If Darknet Is The Door To Hell Then Bitcoin Is Its Key – Chapter[2.6] R[16-19]

If Darknet Is The Door To Hell Then Bitcoin Is Its Key

Reason[16]: Bitcoin Is The Favorite Currency of Criminals and Terrorists

The internet that we browse as society is called Surface web and is literally 4% of what actually exists online and can be indexed by search engines like Google and Bing.

90% of data exists on Deep web which is hidden (noindex pages) from public access and can be accessed only using special login rights. Deep web contains content such as government/academic/financial/medical records.

Bitcoin and darknet

While 6% of internet data exists on Dark net aka Dark web. Darknet in short is the web world of criminals and terrorists. Darknet is the place where you can buy almost anything “illegal”. From drugs, child p****graphy, weapons to hiring a hitman, Darknet is the 21st century example of the door to Hell.

Darknet contains a collection of hidden websites that you can only access if you mask your identity and your location. Darknet can’t be accessed with normal browsers like Chrome or Firefox but with special software like Tor, I2P, or Freenet.

Today Darknet is booming thanks to the greed of the world in unregulated decentralized cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Monero, which have become the favorite currencies of cyber criminals.

Darknet is booming thanks to bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly used as a payment tool in criminal activities such as money laundering, drug trafficking, smuggling, and illegal fundraising.

Doing crime was never as easy as it is today thanks to unregulated and decentralized Bitcoin. I will list down some largest marketplaces of Darknet and how they take bitcoin as payment method.

These drug market places have thrived so much thanks to Bitcoin and its sisters that the recently seized darknet marketplace website “AlphaBay” was making on average of $600,000 - $800,000 a day in sales and had over 400,000 registered users.

As soon as Bitcoin was introduced by NSA using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin’s anonymity and decentralized/unregulated nature attracted criminals from around the world. Large online marketplaces were setup on Darknet, prominent among which were Silk Road, AlphaBay, Hansa, Dream Market etc.

One million dollar daily sales in bitcoin on darknet

Bitcoin ledger was launched in January 2009, and surprisingly development for Silk Road started in 2010. Silk road was officially launched in Feb 2011 by a young libertarian called Ross Ulbricht. Silk road is no less than the eBay for drug dealers, gun runners and document forgers.

INTERESTING FACT: Silk Road only accepted Bitcoin for conducting transactions. Silk Road came into existence just after a year Bitcoin software was released in Jan 2009. At this time no one knew about bitcoin and neither it had any media hype. It was just a discussion limited to cryptographers or Cypherpunks electronic mailing lists.

Then who convinced the drug lords to create a software for accepting bitcoin transactions and launch the largest drug market place the very next year?

Note that Silk road played a vital role in sky-rocketing bitcoin transactions and thus creating an economic activity which was badly required to start testing bitcoin.

Digging deep into Nick Szabo’s cypherpunk email lists, I found an interesting mail from 15 Aug 1993 where Nick Szabo not only mentioned his wish-list to create an online gambling marketplace but also mentioned the phrase Digital Silk Road for the first time.

Note: The extract below is the best evidence I could get by spending hours digging deep into internet archives just to find this information.

“....Do any non-Californians know or care about Digital Silk Road, electronic
credit unions, Twain, etc? How hip are Bay Area cypherpunks to the
various projects re: user-friendly PGP, CryptoStacker,
securely private BBS's, secure phones, etc? ....”

“My own vision of cypherpunks evolution runs along the following

* Digital cash: accumulating credits/debits for use of on-line
services (including travel services, concert tickets, etc.
purchased on-line), eventually paid for by some "real" currency:
FRNs, yen, etc. Implemented with Chaum-style protocol to prevent
forgery and assure privacy.

* On-line markets: Internet video poker, election outcome
markets, satellite track betting, etc. Investments[1] can be
made & paid out by greenstamps, natch. On-line advertising.


