AdClerks Review: The Best alternative to BuySellAds


Note: PublicityClerks has been rebranded and now it is called "AdClerks".

AdClerks formerly known as PublicityClerks is a new rising player among popular Ad Networks that is gradually recognized as the best alternative to BuySellAds and Google AdSense. It uses almost the same technology used by BuySellAds to provide you a perfect medium to buy ads or sell ads. Small sites and blogs receiving a minimum of 50K impressions per month can easily get AdClerks approval to start making money by selling ad space. This new Ad marketplace has become a ray of hope for many bloggers and publishers who got rejected by BuySellAds or disapproved by AdSense. You can now easily sell ad space on your blogs and sites to convert every single page impression into a revenue stream. No need to feel depressed any longer!

PublicityClerks - BuySellAds alternative

After one of our clients referred it a serious debate started in our public forum on how to find BuySellAds alternatives, I had no choice but to do an in-depth full review of AdClerks' (PC) site features, payment options and customer service to see if it really qualifies to be the next big online advertising platform for webmasters.

Some Important Facts about AdClerks

Found in 2012 by James Hakim, AdClerks (PC) has succeeded in attracting over 10,000 registered websites and advertisers and serves over 15 million ad impressions monthly.

  • It provides fully automated self serve ad marketplace with options to Backfill any unsold Ads to an Ad network of your choice e.g AdSense.
  • It also offers a On-site cart feature for publishers to use on their advertise page. Advertisers can thus directly buy an Ad slot from your site.
  • Publishers receive payments either through credit card or PayPal similar to BuySellAds. If you are living in India or Pakistan or anywhere in the world, you just need to give them your IBAN number and get all your revenue deposited straight in your local bank.
  • You can cash out your funds once it reaches a minimum $25
  • You are permitted up to 2 cashouts per month.

AdClerks VS. BuySellAds Review

You can't simply give a Win Card to a service which started earlier compared to a service which started later. What we can do best is to compare the features provided by both services and then draw a conclusion.

I am using BuySellAds since 2010 to sell ad slots for all my network blogs. BuySellAds as you all know was founded in 2008 while AdClerks just came into being in 2012. When something is new, people don't try it unless it has become a big brand and this is the biggest mistake of publishers. When we joined BuySellAds, bloggers rarely talked about it or trusted it. Today as a token of favor due to that trust that we had on BSA, they approve all our new blogs whether they meet their requirements or not. Its all about utilizing the opportunity and building your reputation with the company.

50% of bloggers today who fail to get BSA approval for their new sites are those who underestimated it back in 2008-2010 and preferred Google AdSense over BuySellAds. Similarly AdClerks (PC) is just a new brand today that offers newbie bloggers an opportunity to make money by selling ads on their sites. Its popularity is increasing on daily basis and more and more advertisers have started investing here. PC has started making their approval criteria difficult in past few months. Therefore before it's too late try your luck with it and earn yourself a long lasting business relationship with PC.

We did a detailed research on different tools, widgets, payment methods and technology used by BSA and PC, based on this research, I will share with you  some reasons which forced us to start considering AdClerks as one of the great alternatives to BuySellAds.

1. On-Site Shopping Cart Similar to BuySellAds

PublicityClerks On-Site Cart

On-site shopping cart feature is an excellent way to help advertisers buy ad space directly from your advertise page. It gives advertisers a quick view of your site stats, available slots, monthly ad impressions and ad sizes.

AdClerks recently announced support for premium "Ad bundles" which will function similar to BSA and will be out this time next week. Ad Bundles are pre-selected, niche relevant advertising campaigns.

Publishers will soon be able to also sell ads per CPM and not remain restricted to only 30 days ad slot. Publishers will also be able to integrate their inventories with DFP (DoubleClick for publishers) to manage their ad zones all in one place. Both of these developments will be out this time next month.

2. Site Market Place Listing

PublicityClerks Marketplace listing

All publisher sites are listed in the SEO friendly marketplace which is accessible to advertisers via both PC's directory and search engines. You can display your site description and a special message to advertisers on this page. This gives your site's an extra benefit of referral traffic from AdClerks!

3. Large Collection Of Quality Sites to Advertise On

I really liked the way AdClerks allows you to use filters to sort sites by category, price, impression, ad size and date. This indeed gives AdClerks a competitive UI advantage over BuySellAds.

