Ezoic: Best Tool To Increase Website Ad Revenue

If your AdSense Ad revenue is continuously dropping over the past year and you are tired of trying every possible method to increase your website's Ad revenue - changing Ad Placements, trying different Ad formats, seeing blank ad spots on your blog - and still not seeing results then this means you are amongst millions of AdSense publishers who are facing this problem on daily basis. Just like you optimize your blogs, you also need to optimize your website's ad slots in order to maximize your AdSense earnings.

Ezoic: Best Tool To Increase Website Ad Revenue

This is one disappointing comment by one of our readers:

Mohammad I am in deep trouble now. I used to get few dollars a day which suddenly changed into few cents for past two months. I am very sad and helpless. I thought it would change back. Very low earnings for twice the visits as earlier. Please help me bro. I am willing to give u my password if necessary.

We can't blame Google for this because they already informed us to optimize our unsold Ad inventories with DFP or DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Google even recommends doing A/B testing or split testing. All such recommendations are no less than a headache because each requires a lot of time and technical skills. As a result we need a more user friendly and handy auto-pilot Ad monetization system that could systematically test many different ad sizes and locations to determine the best combination of ads on any given webpage of our sites and thus displaying high bidding Ads on our blogs by maximizing the value of every impression.

After we started seeing too many AdSense Blank Spaces on our network blogs and received complaints from clients who were experiencing a consistent drop in their AdSense income due to lower RPM, I started doing a detailed research on several ad monetization tools as a computer engineer to find out how come some websites are displaying over 3 AdSense content units on their sites and almost all ad slots are displaying ads on every single page with no blank spaces. I wondered how could some bloggers violate AdSense's restriction by displaying 5 AdSense Ads on each page?

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This thorough investigation led me to an advanced Monetization tool called Ezoic which is a renown Google Certified Publishing Partner that helps publishers to optimize their website ad revenue. The best thing that I liked about Ezoic is that using it is completely free. Ezoic truly increases website ad revenue and helps you to display up to 5 AdSense Ads per page with no blank spaces.

In today's case study I will give you a detailed demonstration of how to setup Ezoic for your blog or website. In my coming tutorials I will guide you on how to add Ezoic ad slots in different sections of your blogger blog.

Ezoic Helped Us Display Over 5 AdSense Content Units!

After just 15 minutes of setting up Ezoic on one of our network blogs "Rich Income Ways" which is hosted on Wordpress, I was able to show over 5 AdSense Content Units on every single page of it with not a single empty space! The ads come from Google’s Doubleclick ad exchange as well as a number of other ad networks and exchanges who all bid for the inventory.

See the screenshots below:

Showing 5 AdSense Ads Per Page

     Showing 5 AdSense Ads Per Page

All we had to do was to install Ezoic code on different locations of our site and then allow it to display best performing Ads for different screen sizes i.e. Mobile, Tablet and Desktop.

Ezoic automatically displays different ad sizes for different devices on your site. You can choose easily which devices should see your ad and what sizes of ads should be shown in your selected ad units. All this is done with a simple click of a mouse using Ezoic's Ad Tester App.

Ezoic Ad Tester App

Choose to test ads on different devices

Our Ad Revenue Increased by almost 200%

UPDATE: Our revenue now increased by 1200% ! =)

We installed Ezoic as a test on RichIncomeWays just 3 days ago that is 27th Jan, 2016. We were almost receiving no lucrative earning from this blog so to be safe, I used it to experiment if Ezoic's claims of doubling your Ad revenue were true or not. 

Our monthly AdSense revenue from this blog was almost negligile i.e. $8/month. Which means on average we were making $0.27/day.  See the screenshot below:

adsense monthly earnings


200% increase in AdSense revenu


But see it for yourself a blog which was literally making nothing is now generating upto $1.40 per day thanks to ezoic. Which means approximaltely $6/week and $24/mon.  If your maths is good you can analyze that this means a straight 200% Increase! [(24-8)/8 x 100 = 200%]

See the screenshot below:

ezoic optimized earnings

UPDATE: This is the updated snapshot after a 1200% increase in revenue. RIW is now making $10 a day while it was making just $0.27 previously! =)

Ezoic Increased Adsene Revenue by 1200%


What's bad in receiving a free cash of $24/mon from an already dead blog? What’s even better is the system will continue to find the best ad placements based on user interaction, so I expect our Earnings Per Thousand Visitors (EPMV) to gradually increase over time.

