Choosing a Corporate Video Agency To Promote Your Business

Corporate Video Agency

Commissioning a video agency to produce top quality content to portray your firm is a great plan. You can combine your knowledge of your firm, customers and market with the agency’s skills in turning that into engaging video is a perfect combination. 

Well-produced video can achieve a variety of goals for your firm. Lead generation and new traffic to your website are the most obvious benefits you will get from a quality video production. But you can also use video to build brand awareness and brand values. The better the end product of your video, the longer its shelf life will be and the best return on investment you will achieve from it.

Selecting your video production agency

Having made your decision to go ahead and engage a video production company, it is worth spending some time on making the right selection. Just as you would spend time on hiring a new employee, it is important to treat the process for hiring a corporate video production company in the same way. 

Look for an agency that is prepared to understand your business and offerings, and can guide you on how to convey these in the most effective way to your audience. The first job will be to establish your primary goals for your video. Is it designed to sell, train, educate, explain, or create emotion in your viewers?

A clued-up agency will be able to consult you on effective calls to action to include at the end of your video. Will you simply display a web address? Or will you entice your viewers to visit a specific landing page to find out more information? 

There’s lots of choice – but use this to your advantage

As you will find from a quick Google search, the market for corporate video production companies is becoming more and more saturated. While this is good because it is easy to find an agency, it can also make it more difficult to find the best one to suit your business.

This is an increasingly important point, because you need a video partner that can understand your business in order to create the best content possible. Given that over 80 percent of businesses now have some kind of video or another, simply producing a video is no longer adequate. You need to ensure the quality is good, and the message is an enticing one to generate awareness and leads. 

Ask your shortlisted agencies some key qualifying questions. Will you be assigned a specific account manager or producer? Are tasks outsourced to junior staff, or will more experienced professionals handle your account? Are they the kind of agency that simply wants a brief and content from you, or do they want to understand your business first? And also find out how many revisions and edits you will get if you do not like the first draft. 

These are all vital questions to ask if your venture into video is to be successful. With so many companies now using video, yours needs to stand out for the right reasons!

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