Celebrating The Success of "Unexplored Success Treasures - 2014"


Entrepreneurship and Youth Awareness, the two different but not indistinct messages the STC Network has been maintaining for the better part of the past 5 years, resonated once again last month on the 23rd of February in Islamabad - and profoundly I must add. "Unexplored Success Treasures", the first event of its kind in Pakistan, was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for organizers, speakers and participants alike. But more than that, it was an eye-opener for the youth and those who wouldn't think outside their 9-5 box! We feel honored in having successfully delivered such a strong and valuable message to such individuals, and hence consider UST 2014 a victory for the STC Network, and for Entrepreneurship (Alhamdulillah)!
OK, let me back up a little bit. For those of you who do not know what UST is, and have no idea what I'm on about, here's a quick description of what UST stands for.

About Unexplored Success Treasures

Unexplored Success Treasures (UST) was a one-day Mega event organized by (yours truly) the STC Network in Islamabad Fijji’s Grill. It was the first event of its kind in Pakistan that brought together the country's renowned entrepreneurs, TV anchors, Social Activists, Psychologists, Analysts, Bloggers and Expert authors on a single platform, face to face with an extremely enthusiastic young audience from across the country. The event aimed at educating the new youth with all the skills and tactics needed to survive in today's world of rapid media development, economic recession, profit-motivated society and the popular Hunger Race.

The major focus was on the slogan of "Real Learning For Real Life" which includes every socio-economic problem faced by an individual today. In a society where the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, UST took the first step in disclosing the secrets to a much better life in this imbalance. The name explains it all; Success Treasures which have not been explored yet!

Professionals with decades of experience in Journalism, entrepreneurship and Human sciences brought forward unheard motivational stories, facts and provided solutions to the problems faced by individuals and the society today. All this inspiration and self-revolution was brought to the audience in a fun and learning environment to maximize the impact our message had on those present.

The journey!

Although the wheels were set in motion months ago, they weren't to gain real momentum until January, when we finally decided that the event could no longer be delayed owing to several factors. Hence, the journey began! The STC Network is based in Karachi, so managing things from more than 1400 Kilometers away was a challenge in itself. But what was more amazing was the great help we received from our host in Islamabad, Bilal Naseer, and our organizers.

Coming all the way from Karachi to Islamabad on a train was Mustafa, along with his close friend and travel companion Ahmed Masroor, who was also one of the speakers at UST. The 25-hour journey, albeit tiring, must've been a memorable life experience (one I hope to reciprocate soon :). But if you think that's intimidating, it was nothing compared to the effort of many sleepless nights to make this event a success.

On the event

Islamabad is a beautiful green city. The scenic view of the Margalla Hills does much to refresh the mind and soul, especially on a cool and crisp Sunday morning. Consequently, our tiredness seemed to have vanished away as we moved out from our make-shift HQ in the F-8 Sector to arrive at the venue, Fiji's Grill in Blue Area - both located in clear vicinity of the Margalla Hills. Waiting for the audience to arrive, we didn't expect many to come by in the morning. But as they say, Islamabad sleeps early, ergo wakes up early as well. Hence, guests started to arrive around 10, and continued to arrive til 12.

The event officially kicked off at around 11am.

It was a long and hectic day. The effort put in by speakers and organizers cannot possibly be put into words, limited as they are. We had around 15 guest speakers scheduled in total for the event.
  • Dr. Rashid A. Raja - Psy.D., BCPC., HSPP. Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • TJ Hussain - Creator of Pakistan's first golf magazine
  • Commander Fayyaz - Clinical Psychologist, Pakistan Navy
  • Muhammad Usman Gulzari - Public Speaking Trainer & Coach
  • Binish Nauman – Spiritual Coach
  • Omar Javaid - Incharge of Center of Entrepreneurial Development at PAFKIET
  • Haider Haseeb – CEO at Planeteers Youth Based Organization
  • Abdul Sheikh tony – English Learning and Self Development
  • Ibraheem Ahmed – Serial Entrepreneur with OD trainings
  • Dr. Mayanaz (Nazo) – Expert in Human Psychology
  • Sardar Azam - HR Professional
  • Zeeshan Shafquat Malik – Motivational Speaker
  • Usama Shahid Khan – Entrepreneur
  • Ahmed Masroor – Social Entrepreneur
  • Irfan U Khan - Entrepreneur