This significant increase in our daily AdSense earnings is what that forced me to write this long customer review of Ezoic out of goodwill for their excellent technology which surely deserves to be publicized as much as possible to help disappointed publishers to improve their dropping ad revenue.

I will keep experimenting with this amazing tool to test Ads on two of my others sites also and will keep updating you with a detailed case study of their progress.

Why Use Ezoic When AdSense's Dashboard already exists?

Ad revenue optimization is what Google recommends too and this is one reason why Google gives permission to private agencies through its Certified Publishing Program to help Google in promoting their Ad network.

Managing ads directly from AdSense dashboard is recommended only for small publishers who earn less than $50-$100 but if your blog or website is capable of making more than that then you must use free Ad Monetization tools like Ezoic which uses artificial intelligence to optimize your CPMs and automatically displays the highest paying AdSense Ads on your websites without loosing a single impression caused due to empty boxes or blank spaces.

A Blank space appears on your site when AdSense is not able to find enough advertisers that are interested in your content, here is where advanced tools like Ezoic comes to your rescue which is programmed to make sure every slot is filled with highest bidding ads thus helping you to double your website Ad revenue. 

How do your receive payments from Ezoic?

Unlike AdSense which pays mostly through Wire transfer, EFT or Western Union, Ezoic pays you straight through paypal, Dwolla, check or Payoneer. The minimum payment threshold is $20.

ezoic payment threshold

There are a number of payment methods you can choose from including:

1) Check - requires name and address

2) Paypal - requires only paypal address

3) Dwolla Email - requires only Dwolla email address

4) Dwolla ID - requires only Dwolla ID

5) US Bank Transfer Via Payoneer - will deposit money directly into your domestic account

6) International Bank Transfer Via Payoneer - will deposit your money directly into your international account in the currency of your country

Important Tips To use Ezoic's Apps and Tools

Using Ezoic is extremely simple thanks to its 24/7 Live help and support system. I will only give you a quick helicopter view of the technology used by this revenue boosting tool.  Testing with Ezoic gives you the following three benefits:

  1. Increased Ad Revenue
  2. Access to Google's ad Exchange where thousands of advertisers bid for your unsold inventory.
  3. Most importantly the ability to show 5 ads per page!

First watch this simple video which I found really useful while setting up ezoic.

I am sure this video is self explanatory but I will share some detailed tips that will help you make the most out of ezoic.

1. Change Name Servers Option While Integrating

The most common way to integrate your site with Ezoic is to update your site’s name servers. This allows Ezoic to optimize the ad sizes and locations automatically. Changing nameservers wont affect your site's health nor will you experience any down time. Do backup your old domain name serves if in case you wished to switch back.

Another option is to install Ezoic's code on your blogger blog or wordpress blog. It is a simple script that you need to add just below starting head tag.

Since I am using Hostgator I could easily change default hostgator nameservers to that of ezoic using the Launchpad Domain hosting management tool.

Changing name servers to ezoic

2. Apply for Google's Ad Exchange

On your Ezoic dashboard you should see a new check box that says "Apply for Google's Ad Exchange". I would suggest you go ahead and fill this out, since you will gain access to thousands of ad networks and advertisers who want to bid for your site’s inventory using Google’s ad exchange.

3. Let Ezoic manage your AdSense account

This program provides Ezoic system a read only access to your AdSense account to use it as a control for testing.This also allows the Ezoic system to pull your AdSense stats into the Ezoic dashboard for reporting. This allows you to do a direct comparison of how the Ezoic ads are performing in comparison to your original ad units.

optimized AdSense earnings

This option will provide you with different in-depth insights on how your ads are performing for different mobile/desktop/tablet devices:

Optimized AdSense earnings Chart

You will also be able to check your earnings through filters. You can choose how your ads are performing in different countries, devices and find what are the traffic sources and landing pages.

Ezoic reports and filters

Ezoic easily integrates with your AdSense account to manage your account in auto-pilot mode. I recently allowed Ezoic to manage my AdSense account by filling out a simple invite from Google. I have shared the invite link above.