HINT: Opium production increased by 90% in Afghanistan after USA took over the country in 2001. Heroin is made from opium, a drug that kills 100,000 people annually. The Silk Road website is inspired from the famous silk road or silk route, that connects Afghanistan to Central Asian countries, Persia, Pakistan and China. Afghanistan is also considered as the “Heart of Silk Road”.

Silk road is more popularly known as heroin route by United Nations

Silk road is more popularly known as heroin route by United Nations which in a recent report said:

"The Silk Route, turned into a heroin route, is carving out a path of death and violence through one of the world's most strategic yet volatile regions,"

— UNODC chief Antonio Maria Costa

Heroin export increased by 90% but the only one thing that was missing was an anonymous P2P payment system accessible to all. What came next was Bitcoin in 2009 followed by a drug marketplace called Silk Road in 2010 which was the first website to accept bitcoin payments and the only reason behind the immense popularity of bitcoin today. Mere coincidence or a well scripted execution of a secret plan?

A Cashless society and a depopulation plan, nothing could have achieved these two goals better than Bitcoin and Drugs respectively. Want to see its impact, see the chart below:

15 million annual revenue of silk road website thanks to bitcoin

The chart above shows the death rate from heroin overdose in the U.S. from 2000 to 2016, in deaths per 100,000 people. In 2016, approximately five people died from a heroin overdose per 100,000 people, a significant increase from a rate of only 0.7 in 2000 when Taliban banned poppy growing.

Taliban banned poppy growing

Surprisingly U.S authorities blame Taliban for sudden increase in poppy production. Lets agree to it for a second but then who controls the borders? How is over 8,000 metric tons of heroin being exported without the willingness of the world’s best agency i.e. NSA? I leave it for you to draw a conclusion.

Silk Road has a tagline of “anonymous market” because transactions on it could only be made using Bitcoin, which offers a level of anonymity far greater than any other form of currency or credit card transactions would have offered. Thus the dream of drug lords became a reality thanks to Bitcoin.

Using Bitcoin for transactions, the sale on Silk road sky rocketed to such an extent that it made a record business of $1,250,000 sales per day during Feb-July 2012.

Using Bitcoin for transactions, the sale on Silk road sky rocketed to such an extent that it made a record business of $1,250,000 sales per day during Feb-July 2012

Silk Road was shut down after international drug enforcement agencies raided its servers in 2013 and arrested its founder Ross William Ulbricht, who has been sentenced to life in prison. The feds also seized 144,000 bitcoins, worth $28.5 million at that time from Silk Road.

Unfortunately instead of banning or regulating Bitcoin, the FED preferred making money out of the seized bitcoins. All those bitcoins were sold in a series of auctions by the United States Marshals Service (USMS) which helped FED make over $48 Million by selling bitcoins.

Neither did bitcoin suffered nor silk road. New versions of Silk road websites are launched after each raid. Today you can even read tutorials online on how to buy drugs on Silk Road 3.1 website. Great going!

After Silk Road was taken down, AlphaBay emerged in 2014 as the largest black marketplace for selling illicit goods from drugs to stolen credit card numbers, uber accounts, weapons and malware.

By July 2017, AlphaBay was ten times the size of Silk Road, had over 369,000 products listings, 400,000 users, and was facilitating USD $600,000 - $800,000 of transactions per day. [Source]

AlphaBay was ten times the size of Silk Road, had over 369,000 products listings, 400,000 users, and was facilitating USD $600,000 - $800,000 of transactions per day

In 2017, AlphaBay and another drug market by the name “Hansa” was taken down by authorities, which believed that the website was responsible for the lose of many young lives in USA.

"One victim was just 18 years old when in February she overdosed on a powerful synthetic opioid which she had bought on AlphaBay. Grant Siever, only 13 years of age, a student at Treasure Mountain Junior High School, Utah, Park City. When he passed away, after overdosing on a synthetic opioid that had been purchased by a classmate on AlphaBay."

Did the story end here? Of course not! When one illegal dark web marketplace is closed, the illicit business is quickly redirected to other sites which are still active. The darknet business keeps on booming thanks to Bitcoin.

