How Do I Start a Business Selling CBD Gummies?

How Do I Start a Business Selling CBD Gummies?
All over the United States, the CBD market is gaining momentum. People take products like Verma Farms CBD gummies for pain, relaxation, and general wellness. Now is the time to jump on the wagon and profit from this new, rapidly advancing industry. Keep reading for some advice on how to get started.

Know Your CBD

The CBD market can be a confusing place, even if you have experience with the hemp or cannabis industry. You need to know your stuff if you intend to effectively promote your products, build relationships with your customers, and navigate the evolving legal landscape.
With the death of clear and accessible information surrounding the CBD industry, people are seeking knowledgeable retailers and vendors, so do your research and become an expert. When you know everything there is to know about the CBD brands you sell, you will be able to more effectively market your products.

Different CBD Formulas

CBD Isolate Some people are wary of exposure to THC, and some are hesitant to try CBD because they are regularly tested for drugs at work. Isolating CBD in the extraction process removes all traces of THC and keeps customers safe when they must submit to their next screening.
Full Spectrum CBD While some are concerned about failing a drug test, others would like a little more oomph to their CBD experience. For these people, full-spectrum CBD is the answer. This formula makes use of all cannabinoids in the hemp plant, of which there are dozens. THC is one cannabinoid, but because the hemp-derived CBD contains 0.3 percent or less, you do not need to worry about intoxication. 
Broad Spectrum CBD Broad-spectrum CBD is the happy medium between the other two ends. The distillation process for broad-spectrum aims to keep all the cannabinoids intact, except for THC.
The problem with this concept is that tiny amounts of THC will cling to the other cannabinoids, resulting in the inability to entirely remove it. As a consequence, broad-spectrum CBD often still contains nearly untraceable amounts of THC, but levels are still lower than with full-spectrum CBD.

Find a Supplier

Once you know what you are looking for in your CBD gummies and other products, you need to find a good supplier. Go through a supplier you trust and can develop a relationship with. The quality of your product is a top priority.

Major Quality Markers

Certificate of Analysis Your supplier should make it easy to access the certificate of analysis for all the CBD products it manufactures. The COA contains results of third-party lab testing, which is now a requirement for all CBD products sold online.
Testing confirms the purity and potency of the product, and your customers will feel confident in their purchases when they can easily find that information.
Organic The hemp plant is a bioaccumulator, which means that it will absorb everything in its environment. Protect your customers from harmful pesticides, fertilizers, and heavy metals, by making sure the hemp for your products was organically and sustainably grown in clean soil, and irrigated with clean fresh water.
Domestically Grown Some brands cut corners by using hemp grown in countries outside the US for their extracts. This is dangerous because other countries may not have the same agricultural regulations as the United States.
Hemp grown in other countries may be cheaper to obtain, but it is not necessarily grown in ideal conditions, which exposes consumers to potentially dangerous chemicals.

Get Your Website Up and Running

When getting your CBD business off the ground, you may consider giving sales on Amazon or eBay a try. This would be a good idea except that they do not allow CBD to be sold on their sites.
You need to get a website up and running in order to get your products in front of customers. Then you can sell your CBD oils, gummies, and other products without worry about your products getting taken down.

ECommerce Tips

You Need Your Own eCommerce Store Since you cannot sell your CBD on aggregate sites, you are going to need your own eCommerce store. Due to the fluctuating legality, some platforms will not work with CBD brands. There are a few, however, that will be the right fit for you, and they may even have a division that specializes in sales for the hemp and cannabis industries.
Find Your Audience Who do you want to reach out to with your brand? Athletes? Executives? Young adults? Aging adults? The possibilities are endless since nearly everyone is a potential customer for CBD. Figure out who your audience is, what they like, and then push hard to create a brand that caters to them.

Create TONS of Organic Content

The major challenge in marketing your CBD products is that there are so many restrictions. The evolving laws make it difficult to keep up, but as of right now paid advertisements for CBD gummies and oils are banned on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and all other major channels of marketing.

Cater to Your Audience

SEO Content The best way to combat the fact that you cannot pay to push your ads in front of any consumers, is to create so much SEO content that your website shows up on the first page of any search your audience does related to your product. Is your audience made up of athletes? Fill your content full of subject matter related to performance and recovery. Executives? Focus on productivity and relaxation.
Keep It Informative and Interesting You want your audience to actually read what you put out and click your links. Just filling your content with keywords and forgetting about substance will not get you anywhere. If you do the research to become an expert in your market, you will have plenty to write about.

Final Thoughts

While entering the CBD market may seem intimidating, it can be an enjoyable, profitable venture. Enjoy the journey!

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