Ezoic Managed AdSense Account


4. Must Install Mediation App

The mediation app will allow you to link your AdSense account to the Ezoic system. This will allow your AdSense to compete in the Ad Exchange for the ad inventory, ensuring that the highest bidder is always serving the ads for your site thus making you more money.

You can easily install it from Ezoic's appstore:

Ezoic Mediation App 

5. Do Install Ezoic Chrome Extension

In order to get maximum results from Ezoic it needs to test as many ad locations as possible. However, depending on a website structure and CMS, it sometimes can be difficult to add tens or hundreds of ad placeholders manually, so a better solution is using the new Ezoic Chrome Extension. It took me half an hour to install ad units manually on different sections of my blog but with this extension, it took just seconds.

Using this extension on your chrome browser, you can simply highlight-and-click to add new ad placeholders to your site and the Ezoic Platform will test them for you. Check the screenshot below which gives a quick demonstration of how can different ad sizes look on your site. You can then choose the best ad sizes based on ad location.

choosing different ad sizes and locations

Identify Error Pages That Wastes Revenue

Inside the monitoring page of ezoic you will find three options.

1. Platform updates are related to platform development news from ezoic

Ezoic Monitoring options

2. Error pages tells you which of your blog pages are causing revenue leakage or needs your attention to fix them.

Ezoic Error Pages

3. Google Updates keeps you updated with all Google algorithm updates made over the recent years. They also educate you on what exactly are these updates and how it could have affected your revenue. I am sure many of you know that Google Penguin and Panda updates were amongst the famous penalties that affected up to 70% of ad revenue for millions of publishers. Therefore staying updated with it is really important for all webmasters.

List of Google Algorithm Updates


Ezoic has its own App Store for Websites!

This app store is something which requires years of hard work to develop. Ezoic's app store has plenty of free and useful apps for websites. Using these apps you can choose to block ad placements, disable ads by page, block an advertiser, choose to show more than just 5 ads and so on.

Ezoic App Store

Amongst these I would categoricaly mention Ezoic's iOS App creator that helps you to convert your website's content to a native iOS app without the need for a developer. Apps are listed in the iTunes store and are compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Your iOS app will update as you update your website and will benefit from ongoing Ezoic improvements including additional ad services and evolving features.

iOS app creator

We recently created an android app for our blog but we lacked support for an iOS app. I guess this option could really save us both time and heavy development costs.

Join Ezoic By [ Clicking Here ]

How is your AdSense Earning Going on?

I just hope the above post may help you understand how important is it to optimize your website Ads using free tools like Ezoic. Forums and blogs are now filled with debates on dropping AdSense Income and lower RPMs. Most publishers are really disappointed at increased traffic but lower earnings. The actual reason is that webmasters today spend so much time optimizing their sites for search engines but they rarely try optimizing their ad locations and doing A/B testing. Testing Ads is surely a hectic work but without making up your mind to use a tool like ezoic you are only selling cents for dollars.

Do share your precious feedback and let us know if you are also experiencing a drop in Ad revenue. Feel free to ask me any queries related to ezoic. I would love to help as much as I can.

Wishing you a lucrative and ever increasing Ad Revenue! Peace and blessings buddies. =)

Ezoic Review
Summary Ezoic truly increases website ad revenue and helps you to display up to 5 AdSense Ads per page with no blank spaces.
Publisher My Blogger Tricks
Ratings 5/5

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  1. It is a very useful tool brother Ahmed but one question though.....How to install it on ".blogspot.com" subdomains?

    Please help bro.

    1. Thank you munawwar, Ezoic is indeed an amazing tool that really helps monetizing your blog in auto-pilot mode.

      Installing Ezoic in blogger blogs is really easy. You just need to copy the Ezoic code and paste it just above the closing head tag </head>

      That's it! Next create different Ad units in Ezoic, copy the new code and paste it different locations of your blog like sidebar, header and footer using the HTML/JavaScript widget.

      To display ads just below Post title. Paste the Ezoic code just above this tag:


      To display ads at bottom of your post, simply paste the Ezoic code below <data:post.body/>

      That simple! :)

  2. Dear Mohammad, I am also facing the problem of revenue loss due to low RPM since last six months and decreasing every month. I think it is a good solution but I feel a problem because earning shall be made by Ezoic account not by adsense account and payment shall also be made by Ezoic not by google adsense and it seems a drawback. Please suggest.

