STCnetwork's New Letterheads and Business Cards

A blogger's business cardBy the time we developed our mini software firm STCnetwork and started recruiting more and more developers, it came a point where giving attention to every single office stationary became mandatory. We first started the trend of wholesale business cards for bloggers back in 2012, we are next promoting the new trend of Letterheads for small online businesses to better portray themselves to local clients. Presentations count for 30%-50% of your business deals and contracts. The more professional you act and sound the better the rate of return on investment (ROI).

Business Card Design Changes

Company designs should be kept identical at all times without any major changes because after all keeping your identity same at all times is the whole concept behind a business logo. We have made slight changes to the web domain and email domain address. We simply replaced the blog domain address with company website URL inside the new design. We also changed NETWORK to lowercase and made the blue color a little brighter rest all things are kept the same. 

The cards are printed at both sides, matt laminated and match the size of a credit card 310g2. Went through 3 + 2 color printing with dye cutting. Its designed by keeping MBT's parent design in mind, utilizing the same blue and black color combination.  The front of the card contains details about the network administration, logo and some contact details whilst the back contains my favorite quote i.e. "I blog for living"

Business cards front viewBusiness cards front viewBusiness cards Back view

We printed a total of 1000 copies this time:

bundle of Visiting Cards!

Our previous design:

Old design of business card

Letterhead Design Specifications

As a business, every single time you reach out a customer,  whether through an invoice, contract or offer – you’re saying something about who you are. Letterheads leave your trademark on all documentations and business correspondence that takes place. Thus a unique form of marketing that further boosts your authenticity and credibility in the eyes of customers.

Letterheads can be used for both offline and online correspondences. You can print anything inside them using a inkjet or laser printers just like you do on any A4 size paper.

We have kept the design both comprehensive and yet simple in concept. The header consists of the company logo and office address while the footer contains the company web address. We have also inserted a large faded logo inside the center-left of the paper to make things more eye catching.

These letterheads will also be used as certificates in our coming workshops and conferences. The paper consists of a thick layer of 150 g2 matt paper with tri color printing

bundle of Letterheads!Letterhead Front ViewSTCnetwork letterhead and VC

Your views?

How important do you think are letterheads for a business and have you planned designing VC and letterheads for your blog? If yes then do share the design with us by using the following shortcode inside comments:

[img src="Insert your Image Link here" width="50%" /]

Our Cards and Letterheads are designed and printed by Waqas Haider from Al - Rehman Enterprises. Waqas is a great friend and an excellent designer without doubts. I would recommend his services to anyone home or abroad. 

Do give us your feedback on this latest development and let us know what could be done to make the cards even more better. Peace and blessings buddies! =>

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  1. Nice One , Really I Liked Both Cards As Well As Letterheads :)
    God Bless You And Make You'r Business Sp

    ~Nitishk Gupta

    1. Thank you dear Nitishk for such kind words. I am looking forward to see your your business designs for letterheads and cards. Even if you have not yet registered your business or launched one, you can still design one virtually and share the design with us using the shortcode is shared: :)

      [img src="" width="90%"/]

  2. Hi Mustafa Sir,
    First of all Best of Luck for all your Future Plans. May ALLAH Almighty will fullfill all your Dreams and Fill your Life with Happiness. I recently came to know that You've blessed with a Daughter. May Allah Shower his blessings on her.

    The Designs was Great and the Letterhead template also matches your Business card template which gives a Branded look to STC Networks.

    The Thing I actually want to ask is that I am living here in Multan, Punjab and It's Hard for the readers from Punjab and Other provinces to reach and attend your Workshops in Karachi and Quetta. So Is there any upcoming Workshops in Punjab. Or any way to attend your Workshops Online and Get a Certificate by paying a little Postage Charges?

    Happy to Listen from you! :-)

    ~ Umair Akram

    1. Dear Umar,

      Thank you for the warming and loving remarks. Yes Alhamdulillah I am blessed with a baby girl and I named her "Ifza". I am writing a post on that too inshAllah! =d

      I am so glad you liked the new designs and the layout. Means a lot.

      About oour visit to Punjab. Buddy we travel to any city from where we get an invitation. If you can organize an event at your university or college with a crowd of atleast 200 people then we will surely come and share the best we know with all of you.!

      Our certificates and visits are free of charge! I never charge a penny from workshops we deliver, we do it as Sadqa/charity/gift so that every youngster may get a better future track and make good use of his potentials. Invite us and I will be right there umar! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Once your old stock of business cards are over, you will get a new stock! =D

  4. Love those cards and specially The Quote "I Blog for Living"

  5. Good Luck ?
    But Why the blogger logo ....?
    [img src="" width="90%" /]

    1. Excellent question!

      That logo is an inspiration that changed many people's lives. All our workshops and seminars and training sessions are meaningless unless we talk about Google blogger. So we have attached that logo next to our trademark as a tribute. We surely don't own the logo but we own the right to promote it wherever we go as ambassadors. :)

      You have a nice logo. Simple and neat! =)

  6. Wow.... that is a great design and card. Designer have done a great job.

    1. Indeed all credits goes to the designer for portraying our concept in a nice and pleasant way. I have attached credits to "Waqas" in the post as well =)

  7. Replies
    1. Be our guest at office and have them all! :)

    2. and can i call u on ur number? :P

    3. Just type "STCnetwork Karachi" in google maps to get straight to us :)

      Sure you can call me during day time.

    4. ohh yeah i got it... so bro ready i'll come... :) :)

  8. I like all cards and want to get one =D

  9. Amazing Brother The letter head is the most awesome letter head I have ever seen.Well Sir its an absolutely master piece, I recently made 100 sample prints of a letter head its not that awesome but still its designed by me.

    [img src="" width="90%" /]

    1. Thank you dear nafees for the sweetest feedback. Surely your design speaks for it self. I really liked the blue color and the font being used. Well done! :)

      Do add some address in it to make it more complete. Letterheads must contain some address or phone numbers

  10. Bro recently i got Admission in Software Engineering(BSSE) at ISRA university on scholarship .. sincef from class 8 i am following you because you inspired me alot brother my Admission credits totally goes to you because when i was in class 8 i first visited your site MBT ..
    i only joined uni just because i love coding and this love for coding is only because of you otherwise i didn't know what uni actually is :D :) i knew nothing about blogging that time i just followed you i Quote you every time in front of friends family and peoples because you are my inspiration want to be Entrepreneur and Web developer like you very keen to meet you and will meet you soon inshaallah ... Please bro Guide me Jazakaallah Allah aap ko mazeed taraqqi want to visit your office just to meet you :) (y)

  11. Wow. This is amazing Mohammad Bro. I have just added the app on my website.
    I am so happy, but the very reason of my happiness is that at least I have got the reason to add a link of MyBloggerTricks on my website. :-)

  12. actually i like your design

    you business card simple and awesome
    thank for your inpiration

    nice to meet you
    im from medan, Indonesia :D