The Best Affiliate Marketing Niches for 2019

best affiliate marketing niches

The best affiliate marketing niches for 2019 have already been identified. Affiliate marketing is still one of the best ways to make money for bloggers. Blogging is all about promoting products and services through the affiliate link. If you want to make money in the affiliate market, you must begin by selecting your niche.

Out of the many niches in the affiliate market, the type that you choose will determine how much money you make. As an affiliate marketer, it is important to look out for the money making niches because every single niche can have several sub-niches. Having a niche that is already defined implies that you already have your target audience in place.

The addition of more content outside your niche will attract a new audience to your social media network. When you have more people following you, it implies that you will receive more referrals.


According to iveTriedThat, the pet market is another profitable niche. People are willing to spend ridiculous amount of money on their pets. They are always more than willing to invest on the pets’ food and clothes, and grooming as well as vet visits. Pets are just like human beings because they have similar basic needs as humans that is food and shelter. People tend to spend a lot to take care of their cats and dogs. In fact, some pests live a better lifestyle than some human beings in the money market.

New Age Niches

This niche allows you to go for 3D printing. This is an emerging market that will continue to grow through the year 2019. E-sport that has been in the market since 2000 is also growing steadily and has become very popular of late.

Health and Wellness

This niche will always exist in the affiliate market. It has several other niches under it like mental health and muscle building. The reason why this niche never goes out of fashion is because everyone wants to look and feel younger and better. Technology and medical improvements continue to improve and this implies that the niche can still branch out within the coming years.

Money Making

The money making niche is suitable for everyone who would like to make money working as an affiliate marketer. It was popular throughout 2018 and will continue to be popular this year. People have realised that they can make money online through different ways be it blogging for money or selling products. It is the only niche that provides an opportunity for those who have no option like the jobless people, and students.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has evolved remarkably within the last 15 years. Companies are well informed of how effective digital marketing can be to their performance. The channels of advertisement like emails, mobile apps, and search engines continue to evolve over time with technological advancements. This is a smart niche as long as the companies continue to invest in digital marketing.


Wealth and money are an area of interest for almost everyone. There are several ways of making money online and one way is through the foreign currency exchange markets. People spend several hours a day online trading currencies and thus you can make considerable income by joining forex affiliate programs and blogging about money and finance.

Dating and Relationships

Apart from health and wealth, people invest a lot on dating and relationships. People spend a lot of time online on dating sites trying to find their perfect match. Those who are already in the dating scene look for dating tips online and those in stable relationships look for solutions to their relationship problems online.

Working from Home

The idea of working from home is slowly penetrating the job market and it is attracting people of all ages. A lot of people are considering it because its advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Working from home allows one to work from home without wasting several hours on traffic or spending on transport. For this reason, its popularity is aggressively growing in 2019.


Weddings have become ridiculously expensive. The moment you associate a wedding with things like cars and cakes that are usually inexpensive, they become expensive. There are several weddings that take place each year because love never goes out of season. This makes it a suitable money making niche.

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