    1. Great question dear Ankur!

      Generally 1/1000 white listed Ad agencies qualify for Google Certified Partner program. These agencies are verified by AdSense itself. Only then they are given permission to access your account to manage Ad testing.

      Using Ezoic is extremely safe and payment is paid by Ezoic itself. You can withdraw an a amount as low as $20. Can we do that with AdSense? =)

      The ease and flexibility of payment is something that gives it an edge over AdSense.

      As a programmer myself, I found their tool extremely useful and professional.

      Instead of loosing further RPM, you can give Ezoic a free trial. You can surely leave it anytime you want.

  3. Hi! first of all, thank you for this post, also can you tell me if i grant the acces (as manager) to ezoic to my Adsense account can it detect the invalid activity? This is the worst Nightmare for any Adsense Publisher. Thank you.

    1. Hi smith,

      Once you give access to Ezoic, it will get access to all reports generated by AdSense. In short Ezoic have access to all stats and reports generated by AdSense bot.

      Of course it can easily detect invalid clicks on your site and will debit the payment in such case.

  4. Can ezoic also support other than AdSense adnetwork. Please clarify and suggest steps for other than AdSense. I used vertoz ad publisher network...

    1. Of course Ezoic supports all Ad Networks!

      It is not limited to AdSense. You can use it to test any ad network you want. Very soon they are creating support even for BuySellAds Ad network.

      Try vertoz with Ezoic. Their 24/7 free support will help you with the integration steps =)

    2. Jan here from Ezoic - as long as you are in good standing with Google you can work with us.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. This is great tool but the problem is payment. Bro Pakistan main Western Union k ilawa koi asan treeka kia ho skta he, Mere pas Payooneer ka card he. per main ne use 2 year se use nahi kia. per darta hun k kahi ab sari earning fee main hi na cut jaye. By the way, meri daily traffic 3500 tak he, or Google adsense se earning 10-11 $ he. Kia mujhe Ezoic k liye Apply krna chahiye?

    1. You can try Payoneer Card with Ezoic and get paid easily.

      3.5K per day hits is a nice traffic but $10 per day traffic with AdSense is surely less when you can actually make more than that. I strongly recommend you give Ezoic a try for one month.

  6. Brp Pageview 5007, Impresssion 21250, Clicks 70, Page rPM 1.27, Impression RPM 0.30

    Actually Bro, meri top pe 728+90, side bar pe 300+600, below post title 336+280, or below navigation Link Ad Unit. Ab just main ne sidebar se ads khatam kr k post k andar 4 paragraph k bad laga di he. ab kuch Page RPM behtar hua he. pehle to bilkul hi less than 1 tha,. Please suggest me Thansk

    1. That RPM value is surely fluctuating and I am honestly never a big fan of Large AdSense for content units like 300x600, they never helped increasing the RPM at least in our case.

      Adding one 728x90 in header, 336x280 below post title followed by a link unit below it and one 468x60 unit just below first paragraph or after post excerpt works great.

      So your new combination is really good. What matters more is that since your traffic is good, you can display up to 5 ads with Ezoic and sell all available inventories with loosing a single impression.

      Try it for few weeks and you will see the difference yourself. =)

  7. Hello Mohammad,

    Thanks for delivering such an informative and depth review about ezoic.

    Mohammad I do not have any blog for testing. I just have one blog and I can't lost it so still is ezoic is safe ?

    Should be try it on one only blog ? + Are you using it on MBT ?

    one more question,

    how do they pay ? Means does google comes in between. Is our money is safe with them ?

    Please reply ASAP.

    P.S I'm also one of many disappointed adsense publisher who is facing hell loss daily !!!


    1. Thank you piyush for so honestly asking your questions. Buddy do read my reply to Ankur where I have explained in detail on why your account is extremely safe with Ezoic and why should you trust it.

      Piyush it took me 10 days to test with Ezoic and verify the credibility of Ezoic team by putting my official AdSense account to test. At present my adsense account is managed by Ezoic and I have so far tested only RIW blog with it.

      I am currently doing testing on RIW so that later I will use the lessons learnt from these experiments on MBT and SEM blog.

