How To Track Google Rank of Your Published Blog Posts?

Track Google Rank of your blog postsWith strong competition online, content writing optimization techniques keep on changing. Publishers today need to make extra efforts to keep a close eye on how well their content is performing in search results and track the Google Rank of their published content. Winning organic traffic today is no different from a turtle and rabbit race where the smart and consistent wins the race. If you are not tracking the SERPs ranking of your blog posts then you are giving an edge to your competitor. Maintaining a top position in search results is extremely important. 90% of all the clicks made on search pages include the top 20 search results. You need to make sure your content exists in this top list for your primary keyword. Google is continuously changing its algorithm for ranking content online, you need to keep an eye on the results of your SEO efforts.
We have already discussed how to optimize your blog posts and how to avoid making common SEO mistakes that most bloggers make. In today's tutorial I will guide you with how we normally track the Google rank of our content in order to make sure we always stay ahead of the competition.
Professional bloggers and webmasters today use WebTextTool which a DIY on-page optimization tool that helps you optimize your blog posts in real time while you are writing your blog post. It gives you realtime suggestions to improve your content and make it more SEO friendly. All our clients and co-authors have started using the webtexttool Page Tracker tool to track the SERPs ranking of our blog posts.

What is WebTextTool Page Tracker Tool?

The webtexttool Page Tracker allows bloggers to track the Google rank of their published content for a given keyword. It gives you insights on the position of your webpage, for the entered keyword, in Google. Once you have published your blog post, you can then use this tracking functionality to keep a close eye on how well your content is performing in Google search results pages. WebTextTool (WTT) will inform you with weekly updates and will keep you informed about the Rank status of your webpage.
Just recently we published a review on PublicityClerks and we wanted to see where do we stand in SERPs. For this after we were done optimizing the review post using WTT editor, we enabled the Page Tracking functionality to track its position in Google search pages.
Following are the steps you can follow to track the Google rank of any page you want:
1 Log in your WebTextTool account 
2 Create a New Page, choose your keyword and head straight to WTT editor. If you are new to WTT then you can read the following tutorial for a healthy start.
3 Towards the top-left of your webtexttool editor, click the Page tab.
4 From the drop down menu select Page Tracker (beta)
webtexttool page tracker tool
5 Inside the new popup window insert your Page URL that you wish to track and choose the Google domain. The Google Country Domain should be related to your desired targeted country for organic traffic.  choose google domain
The keyword is taken from the current page you are optimizing in webtexttool.
You do not need to write the entire article inside WebTextTool just to track its Google Rank. You can simply create a blank page with your Focus Keyword and then start tracking any blog post of your site which contains this keyword.
webtexttool page tracker tool
6 Click Start Tracking and WTT will then start tracking the rank and the optimization score. You can see the progress inside the Page Tracker popup anytime you want. Within next 15 minutes you will receive an email from WTT informing you about the Page score and Google Rank of your webpage.
Email Notification:
webtexttool email notification

Page Tracker Tool:
webtexttool page tracker tool
You can see from the results above that our post is amazingly ranking in 2nd Top position in Google and has a Optimization Score of 88% which we can improve further. I did a manual query in Google and was glad to found that our review is performing so well Alhamdulillah in SERPs:
publicityclerks google rank
Webtexttool updates the position of your webpage on a weekly basis. You can follow the ranking by logging into your account, opening the page in the webtexttool editor you set the tracker and selecting the Page Tracker option from the Page menu.

Keep Tracking your Pages to Rank Higher!

WebTextTool has greatly helped us in improving the search ranking of our published content. There were weak SEO areas which I personally was not aware of but today we know which areas to focus more on to make sure we improve our organic traffic by publishing high quality content with a higher SEO Score and Google rank. I hope WTT Page tracker tool may help you in better tracking your SERPs ranking and help you to keep a close watch on your competitors. Let me know if you need any help or assistance. Feel free to post your queries below.
Peace and blessings buddies and keep doing healthy blogging! =)

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    1. W.salam dear Abid

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      Thank you for finding the article useful. Buddy tracking your published content helps you understand which of your SEO strategies worked out and which did not. As a blogger, you should always keep a close watch on which articles are ranking high and what was your optimization strategy that actually helped you rank well in SERPS. This way you will be able to differentiate between your good and bad content writing habits. You will begin to better understand how robots index your posts and what factors attract them the most.

      It is a simple learning from trial and error. Without tracking your content, you are simply hitting a bulls eye with blind eyes!

      Of course you can share the Jumbo Share plugin. Thank you for considering! =)

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    1. W.salam Adeel bro,

      Trust me you deserve a million hits! Because a man of your caliber who is so wise and eloquent when it comes to verbal expressions, deserves a lot. Keep tracking your posts and keep changing your optimization techniques, you will begin to better understand how to start reading a search robot's mind! :)

      Thank you for your delightful comments. They mean a lot! =)

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