The best thing is that new publishers are vetted, curated, and added weekly so advertisers always have access to the best content creators and the most creative ad products.

PublicityClerks Marketplace Directory

The BSA UI looks like this which is something they really need to work on more:

Buysellads Marketplace Directory

Note: If you love advertising on Facebook, Adwords, BSA, why not try on AdClerks? One of my loyal clients who often advertise at PC, gave me a $5 discount coupon that I would love to share with you all.

Here's the free $5 coupon code exclusively for MBT readers:


PS: You can use this coupon on checkout after purchasing an ad slot.

4. Easy Cash Out System

The biggest problem for publishers in South Asia is unavailability of PayPal. Fortunately just like BuySellAds offers payment options of credit cards, wire transfer and PayPal, AdClerks also offers the exact same options. You can easily buy ads or sell ads using your credit card or PayPal account.

If you want ad revenue to be sent directly to your local bank account then you can choose the credit card option. Submit your swift code, account number and bingo! Start receiving payments straight in your account.

Note: Proper support for cashout via credit card will given early next month.

Cashout Funds with PublicityClerks

5. Strong Customer Support

BSA offers a ticket system where you can ask for technical help and support from the staff but PC offers a 24/7 Live Chat support system where you can instantly talk to an agent and ask for any help needed. You can also contact them via email: Click here

PublicityClerks Support

These were some of the quick comparisons to give you an idea about the platform technology and features supported by BSA and PC. To know more about how PC works for publishers and advertisers, kindly read some frequently asked questions on AdClerks FAQ page.

How To Get AdClerks Approval?

We will now discuss some important tips to make sure you succeed in getting fast approval without facing rejection. Rejection is possible because their staff is really picky and they manually review and approve sites which meet their quality approval criteria.

These are the official requirements:

Website Approval Criteria:

  1. Your site must be live, finished with fresh content.
  2. Moderate to minimal advertising currently.
  3. High-quality website design (Mobile Responsive layout).
  4. Have a minimum of 50,000 monthly impressions

AdClerks will not approve sites that are:

  1. Not a TLD domain (Must have custom domain)
  2. Not complete
  3. In another language (English only sites are accepted)
  4. Have too many ads or pop-up's
  5. Adult oriented
  6. Old data (not updated frequently)

Note: If your website traffic generates less than 50K monthly pageviews then you don't need to loose hope and do apply. I have seen many of my clients who succeeded with both AdClerks and BSA with pageviews below 50K. What matters more is your website design, update frequency and quality content.

How to Start Selling Ads with AdClerks?

If your blog or website meets the above criteria then you can surely apply to AdClerks for an account. Follow these easy steps:

1. First click on this link to register with AdClerks

2. They will send you an email for verification. Click the verification link to verify your email address.

PublicityClerks Email Verification

3. Once you click the verification link, you will have access to the dashboard settings. Browse to "My Websites"

PublicityClerks Menu

4. Click "Add Website" to submit your website details on next page.

Add website to PublicityClerks

5. On the user submit page, make sure to give full description of your niche site. Explain as clearly as possible what your blog or site is all about and which categories of topics you cover in it. Try to keep your description precise, to the point and written in a professional style. Ad networks agents love sites which are clearly explained and described.

Note: Make sure you select the correct category while submitting your site. Choose a category that best defines your content. In the keywords field insert your main niche categories, tags or labels.

Submit website to PublicityClerks

6. Finally hit the submit button and wait for a positive response from PC team!

For a successful approval make sure you do not submit the same site a multiple times and make sure you mention all details about your site as honestly as possible. The success rate of approval at AdClerks is so far higher than that of BSA, so I am pretty sure if you publish quality content and optimize your blog regularly, there is a big chance that you will be approved within 24-48 hours.

What makes AdClerks the best BuySellAds Alternative?

I emailed the AdClerks support staff and I asked them a simple question: "What sets you apart from BuySellAds?"  There response was extremely humble and made a lot of sense:

What sets us apart from the rest though is that we pride ourselves on our fast support, from processing cash out requests and new sites within 24 hours, replying to support emails within 12 hours and providing ad zone and on site cart setup for free.