      If you have just one blog, I would recommend that you can confidently try it for a month and see the results for yourself because it is extremely safe. Ezoic is a certified AdSense partner so using it is allowed by Google. =)

      I have explained the payment methods above:
      "Ezoic pays you straight through paypal, Dwolla, check or Payoneer. The minimum payment threshold is $20. "

  8. Thx for your replay, also for example: in case of invalid activity on my account, we know that there is people who want to hurt your Adsense will detect Ezoic this problem? Also what measures can take or will take to me, to be sure that my account will not be disabled? Regards

    1. If such clicks come from one single IP address then AdSense will automatically detect it as intentional clicks and will not count the earnings made from it. No harm will come to you if you are a loyal AdSense user since years with consistent traffic and regular earnings.

      If your AdSense account is new, try not to get into conflict with your competitors online and try keep a friendly relationship with all.

      Most people who involve themselves in arguments and conflicts, often fell a prey to haters. =)

    2. When working with Ezoic, ads will be served on your site from the Google Ad Exchange, not from your AdSense account.

  9. Hallo Mohammad Brother
    Actually I set all the particulars as suggested by you in above post. But nothing is happened with my earning and also for my blog. Can you please post a full video tutorial on above topic. This is very hot topic for bloggers.

    1. It Works Awesome..Give time for it..You will get the Result..If you can't Replace the Code Wrap the Adsense Code With Ezoic Code.It Not only Increase your Revenue,It is More than That.

    2. The Ezoic Team is not like other support teams..they response for our Queries...i use it When this post published.I always Trust on MBT they will not post the posts until they tested.It Works try this...

    3. Thank you @Selva for all your help and for helping others here.


      Kindly don't draw a conclusion so quickly, give Ezoic at least 2-3 weeks and try exploring its features and proper use of the tools in appstore.

      Keep changing you ad slots, sizes and device selection and see how results work

  10. Update:

    Just within a Week Adsense Earning our Wordpress blog increased by 1200%! Read the above updated section in post =)

    See the attachment below:

    [img width="90%" src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-4GxZU0D4v34/VrUHSbMtfMI/AAAAAAAAQU0/EZSoob88CV4/image%25255B9%25255D.png?imgmax=800"/]

  11. woww
    this is really amazing and thanks Mohammad Mustafa Bro for this post
    will try it soon

  12. Surely Everyone must try this.They Work like a Paid Supporters.But they did this For Absolutely free.Thank You so much Mohammed.

  13. I have Simple doubt..we choose different adsizes it Will test our sizes and locations.After Some result We Want to Set the Static loaction or Size?or The Ezoic itself Try the Best Sizes and locations?

    1. Ezoic automatically configures the best sizes for you based on user device. Based on user engagement and screen size the best performing ads will display.

      However choosing where to place your ads is your decision and yes indeed Ezoic will display ads in your chosen static zones.

      Yes Ezoic itself will try the best sizes and locations for your site

  14. Dear Mohammad,
    Your results are amazing.
    I have lost the revenue of 2 days during its implementation. My blog is on blogger platform. After addition of the placeholders (wrapping the adsense code) to my blog it does not show any ad either adsense or ezoic that I have checked many times (only mobile shows my adsense ads). I have 6000 daily visitors and about 20000 pageviews. I think it is not working with blogger or something is interfering in my blog. Now I have removed it. Please help to implement this because adsense RPM is decreased to $1.5 this month ($7.1 in July 2015). Loosing a lot of revenue since last few months.
    Things I have done for implementation:
    1.Script for Ezoic integration and Ad Tester are added after head tag. (server names are not changed)
    2.Ad Tester App is turned 'On' for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.
    3.10 display ad units are created and placeholders are added to blog template and sidebar (4 place holders contain adsense code within them as 4 adsense ads are allowed for me). Ad Locations option is in 'On' condition.
    4.In Mediation App Google Adsense verification is PENDING.
    5.In settings >> Turn Ezoic On & Off >> Ezoic platform is 50% for all - Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.
    6.In settings >> Optimization Goals >> Balance (default) is selected.
    7.My Adsense account is showing Managed Account.
    Please look it and let me know if there is anything else.
    Only mobile shows adsense ads at 4 places where I have added adsense code in ezoic placeholders but nothing on desktop.

    1. First of all You have to Create the Ads which should be Duplicate of Your Real adsense ads,It means Either You have to Replace the Code or You should Wrap up the Code With Ezoic code...

      If You want to wrap up first Create the code With real Adsize and Position...If You want 300*250 You should Generate Same in Ezoic...