After Alphabay was hunt down, Dream Market became the biggest illegal store with a total of 98,844 listings

After Alphabay was hunt down, Dream Market became the biggest illegal store with a total of 98,844 listings. The site was launched in late 2013 and is now one of the oldest dark web markets in existence. Happily selling poison and death thanks to bitcoin!

The next biggest darknet site is TradeRoute, with over 17,816 listings.

The next biggest site is TradeRoute, with over 17,816 listings. It includes forged documents and black market tobacco and alcohol among its products. Booming and alive thanks to bitcoin!

Another darknet market is RsClub Market which is popular for selling guns

Another booming market is RsClub Market which is popular for selling guns. According to a report on dark web's illegal arms trade published by Rand Corporation think tank and the University of Manchester said that 60% of the weapons put on sale had been sourced from the US, and that terrorists were among suspected buyers. Purchase of weapons or any other illegal good is done through Bitcoin only.

Bitcoin has made cybercrime extremely easy. A Bitcoin can get you killed, with no finger prints attached thanks to Darknet’s red rooms and hitman services.

In short through Bitcoin’s decentralized and unregulated nature, the elites have opened the doors to hell. Bitcoin is their beta experiment and the world is their playground. They scammed the world with fiat paper currency for almost a century till today but this time, they are willing to go to the next level.

It is for these reasons when I say that if darknet is the door to hell then verily Bitcoin is the key to hell.

Reason[17]: Child Pornography Found Inside Bitcoin's Blockchain

A bogus currency invented by the elite, tested by drug lords and pedophiles has over 1,600 files stored in its heart i.e. Blockchain. Over 99 % of which are texts or images. Eight of which contain sexual content, one file is an image of child abuse and two files contain 274 links to child pornography websites, mostly hosted on Darknet. The remaining instance is an image depicting mild nudity of a young woman.

274 porn links found on bitcoin blockchain

Bitcoin is willingly designed such that beyond intended recording of financial transactions, it also allows for injection of non-financial data through data insertion methods. This data can be either short messages, pictures or even complete files upto 90 KiB or more by encoding arbitrary data as standard transactions.

This research was done by German researchers from the RWTH Aachen University. They also emphasized that this potential loop hole of storing objectionable-content in blockchain can cause the possession of a blockchain completely illegal in future and can jeopardize Bitcoin use.

“Our analysis shows that certain content, eg, illegal pornography, can render the mere possession of a blockchain illegal,”

“Although court rulings do not yet exist, legislative texts from countries such as Germany, the UK, or the USA suggest that illegal content such as child pornography can make the blockchain illegal to possess for all users.”

This research can be downloaded and read by clicking here.

Imagine if someone finds a way tomorrow to inject a malware in blockchain? This malware will remain permanently hosted there with surprisingly no methods currently available to remove this data. Read what Interpol said.

Pity the lives of our little angels (kids) is now even more insecure thanks to Bitcoin’s decentralized nature and distributed ledger.

I wonder could there have been any better currency other than Bitcoin that could have fulfilled all the illegal desires of the criminal mindset so efficiently? I bet none!

Reason[18]: Bitcoin Jesus Sells Explosives & is a Liar

Meet Roger Keith Ver who is the CEO of Bitcoin.com (owns its domain too) and also one of five founders of the Bitcoin Foundation. He was given the title of Bitcoin Jesus by the bitcoin community because of his contributions to the scam world of cryptocurrency.

In June 2016, Roger Ver was also appointed as the chairman of the Cryptocurrency Advisory Board for MGT Capital Investments. MGT is headed by John McAfee and you can check the connection among these criminals.

Bitcoin Jesus Sells Explosives & is a Liar

This so called Bitcoin Jesus is known for four popular qualities i.e.

