Presenting The Biggest conference on "Unexplored Success Treasures 2014"

Unexplored Success Treasures 2014 ConferenceSTC Network feels great honor to invite you to Pakistan's first Mega Conference entitled as "Unexplored Success Treasures".

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Unexplored Success Treasures (UST) is a one day Mega event organized by STC Network in Islamabad Fijji’s Grill. It is the first event of its kind that will bring country's renowned entrepreneurs, TV anchors, Social Activists, Psychologists, Analysts, Bloggers and Expert authors on a single platform, face to face with an extremely enthusiastic young audience from across the country. The event aims at educating the new youth with all skills and tactics needed to survive in today's world of rapid media development, economic recession, profit motivated society and the popular Hunger Race. It focuses widely on the slogan of Real Learning For Real Life which includes every socio-economic problems faced by an individual today. We aim at bringing entertainment, Inspiration and Self Revolution all on a single platform. In a society where Rich is getting richer and Poor getting poorer, UST is taking the first step to disclose the secrets to a much better life in this imbalance. Professionals with 25 years of experience in Journalism, entrepreneurship and Human sciences, will bring forward unheard motivational stories, facts and provide solutions to the problems faced by Pakistan today.


Spot Light Speakers

Keeping the importance of growing problems faced by youth such as depression, hopelessness and growing sense of inferiority complex, we have managed to bring professional speakers from across the country to address this issue with their expert knowledge and self experienced stories. Our spotlight speakers are known internationally for spreading awareness and enlightenment amongst the youth. They have conducted a number of seminars, conferences in prestigious institutes both at national and international level.

I feel great honor to introduce our exclusive Speaker and Chief Guest, Raza Rumi

raza rumi on Seedi Baat StudioProbably we all know this genius. He is a renowned TV Anchor Person and host of the live Show "Seedi Baat" on Capital TV, now working with Express News TV. Economist and governance expert with 20 years of work experience in Asia-Pacific and the Balkans. Executive Director at INP-Network for Rights and Justice and Senior Fellow at The Jinnah Institute.

Raza has been contributing regularly for the Pakistani weekly The Friday Times, Express Tribune, The News and Daily DAWN on myriad topics such as politics, foreign policy, history, arts, literature and society. It is no less than an honor that he accepted our invitation and agreed to share his valuable thoughts with all of us.

UST 2014 Spotlight Speakers

 UST 2014 Spotlight Speakers

"15" Top-Notch Speakers

Following is the complete list of all professionals who will bless the audience with their precious ideas and Field knowledge.

  1. Dr. Rashid A. Raja - Psy.D., BCPC., HSPP. Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  2. TJ Hussain - Creator of Pakistan's first golf magazine
  3. Saeeda Rubab - Counsellor at willingways Dr sadaqat clinic
  4. Muhammad Usman Gulzari - Public Speaking Trainer & Coach
  5. Binish Nauman – Spiritual Coach
  6. Omar Javaid - Incharge of Center of Entrepreneurial Development at PAFKIET
  7. Haider HaseebCEO at Planeteers Youth Based Organization
  8. Abdul Sheikh tonyEnglish Learning and Self Development
  9. Ibraheem AhmedSerial Entrepreneur with OD trainings
  10. Dr. Mayanaz (Nazo) – Expert in Human Psychology
  11. Sardar Azam - HR Professional
  12. Zeeshan Shafquat MalikMotivational Speaker
  13. Usama Shahid Khan – Entrepreneur
  14. Ahmed Masroor – Social Entrepreneur
  15. Irfan U Khan - Entrepreneur
Love entertainment?

To add some entertainment spice, we invited the famous musical Band of Pakistan - "The Pindi Boys" These guys will force you to rock and roll as the even starts :)


A lavish environment awaits all our participants. Deep in the center of Capital City, Islamabad, resides the city's best Café - Fijji's Grill

Fijji's Grill is the best dining sensation for ISLAMABAD that can marvel your taste buds, excite your appetite, redefine your concept of dining and will remind you to come again and again.

UST's lavish Lunch will be served at 2:00 PM sharp along with some entertainment by our Pindi Boys!


Block A, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan

051-2871033, 0300 5501600

Fijji's Grill Cafe Islamabad


Facebook Event Page!

Track all important updates related to UST 2014 on its official event page. You may join your friends and friends of friends to this spectacular event!


The entire conference will be video recorded and circulated widely via Social Media Network and all blogs served by STC Network. We have already started our Print and Electronic Media Publicity. Due to seat limitations, we will accept registrations till 20 February only. Hurry up and reserve your seats now!

Booking and Registration

Event Date: February 23, 2014 ,

Timing: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Venue: Fijji's Grill, Islamabad

Tickets Fare: 1000/=

Organizing Committee Head: Bilal Naseer



Based on the feedback we received from students at large we are dropping the ticket cost to 1000/=
Please bring the despot slip on event day.Announcements in universities like FAST are going on. You can also get the tickets from the ambassadors in your universities.