      You should Complete all the Steps like...Integration,Adtesting,Google Ad Exchange...If You Didn't Apply You can't get the Ads..And Last Wait for some time it may take Upto One Week..Give Some Time For that...It surely Increase Your revenue...If you Want Tech Support Chat With the Ezioc team...They Surely help you...

    2. And One more if you Select 50% It may not Work..Select 70%-90%.It Surely increase your Revenue...

    3. I will agree to most what @Selva Ganesh suggested.

      1. Kindly wrap your adsense codes else Ezoic wont function properly. Read this post

      2. Best is that you remove all of your AdSense ads and let Ezoic ads be placed alone.

      3. Set "Percentage of site traffic to send to the Ezoic Platform" to 9% in desktop, 10% for tablet and 10% for mobile.

      @Ankur this is true the script method does not work as effectively as changing nameservers.

      Changing nameservers is something I need to test out with blogspot blogs. Let me contact the Ezoic team and discuss it with them. I

  15. Replies
    1. Keep asking questions. I am here to clarify all your doubts. =)

  16. Please me Bro. Mohammad when I click on the invitation. It keeps telling that

    Invitation not available
    This AdSense Certified Partner invitation is not available.

    This may be because:

    your AdSense account is already managed by an AdSense Certified Partner;
    the invitation link that you tried to use is damaged or incomplete; or
    this invitation has already been accepted, declined, withdrawn or it expired.
    You may wish to contact your AdSense Certified Partner to request a new invitation.

    1. It is Not a Problem Just embed Adsense In reports..Thats All...

    2. Yes you are right. Looks like the invite link is created by Ezoic team themselves.

      Kindly request them for an invite link using the 24/7 chat help.

    3. AdSense Certified links are sent to publishers individually. Each publisher requires a different link that Ezoic will generate for you.

  17. Mustafa, Ali Rao here,
    I read the article and indeed its great like always.
    I am confused in one thing, google allow 3 inline text ads and 3 normal ads,
    So if you are using ezoic, how come is that limit changed?? Because google clearly mentioned that in their policy. Using more then that will be a violation.
    Even if that is changed, after ezoic i will be able to post 5 normal ads and 3 inline text ads, am i right?

    1. True but Google allows users to display more than 3 Content units using Google's Exchange program which Ezoic provides. This permits them to display around 5 ads per page on your site. Same goes for link units and native ads.

      Google provides privileges help with its DoubleClick system to sell more inventories on your site. =)

      The limit you mentioned is restricted to AdSense.com dashboard users only.

  18. Dear Mohammad
    I implement ezoic code on my site tallyknowledge.com but after that quick heal antivirus shows there is virus in code. Also ezoic stopped to shows some ads on my website. Can you please help me.

  19. & also please provide tutorial or suggest for how to manage chitika account with Ezoic

  20. Sir kindly If you could be able to upload more increase in your earning is it still 1200% or becomes less now. As I am now using ezoic and want more information about this program

    1. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email support@ezoic.com and someone will get back to you :)

  21. Aslam-o-Alekum, Mustafa Bhai, Mujh 2 Din Hue hen Mene Ezoic Ka Form Submit Kya he or Ezoic se Google Adsense ke New Ads Generate Kar ke Apne Website pe Lagae he or mene Mediation Tool bhi install kya he us pe mene apni Google AdSense ki Requirement Fill kar ke save kardi he, mgr waha pe Google Adsense Pending a Raha he, Kya App Mujh Bata Sakte he ke men us ko kase integer karun. Thanks.

  22. Dear Mohammad
    Is it mandatory to change DNS Server name with blogger integration. Please help

  23. Hi Rana,

    I wanted to check in and see if you were interested in doing ad testing only on your site XYZ.com. I can see that you turned on anchor ads and in-line ads. I would suggest creating some display units as well. Here are the full instructions for getting started and explains creating ad units. I also suggest that you turn off the layout tester so that your traffic goes to the ad tester. You can do this by going to the App Store > Layout Tester App > Turn off the devices. If you would like to continue with the layout tester and not do ad testing let me know.


