Major Changes To AdSense Terms and Conditions

Google AdSense TOS
Google AdSense is a very large advertising solution for publishers, probably one of the best of its kind. With the addition of various features to the AdSense service, Google has had to update its Terms of Service, as much has changed since they were last drafted. Google has made a few changes to the AdSense Terms and Conditions, and the updated terms can be seen by logging into an AdSense account. Users have to accept these new terms if they want to continue using AdSense. We'll review the major changes made in these terms for you.

From the looks of it, the changes in the terms and conditions aren't radical - nothing that will change user-experience. But there are, however, changes worth noting, especially for people living in the Asia Pacific region. And users, after-all, have to re-accept the terms and conditions before they can use the service again.

As per Google AdSense current terms and conditions, Google is obliged to notify users at least 30 days before any change in its TOS (Terms of Service), so these new updates won't take effect until next month.

When logging in to your account after the changes have been made, you’ll see a notification that presents you with the updated Terms and prompts you to accept them. Within this notification, you can view the new terms and conditions in detail. Note, that one of your account administrators must accept the updated Terms in order for you to access your account and use the AdSense product.

Changes in the Terms and Conditions

Mobile properties

The influence and popularity of mobile web has grown tremendously, and is the trend for 2013. As a result, Google AdSense is now trying to expand their Terms in order to cover mobile properties. These will also incorporate guidelines for using products like the AdMob SDK, and Google Affiliate Network etc.

For people in the Asia-Pacific region

For user accounts based in the Asia-Pacific region, Google AdSense is in the process of transitioning those accounts from Google, Inc. or Google Ireland Ltd. to Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. This step aims at improving better regional support for payment issues, but will not effect the way payments are handled. You can view the list of countries now under Google Asia Pacific here.

Transparency and clarity

The goal of these new Terms is to ensure transparency, and to make things as clear as possible to the users. As a result, Google AdSense is trying to make it easier for users to navigate and find what they're looking for.

If you have questions regarding Google AdSense or its terms, then please feel free to talk to us in the comments section below. Cheers :)

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