etc.—by re-emerging before your audience once again through ads.  

Update and optimize your blogs once again for better outreach campaigns.

6. Use Gmail Ads

Gmail ads are a powerful tool that makes you get at the foresight of your target audience. Gmail ads are interactive ads that show in the promotions and social tabs of your inbox. When you click one of these ads, it may expand just like an email. The expanded ad can include images, video, or embedded forms. They help you connect with potential customers in a more personal format.

You Need Lead Generation Strategies

Lead generation enables you to reach out to customers from different geographical areas who are likely to get interested in your products and services. You aim to gather pertinent data about them, their preferences, and their needs. Such information can help you in tailoring your product or service in a way that meets their needs, wants, and interests. 

Even as you consider generating leads, factor in the aspect of lead quality. SaaS enterprises need to channel their efforts in attracting the right kind of prospects. With lead generation strategies, you’ll be able to determine your qualified prospects, the kind of content to give them, and ways to convert them into actual customers. 

Trends reveal that the demand for lead generation will constantly continue to grow, especially among service-oriented businesses. Therefore, make a bold step to start generating leads or level up your lead generation efforts now.

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