    Bhai ye messages aya he ezoic ki taraf se. main ne App store > Layout tester App main se all 3no devices ko off kr dia he. Please bhai ab ad tester se add create khud krni hein ya wo kerein ge. or kitni ads create krni hein or kis kis jaga put krein. Please bhai.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Rana Irfan

  24. Hi Mustafa Bhai What is different between The Layout Tester and The Ad Tester in Ezoic.

    1. Layout tester automatically test your ads on best performing design layout. This is an advanced tool and I recommend that you use it once you have clearly understood how to use Ezoic. It best works with wordpress sites not blogger.

      Create ads with ad testor at most 5-7 and then manually add the code in your template. Best locations are Header, Sidebar, Post content.

      Ezoic will run at most 5 ads in your selected zones and then you can see the stats to compare which zones are playing well. You can later choose to remove some zones or let Ezoic automatically place best performing ads on your zones as it wills

      Is it cleared? Let me know

  25. I was cintact to ezoic and ther respinse very fast. But unfortunately Ezoic not support other than AdSense network. Bad news for bloggers who don't have AdSense account.

    1. It is unfortunate Sumit, but yes you must be in good standing with Google. It is not required to have an AdSense account to work with Ezoic, but if you have been banned from AdSense you will not be able to work with Ezoic.

    2. Hi Jan, thanks for replying on this topic. I want to attract you on my sites ads. If you see I run AdSense ads through ad exchange (means good standing with adsense). So can you please suggest what I do now.

  26. Ezoic not support other then adsense program. Today i queried them for other publisher program. But the denied other then adsense network.

    1. I contacted them too. They said they are working on adding new platforms soon. They are just gathering customer feedback. I am pretty sure support for other networks will be soon available :)

  27. Thank you Jan for your official support. You are most welcomed here.

  28. Sir Payoneer sign up not working . plz test and help

  29. Sir is it possible that I use ezoic on my blog but my I pay my money from AdSense not from Payoneer by ezoic.

    1. When using Ezoic ads will be served from Google's Ad Exchange, not AdSense. This means you will have to be paid out by Ezoic rather than AdSense. Here is a list of all of the payment methods provided. http://support.ezoic.com/hc/en-us/articles/207293506-Payment-Settings

    2. For Payoneer settings kindly contact the staff there.

      Ezoic manages payments separately, its not associated witb Adsense in this case.

      AdSense will only pay you for its Ads that may be running directly on your site.

  30. Hello Sir I am really thankful to you for your consideration>>
    Kindly tell me that i want to put ads under tile of mobile view post but ezoic only show one ad which is sticked at bottom. I try many time but nothing happen...
    I saw your site richincomeways in which medium triangle is showing under title in mobile view

    1. If you are using WordPress then you can add AdSense ads in different section of your blog using the plugin Quick AdSense

      I added Ezoic below titles using this plugin. =)

      For BlogSpot blogs you can add ads below title by pasting your code just above this code:


      To display ads at post bottom, then in such case paste your Ezoic code below this code


  31. Hi Bro. main ne pacific time k mutabik Histats se apni traffic check ki to 3500 thi per ezoic ne same date ki 2525 show ki hoi he. Bro koi samajh nahi a rahi.

    please kia ap ka bhi aisa koi problem he.

    1. I honestly don't trust histats, you can instead use Google analytics. Different services can report different stats so that should not be too big a concern as long as your revenue is going good.

      Ezoic is so far reporting same traffic for my blog that Analytics is reporting

  32. Sir my blog daily page views 700 , so can I use this tool on my blog.

  33. Hello Mustafa Bro.

    Google Wale 1000 Pageview k hisab se RPM banate hein or Ezoic 1000 visitor k hisab se.

    mera Google Adsense ka RPM 2+ hota tha agr ezoic ka EPMV 2.something ho to koi bri bat nahi he. q k Google Adsense Pageview ko dekhte hein or ye visitor ko. Pageview to takreeban double hi hote hein.

    Agr meri site traffic 6000 ho or pageview 10000 ho according to Google adsense.or RPM 2 ho to is hisab se 10 by 2= 20$ bante hein. per ezoic ka EPMV 2 ho to wo to visitor ko dekhe ge to 6K by 2= 12$ bane ge. Aap bhai is k bare kia kehte hein.

  34. bro didn't get it completely...ezoic would pay us that means we can place their ads if we don't have our own adsense account?
    Or we would connect our adsense account with azoic and then azoic would pay us not adsense.
    And if it is the second case, then what is the benefit for ezoic? would they keep some revenue from our adsense income if our adsense is managed by them.