Spotlight speakers

Spotlight speakers

In addition to the above speakers, we had some spotlight speakers who also blessed the audience with their precious ideas and vast experience.
  • Dr. Zsuzsanna Fajcsak - Her topic, Enlightening the Darkness - How to be the Entrepreneur of your life opened our eyes and made us realize the human perception is limited by his imagination. Being a psychologist, her mission is to make a difference and facilitate changes in people's lives reaching sustainable health and wealth. Although the longest, her session was the most interactive and the most fun, and the audience learned how to hug properly, among many other things :)


Hugs, hugs everywhere!
  • Abid Beli - Abid Beli, who had flew in for our event, and stayed with our team in the guest house. He did us the honor of kicking off the event, and had valuable insights into Entrepreneurship, Social Media, and cultivating lucrative business ideas.
Abid Beli
  • Harsh Agrawal - One of India's top Blogger, Harsh Agrawal was a huge source of inspiration to those present. The pro-blogger could not join us personally, so we had to contend with a video message that was motivational and educational at the same time!
  • Raza Rumi - The veteran TV Anchor, Economist and Social Activist with decades of experience had a lot of wise words to share with the audience. He talked about social problems, and how individuals can overcome them to inspire change in society. His words of wisdom shall no doubt be a valuable source of guidance for those present.
Mr Raza Rumi (left) and Abid Beli (Right)

Among the other special speakers present were Mr Rehan Allahwala, and Hammad Siddique, who also had tonnes of useful information to share with the audience. Unfortunately, Mohammad had to sacrifice his own presentation in order to make time for our special guest speakers, but his message was delivered at the Pakistan Festival 2014 in Karachi weeks later!

Special mentions

In wake of the success of the event, the efforts of the organizers cannot be questioned. Our special thanks goes out to hosts Saeeda Rhubab and Kashif Majeed who kept the show alive and the audience engaged! Kashif had traveled a long way, was tired and sleep-deprived, and yet was somehow able to pull it off! (He must be surviving on coffee or pain killers, I don't know :P All I know is, he didn't let his fatigue become evident, which is the mark of a great host).

Hosts - Kashif Majeed (left) and Saeeda Rhubab (right)

Kashif Majeed

Ahmed Masroor, our dear friend who came all the way from Karachi with Mohammad Mustafa also provided invaluable help with the organization. He spent sleepless nights with our team, preparing for the event. He was also one of the speakers, and enjoined people to his unique idea of empowering the rural masses to boost productivity. A key figure in the event without doubt.

Ahmed Masroor

Then, there were the organizers Muhammad Ahsan Qureshi, Haider, and Hassam Ahmed Awan who worked 24/7 to publicize and organize the event with us. I myself was part of the organizing team. A special shout-out to the organizers who made the event possible!

Speaking of which, how can we forget Bilal Naseer? The generosity of Bilal is only exceeded by his kindness and his devotion. I have no words to describe his hard-working and friendly self. Despite being a busy man, he devoted a lot of his time, capital and energy to this event. He even spent sleepless nights with our team, working out the final plans for the event. It was due to his efforts that the whole event went smoothly. In fact, it was his idea in the first place! Needless to say, this event wouldn't have been a success without this single most important pillar of a man!

Bilal Naseer (left) with Hassam Ahmed Awan (right)

Closing remarks

Alas, all good things must come to an end. The event was wound up by 7pm, after which we had some time for respite. Mesmerized once again by the evening beauty of the Federal Capital, we decided to take a drive to 'Daman-e-Koh' located at the Margalla foothills - the place that gives you an over-head view of Islamabad. I must admit that people like me who live in here take such places for granted. But for our friends from Karachi, it was an enjoyable experience, something they will definitely remember their trip to Islamabad by!

Faisal Mosque - View from Daman-e-Koh

The day ended on the flight back to Karachi, but a new book was born, with its very first chapter penned already. #UST2014 was just a one-day event, but it leaves behind a legacy, once that we shall fulfill in the years to come inshaAllah!

Looking forward to seeing you on our next event!

Note: Visit our UST Facebook Page for photos and videos :)

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