  1. selling explosives,
  2. telling lies,
  3. giving bribe ,
  4. and arrogance of being a millionaire.
Roger is an ex-convict, he was sentenced to 10 months in prison in 2002, for selling deadly explosives on Ebay. These illegal explosives were banned because they could cause serious injuries or death. Illegal firecrackers causes severe burns and loss of fingers when exploded in the hand; facial and eye injuries resulting in loss of vision. Roger Ver made millions by selling deadly fireworks to people online.

This criminal today runs bitcoin.com and is celebrated as Bitcoin Jesus who claims to bring peace and prosperity to human civilization. The rapid increase in his fame and popularity is another proof of who pets him on his back.

N.S.A backed agencies love him so much that they even deleted the Ver Plea press release from “The United States Department of Justice” website where Ver pleaded guilty so that the world may not know the criminal background of these mask bearers. The press release page now shows “404 Page not found” message.

NSA backed agencies love Roger ver so much that they even deleted the Ver Plea press release from “The United States Department of Justice” website

Thankfully we could fetch the contents of the original press release published on May 2, 2002, via Web Archives. See it to believe it yourselves the big game being played by NSA secretly:

Roger ver pleads guilty to selling explosives on ebay

San Jose, California Man Pleads Guilty to Selling Explosives on eBay

The United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California announced today that Roger Ver was sentenced to 10 months in prison for selling explosives on the online auction site, eBay. The sentence was handed down by U.S. District Court Judge Jeremy Fogel following a guilty plea on one count of dealing in explosives without a license in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 842(a)(1); one count of illegally storing explosives in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 842(j); and one count of mailing injurious articles in violation Title 18, United States Code, Section 1716. Mr. Ver, 22, of San Jose, was charged in an information filed in federal district court on August 8, 2001. According to the plea agreement, Mr. Ver admitted to engaging in the business of selling explosives without a license from January 1999 through August 2000. According to the information and plea agreement, Mr. Ver sold explosive devices described as “Pest Control Report 2000” on the online auction site eBay. He purchased approximately 49 pounds of the devices from a supplier in South Carolina, and sold at least 14 pounds of the devices to bidders on eBay. While engaging in the business of selling explosive devices, Mr. Ver stored the explosives in a residential apartment building and mailed the devices via the United States Mail in a manner contrary to Postal Service regulations.

Judge Fogel sentenced the Defendant to 10 months in federal prison, a fine of $2,000, as well as a three-year period of supervised release. The Defendant will begin serving the sentence on August 2, 2002. The prosecution was the result of an investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Scott Frewing is the Assistant U.S. Attorney who prosecuted the case with the assistance of Legal Assistant Lauri Gomez.

That was his criminal background, now lets move towards his lies and bribes in the cryptocurrency world.

What happens when you label criminals and liars as Jesus?

When such criminals are made heroes. They play with people’s trust and they feed on people’s greed.

On July 17, 2013, Roger Ver published a video on his YouTube channel after he met the CEO of MT.GOX, Mark Karpeles. Roger encouraged people to keep their trust on Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange because he assured people that the withdrawal problems at MTGOX were being caused by the traditional banking system, not because of a lack of liquidity at MTGOX.

View the video below, where this poor man can’t even read for himself but needs the help of a pre-written script displayed in front of him.

Do you know what happened seven months after his bold statement?

MTGOX was hacked in February 2014 and over 850,000 Bitcoins were stolen, valued at $450 million at that time. Mt. Gox suspended trading and closed its website and filed for bankruptcy protection from creditors. People had no choice but to sign up petitions for help with no hopes of refund.

Who do you think brought all this loss to people’s hard earned money? Obviously none other than the all time praised friend of Roger Ver, Mark Karpeles who was the CEO of Mt. GOX and also the member of the Bitcoin Foundation.

When you put your trust in liars, all that you invite is destruction at your doors.

If you want to read further regarding his third popular quality i.e. Bribing people then read this interesting article by a medium author entitled as Roger Ver: From Bitcoin Jesus to Bitcoin Antichrist”.

Want to see the humble character of this Bitcoin Jesus who never misses a chance to brag about his millionaire lifestyle? Then continue reading..