    1. Ezoic will serve your ads from Google's Ad Exchange on a CPM basis rather than CPC. Ezoic will then pay you out on the same terms as AdSense. You don't have to have a Google AdSense account to work with Ezoic, but you do need to be in good standing with Google.

  35. MashaALLAH :D And JazakALLAH for such a deep post

    Indeed, Ezoic is an extremely good tool from my end. After reading your post, I implemented it without more analyze. Because I know there no single doubt if you passed it.

    But, My question is that can we use it for Youtube and how?
    Because there are lots of people who use Youtube to show their diff. skills there.

    1. You are most welcomed buddy. I am glad you found it useful :)

      I don't think it supports youtube ads which are auto optimized by YouTube themselves. Since YouTube is a managed by the company itself so there is no need for optimizing your ads there. Optimizing ad revenue is a major problem for webmasters only.

  36. Hey Sir im really big fan of yours and its really great post. i have average daily page views are upto 15K and my earning is less then 6 Dollar My RPM is under o.5o Dollar What Should i do now? I dont want to use ezoic because of payment withdraw process.

    1. There are numerous options for payments. Feel free to contact support@ezoic.com if you are interested in learning more.

  37. Hello Mustafa bhai, Ezoic Join krne k bad Google Analytic work nahi kr raha. Can you please guide me. k yeh kese work kre ga. By the way. main ne code properly paste kia he.

    1. Add the code just above closing head tag instead and see the results

  38. i cant Integrate my blog when installing cloudflare app i received this error There was an error installing the app for the site

    1. Hi Raja, Feel free to email support@ezoic.com (if you haven't already) and someone will help you solve the issue :)

  39. In my blogspot ezoic codes are not showing? what to do please help me out

  40. I have added Ezoic Ad code in my sidebar on Blogger Blog and now too the ads are not showing up.

    Plzz help me.

  41. hello, may i know hpw to install Ezoic's code on your blogger blog for Integrating?

  42. Is Ezoic officially acceptable asa far as Google adsense is concerned?

  43. Hi Sir,
    Great article you have shared,
    I have been using adsense for almost 3 months, and my daily earnings are getting low by day even my page views are increasing day by day, my daily pageviews are 6000-7000, still I am getting 2-5 dollars daily, so should I try ezoic on my blogger blog, BTW I have programming blog, and I am using media.net and adsense and one other network altogether, so should I apply for ezoic

    Please reply ASAP

    1. Please use no more than two ad networks on your blog.

      Sure apply to ezoic and use their Javascript technique to display ads.

      Ads above the fold gives better ctr and cpc so focus on that

  44. Asslamualekum?

    Mery pass payoneer ka account hai, mein ab apni ezoic withdraw karvana chahti hun but mujhy pata nahi chal raha k kaisy withdraw karu...

    Ezoic payment setting mein Payoneer se related 2 options hein in ki samjh nahi aa rahi....

    Mein chahti hun k meri Ezoic payment mery Payoneer account mein chali jaye.

    Please guide me I shall be very thankful to all of you..

    1. W Salam sis

      Kindly send an email to support@ezoic.com
      They will not only help you but guide you with all your queries sister:)

  45. Hello Sir I have one question about ezoic.Is this best if i make directly ezoic ads rather than adsense? or i need to wrap old ads??which is better ezoic new ads or wrap ads?? and how much traffic need for ezoic to make great revenue??

  46. Great. Thanks For Sharing. As a regular visitor of your site,I have two questions-

    A. why google Adsense ads are not visible when a blog is accessed using UC Browser. Is There any Methode by which we can bypass the Default ad-blocker of UC browser?

    B. Its been two months now that i have start blogging but my blog namely All Govt. Jobs In Assam and North-East is ranked on some 8th Page when searched on Google with keyword "nejobs" . But when i use keywords like "Jobs in Assam" or "Govt Jobs in North-East and Assam" to Search in google, it does not show my site on Search Result. I have done with meta tags, keywords, Description and sitemaps still its the same. Its really disappointing. i will be glade if you once check my blog and suggest me what should i do in order to solve the mentioned issue.

  47. Hi Admin,

    whether all the adsense codes need to be replace to ezoic codes or not , please let me know