I just hope most of you who requested me several times to propose a credible and trust worthy alternative to buysellads, may now have a clear idea of what option to choose. AdClerks does surely has a competitive edge over remaining Buysellads alternatives. It offers everything that a publisher and an advertiser wants for selling and buying ad inventory respectively.

Do let me know what are your views on selling ad space with AdClerks. If you need further clarification on any part of today's review then do let me know by leaving your comments below. I would love to help you out with the best of my knowledge.

I just wish the best of blogging for all of you. Peace and blessings buddies! =)

AdClerks Review
Summary AdClerks is a new rising player among popular Ad Networks that is gradually recognized as the best alternative to BuySellAds and Google AdSense.
Publisher My Blogger Tricks
Ratings 4/5

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  1. Awesome guide but I have one question in my mind. Can I use publicityclerks with Adsense as I'm using Adsense ads on this blog.
    Blog address: -

    1. Sure you can use AdSense as backfill for your unsold ad inventories in PublicityClerks! =)

  2. Great i like publicityclerks my site was approved about 5 months ago and 4 times i got the advertisers upto $200. I think, they will be the second biggest direct ad network next to buysellads. And yes, one thing indeed their support team is too fast..they provide livechat too for clients. Great Move PC.

    1. Thank you hafeez for further verifying the great service and support for PC. Indeed customer service is something that counts a lot and with your testimony I am sure, PublicityClerks is just the right choice for bloggers to try and start selling ads.

      Thank you =)

  3. Thanks for sharing Mustafa bhai. I just got an approval from them :). I got an email from James and he asked me to join the network. Finally, we are in a business relationship :)

    1. Congratulations brother Husnain!

      I just wish you the best of online advertisement experience. Do keep us updated with your progress report with PC. =)

  4. buysellads are nofollow while PC has follow tags that is the big mistake by PC. Tell me about this issue in point of your view?

    1. All Ads by default are nofollow. Can you give me the source of any such URL where you found no presence of a nofollow tag?

    2. I just rechecked everything and I found all links with a nofollow attribute. I guess you troubleshooted yourself =)

  5. Hi Mustafa,
    I have applied for PC, hope I would get approval soon! Thanks for sharing an alternative to BuySellAds, I was looking for it :)
    Thanks again!
    ~ Ahmad

    1. I wish you the best of luck. What counts more is that you are among few people who utilized this great opportunity, coming future will prove it. I am sure they will approve your blog.

      Keep creating quality content always! =)

    2. Buddy, I got approved :D
      Thanks a lot for your kind words.
      Check :

  6. Just looking for this article. Thanks man i need an alternative for busellads :)

    1. you are most welcomed dear sahriful Islam. Looking forward to see how it brings you ad sales :)

  7. Assalam-u-Alaikum Mustafa Bhai, :)
    Just Apply for Publicity Clerks, waiting for Approval.
    Thank You so much for sharing Alternative to BSA and GA.
    God Bless you Bhai =)

    1. W.salam dear Abid,

      I am pretty sure you will do great with PublicityClerks. Continue working hard and focus on your organic traffic.

      Publish quality content and keep posting after doing an in-depth keyword research. Rest all that comes along will be success in your behalf. =)

    2. Mustafa Bhai :) I Have a Question
      My Blog traffic is between 15k to 20k per month, so is there any chance to got approved by PC??

    3. Depends on PC team buddy, although their requirement is at least 50K but in both BSA and PC case, they often select sites with traffic less than 50K if the site has quality content and is well managed. =)

  8. Hurraha :D My website approve today within just 15 minutes. Thanks Mustafa Bhai :) God bless you. :)

    1. Congratulations Sehrish sis! =)

      Now respect this opportunity and work hard with sincerity. Try to publish content more often and focus more on organic traffic.

  9. Respected Muhammad Mustafa Brother,

    I have a blog on default domain and getting 4000+ organic pageviews. I applied but my blog rejected within few minutes by publicity clerk. So they don't consider blog which on default domain.

    Thank You

    1. Buddy It is their requirement that you must have a top level domain TLD. Only custom domains can apply for it. Kindly purchase a domain for just $10 a year and start taking blogging professionally.

  10. Thanks for this review post. I like it but can I use it along with info links on my blog at

  11. I have a question in my mind. I am a new blogger. After how much time or how much post and visitors I able to activate it .Please help me