Mobile App Development: Important Facts You Should Know

Read ing this article can help you understand some important facts about mobile app development. Whether you’re a startup or an existing business venture, having a mobile app is great for your business. This claim has been supported by a number of reasons. Of course, the general reason is that there are a lot of smartphone and smart devices users globally at present. Those people can’t live a single day without using their smartphone for mobile searching. They search whatever product they may need or want using a small gadget.
According to eMarketer, every smartphone user in the U.S. can spend 7 hours, 50 minutes approximately for digital platforms or media. Out of 7 hours and 50 minutes, 2 hours and 11 minutes on average are spent for mobile apps alone. The rest is for mobile web browsers and social media channels. With these statistical data, it can be inferred that attracting mobile phone users is the best decision you can have if you want your business to prosper dramatically. Ramotion, one of the leading mobile app development firms, expressed this idea:

 “For an entrepreneur to increase the number of leads and conversions, it is a must to attract mobile phone users. The real competition now is on the Internet. Meaning to say, if you won’t do digital branding and marketing, you will be left behind by your competitors. But then, every startup needs a platform or a tool to use in order to attract those possible leads. This is where a mobile application will play its vital function for business progress.

Who cares about mobile app development? 

The general answer to this question is the different business industries. If you’re a business entity, you can only have the great chance of gaining competitive advantage when you’re able to tap those people who are hooked with their smart device/s. 

This reality can be attributed to the dramatic shift of strategic implementation. In the past, it was all about building big physical stores. But nowadays, it is all about e-commerce and online platforms. That is why using a mobile application has been popular. There are people these days who have found comfort with using mobile apps to buy commodities. Two of the most popular mobile apps being widely used by the large portion of the population are Uber and Airbnb. If you want to be transported to a certain direction without taking public transportation, use your phone and download Uber’s mobile app. Book your transaction and a private driver will pick you up and will drive to your destination. 

Further to say, if you want to book a room for your family vacation, you can use Airbnb’s app. With comfort as an added perk, you don’t need to go to a physical location for hotel booking. When you arrive at the vacation area, your hotel is already booked through the app-based booking. Who cares about mobile apps? They are those people who want to benefit a lot from digital business transactions. When you have a mobile application that ranks on the app stores (Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store), there is a great possibility that your business will reap massive growth and success. This is due to this factor why using an app is considered as beneficial when it comes to generating more sales and revenues. 

Converting more leads into regular customers can ultimately be done through the use of a mobile app. Hence, you need to hire a mobile application specialist or an agency which will help you in designing, creating and promoting your business application.

Is it expensive to build a mobile app for business? 

The answer to this question is relative. Approximately, you will spend around $5,000.00 during the app design phase. Next to that will be the creation and development of the mobile app which will cost you $10,000.00, more or less. But take note that this cost does not allow you to have integrations, like back-end database, API, and social media. If you want those things to be included, then you will prepare from $40,000.00 up to $100,000.00 roughly. 

This rough computation will depend on your agreement with the app designer and developer. So, setting the right budget is the number 1 requisite if you want to be successful with an app. This is one of the most important marketing assets and tools. You have to utilize an app in attracting leads and in converting them into sales and revenues.  At the end of the day, the success rate of your business mainly depends on how great your mobile application is. Don’t compromise your brand by neglecting this tool. Going mobile is a must-do strategy at present.

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