There is a reason why bitcoin users are so short tempered when you ask them questions or try to argue with them on fundamentals of money vs. currency. They simply belittle you and calls you either jealous of their huge returns in bitcoin wealth or they call you an out dated guy with no knowledge about technology.

I am sure after publishing this productive research based article, I will be abused by bitcoin community with excessive profanity and curses but I honestly don’t care anymore because they are not to be blamed. They are all driven by greed and brainwashed by criminals. Watch the character and short temperedness of this Bitcoin Jesus yourselves to get an idea of who influence bitcoin users and why are they so intolerant. A student learns from his mentor after all.

It’s high time you educate your children not to fall a prey to such self-admired anti-christ type people with no dignity or morality. These people don’t give a crape whether humanity lives or dies, how the socio-economic problems of the world are solved and how to eliminate the barrier between the rich and poor. All that matters for these blood sucking vampires is how to snatch your hard earned money through mental intoxication.

These criminals are heroes today because some of us are blinded by greed and they would follow anyone who inspires them to a quick rich lifestyle.

Reason[19]: Bitcoin Foundation’s Director, ‘Is accused P*do*p*ile’

Now here comes the morality question. So called bitcoin revolutionists who are on a mission to change the global financial system and fight the elites against their evil actions, are represented by a Foundation which is led by criminals.

Bitcoin foundation that currently is the spokesperson of the bitcoin community was founded in 2012, with a mission to standardize, protect and promote the use of bitcoin worldwide.

This Foundation calls itself an American non-profit corporation funded by bitcoin community itself or companies who use the bitcoin technology. But you know it quite clearly who creates and funds such shadowy NGOs around the world to achieve their goals with no finger prints attached.

Following is the character sketch of the so-called holy Foundation of bitcoin lovers:

  • Criminal#1:
    Former vice-chairman
    of Bitcoin Foundation, Charlie Shrem was arrested for money laundering and for assisting the agents of the online marketplace Silk Road, which sells drugs and narcotics. He later pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting the operation of Silk Road.

    This ambassador of Bitcoin, made it easy for people to buy and sell deadly poison, which is responsible for the death of thousands of people each year.
  • Criminal#2:
    Executive chairman
    of Bitcoin Foundation, Peter Vessenes has strong business relationship with former corrupt board member Mark Karpeles, who is the CEO of the popular collapsed Japanese Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, which was hacked in 2014 and over 850,000 bitcoins were stolen.

    Isn’t it funny that the leading promoter of Bitcoin is actually a business friend of a person who robbed the hard earned money of bitcoin users, causing people a total loss of over $4.0 Billion USD. I hope you are getting an idea of how corrupted Bitcoin Foundation is. In bitcoin world, the Hero and Villain are both partners in crime.
  • Criminal#3:
    The current chairman of Bitcoin Foundation, Brock Pierce is the worst of all these criminals. Several members of the Foundation resigned over hiring of this former Disney child star and the reason of these resignations may shock you.
    Brock Pierce, the current chairman of Bitcoin Foundation is a Pedophile

    Brock Pierce, the current chairman of Bitcoin Foundation is a P*do*p*ile!

    In 2000, three young actors filed a civil lawsuit claiming Pierce s**ually abused them. He was an Executive VP at Digital Entertainment Network when he escaped and went hiding but was arrested by Interpol in Spain in May 2002. [Source]

    Today this guy runs several Bitcoin companies and promotes bitcoin openly in USA and around the globe without the fear of arrest. Anything is possible if you sell your soul to NSA and start serving its NWO agendas.

Such is the character of people who are the leading face of a digital currency that claims to change the financial system of the world and bring economic stability, end inflation and make the lives of people better. I wonder how easily are people hypnotized by the lifestyle, glamour and emotional speeches of these white-collar devils of the 21st century.

You don’t need eyes to recognize a devil, you just need a pure heart, free from greed, fame and arrogance.

It does not end here, in next chapter you will also discover that Bitcoin’s biggest supporter McAfee, is not only an accused rapist but also a murderer!

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