Account details:
Account Title: Muhammad Bilal Nasr
Account Number: 0113-2090376-006
Bank: Faysal Bank Limited
Main Branch Islamabad.

PS: Children Strictly not allowed.

UST Booking and Registeration

Why Should You Come?

Event is also orientated towards a Talent HUNT in finding Pakistan's best entrepreneurs, Authors, Bloggers, speakers, IT professionals etc. Special Gift Hampers will be awarded to participants taking part in Q&A sessions. Each Participant will get a certificate and special recognition by us. All interviews will be carefully recorded by our Video Studio Group and circulated virally across the web.

Hearing intellectuals back in 2007 encouraged me to launch my Online Business, then came a time when we started giving presentations in different institutions of the country which changed several students lives who are now active entrepreneurs and running businesses of their own. But this time we have gathered the best minds and geeks on a single platform that will take you out-of the limited thinking box and let you realize the treasures which you have kept hidden within you and never tried exploring them. It's time to build some serious professional relationships, meet experts, ask them questions and get out of the limitations that has restricted your life not to do BIG! Find out how great you are, gifted with a priceless life that if you put on a right track could turn your dreams into reality. All of these speakers are common people just like you, you must discover for yourself what turned them socially active and successful.  2014 awaits you to kick start your True Life, explore your biggest powers and setup your Dream Empire. Do you dare thinking Big? If yes then this event is all about you! 

Let us hear!

MBT Readers living in nearby areas are requested to get registered the sooner possible. Active Readers will be promoted and introduced exclusively. They will be my guests the next day. We wish to help you the best we can. I hope this small effort turns fruitful in changing more lives and we may succeed in our aim to eradicate the sense of hopelessness amongst youth. We love you all and we wish to see you in UST 2014.  So who is coming to Islamabad?  =D

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  1. You are back with a bang :)
    i am looking forward to it .....

    1. This event is of great importance to even fellows from India because we will publish the recorded clips across all web platforms :)

  2. Hi Mustafa Ahmedzai,
    I truly appreciate the efforts you have started putting again in the blogosphere, I personally Know Abid Beli, Rehan Allahwala who are very professional entrepreneurs, specifically Rehan Allahwala is a great person who has been in the news for decades, he gives tremendous motivation to the youth during seminars and other events. He's also a key speaker at international seminars worldwide. I'm Sure You three 1. Mustafa, Rehan & Abid will cover all the aspects of entrepreneurship, Social Media & Online Business during this event.

    Wish you all the best - Abdul Wali from

    1. Indeed Wali. Rehan Allawala and Abid and even the rest of our speakers are the gems and stars of our country. We are so blessed to have them all on a single platform.

      Don't include me because I am just a common man struggling to bring love and joy together, everywhere I travel. ;)

  3. i lkie it and i share this post on my wall google plus

  4. Awesome, really Awesome !

    STC is getting bigger and bigger and my prayers and wishes are always with you Bro :-)

    1. Not STC Network dear Haider, talented and skilled entrepreneurs like you who wish to share their experience with the rest of the world. :)

      Would have loved to see you in UST 0214

  5. Mustafa Ahmedzai, Glad to hear From A Momentous Conference and Would
    be hope it is Biggest Successful conference, God bless you.

    I wish STC conference Colorful and Memorable Success.

    1. Thank you so much dear Noufal Binu :)
      your feedback and consistent motivation is all that keeps us alive. Much appreciated that!

  6. Mustafa is a living legend and very good speaker and an entreprenuer who is a motivation for us all. I strongly recommend all to attend this event. Attending his workshops gives you some extraordinary experience.

    President NED Entreprenuership Society

    1. Oh that is too big a complement for a common man Ali! You made a small man smile today. Thank you :)

      With people like you around, and talented speakers of this conference UST will surely turn out to be the most successful conference ever conducted inshAllah

  7. Mustafa is Awesome.

  8. My boss, my brother, my guru and my mentor, I am soo soo soo proud of you :)

    I am certainly looking forward to hear more on this from you on MBT. I wish I could make it up this time but no worries, this time Brother Qasim will do the honors :)

    More power brother!


    1. Oh finally you shared your chilly Feedback sis! ;)

      Thank you nida means a lot. I wish you could take leave from your busy job and had accompanied us on this crazy adventure :)

  9. Marketing? +Mohammad Mustafa ? :P :D

    Good luck for this conference!

  10. Marketing? +Mohammad Mustafa ? :P :D

    Good luck for this conference!

  11. Sir In India When u r going to conduct Such a gr8 Programs

  12. Is there any option to view this program live

  13. Mustafa Ahmedzai I really like your work. Good luck for your future.

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