How To Automatically Add Disqus Comment Widget to Blogger?‏

Disqus commenting system
One of the most common problems bloggers face is comment moderation. If you want to get serious in the world of blogging, you'd do well to get set up with a good commenting platform, because you need one - managing the comments on your blog can be a real pain, and will consume a lot of your time. The Google Plus commenting system is good, but it has its downs. One of the most popular commenting systems today used by Bloggers around the world is Disqus.

Why use Disqus?

  • Email notifications for each comment
  • Custom comment avatars
  • Moderation by email or mobile
  • You can easily post comment, vote, even share comments to social networks.
  • You can easily subscribe to comments.
  • More comments and increased engagement

Adding Disqus to your Blogger blog

  • First up, log onto your Disqus account. If you don't have any, create a new one
  • Click no the Add Disqus to your site option at the top
  • Time to fill out your site profile!
Disqus registration
  • Click on Finish Registration, and choose Blogger as your platform on the next screen
Now that we've set up a Disqus account, it's time to integrate it with a Blogger blog.

  • Click on Add [Your Blog Name] to my Blogger site
  • Now click on the Add Widget button on the next window. You have successfully added the Disqus commenting system to your blog. It will appear automatically under your blog posts
Now you're free to start off a new disqus account, or import comments from an existing blog.

There's another, geekier way of adding the Disqus commenting system that gives you more control. We'll share it in the upcoming post, so stay tuned! :)

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