Mohammad's Exclusive Live Interview on Planet FM 94

Mohammad on Panet FM 94This is a quick post to inform all our readers and dedicated contributors that I will be giving an Exclusive Live Interview on behalf of STC Network to Radio  Planet FM 94 this Saturday from 1:00 PM onwards till 3:30 PM. The show will be hosted by country wide renown RJ and Pakistan Media Awards 2012 Nominee RJ Haroon. The Interview is a two and a half hours consecutive Nationwide Broadcast on the most searched topic "How to Make Money Online From your Living Room?". The interview will be Live on every smartphone, PC, and Radio connected to FM 94 audio stream. You can hear it Live via any mobile device if you live in Pakistan or you can hear it Live using the Official Pakistan Radio website. Both our National and International readers have a great opportunity to discover the methods and strategies that we have been following for years  and which has made a small kid like me into a grown up entrepreneur today with a fully established business recognized by Federal Board of Revenue Pakistan.

Update: LUCKY DRAW! 2 Dinner Vouchers of SUBWAY To Live Callers!

STC Network was a dream I started with this blog that you are reading at this moment and just within 3 years this little company (thanks to you all!) has become the source of motivation for over thousands of youngsters, housewives, jobless and retirees to understand the concept of Online earning and making a lucrative Income Online. What made me or some of my friends working with me succeed? For this you must not miss this longest interview of my five years of Online career!

Alhamdulillah I have tried my level best by reaching almost every renown academic institute in Karachi and today to convey my small message to a much bigger crowd I have decided a country wide tour. This Radio interview is my first attempt to encourage every new School boy, jobless or graduate to believe in himself and live a life that is financially independent and a Life that deserves to be respected and honored for decades. I have two events in Karachi and one in Islamabad next month. But this interview is the one where I will speak out my heart to my brothers and sisters across the country who deserves to the know the truth about a much more reliable and Practical future. Throughout our childhood we have been told  lies about Struggle and Survival and the focus has always been Job orientated. Middle Class People in Pakistan and India rarely believe on the true power and potential of TCP/IP World Wide Web. It made a lazy and effortless kid like me into a grown up entrepreneur, it can surely transform anyone's life if he applies the true magic strategies that Internet Marketers across the world has applied for years and established a venture which speaks for itself.

The Recorded Clip:

You can now watch and download the entire recorded clip from here:

The Chit Chat

Throughout the interview, we will cover almost anything that comes under the category of Earning through World wide web. The main topics of discussion would be:

  1. Types of Online businesses
  2. Advertising Networks - PPC, CPA, CPC, CPM etc.
  3. SEO and SEM
  4. Affiliate Marketing - The Working strategies
  5. Black Hat Techniques - concept of Halal and Haram Earning.
  6. Underground world of Freelancing Communities - Good/Bad Realties
  7. Blogging, Blogosphere - The Misuse
  8. The underestimated Golden Eggs!
  9. Blunt Lies being told at School, Colleges and Universities!
  10. Your Priceless Assets, resources and their smart use.
  11. The Fake Earning Mechanisms Online and the Black Giants
  12. Some Funny yet practical real life stories! ;)

Don't Forget to Call!

Planet FM94 Call NumberIts not a talk between RJ Haroon or me, but a friendly discussion in open environment with participating minds. You can surely ring Haroon using PTCL or your Mobile Phone at this number:

  • FM94 Live Calling Number: 051 9209494

The interview will be in English. So you must not hesitate to share your ideas, ask for a techy idea or discuss your random thoughts. I would especially love to hear form MBT readers and for that I have kept two interesting Prizes! :D

Prizes to Live Callers!

Readers who would call me and introduce themselves as MBT readers would get three amazing gifts as a token of favour:

  • A Free $5 Ticket to my coming event in August entitled "BluePrint To PlanB"
  • A Guest Post at MBT with a Rich PR5 Backlink and the most desired 65K Limelight!
  • 1 Hour Free Business Consultancy with me. Ask anything you want!

The guest post opportunity will be given to the Caller with the most interesting and logical Question. The tickets and Business Consultancy can be distributed to at least 3 Live Callers. So make sure you meet me face to face on coming Mega Event in Karachi! I would love to sit and talk with you buddies! Please do not miss this opportunity, I am not sure if I would ever live long to be that generous in future but this time I want to help as much as I can.

2 Dinner Vouchers To SUBWAY!

Based on the amazing Feedback, FM94 is also giving "2 Dinner Vouchers of SUBWAY" to Live Callers through a Lucky Draw in todays show!
So Make sure you don't miss so many amazing prizes.

Here are the Calling Details
  • Call RJ Haroon at 051 9209494

  • The Standard US Time is 3am to 5am
    Standard Time Islamabad is 1pm to 3:30pm
    For our Indian Readers it is 1:30pm to 4:00pm

International Listeners

For international readers who may not have a direct access to the broadcast locally can hear this interesting interview live by following this simple method:

  1. Visit Radio Pakistan Website
  2. Move your Cursor to the Audio Streaming tab in the menu and click MP3 or WMA under Planet FM94 as shown in the image below:

FM94 audio streaming

    3. For best audio quality install VLC Player (Google it)


Recorded Live Stream

I will make sure that the entire Interview is recorded. I will upload and add it here once it is available. But please make sure you tune to this FM channel on time and get life changing benefits out of that interesting Chit Chat (disclosing several smart earning strategies and undisclosed Online realities) that would take place this Saturday at RADIO FM94 English premium channel from 1;00 PM to 3;30 PM. Hosted by RJ Haroon, talking to whom would no less be an honor.

Are you ready?

If you have any questions please post your queries below. I am more excited to receive Live Calls from MBT readers and personally invite them to our upcoming Mega Event. I Love you all buddies, please give me a chance so that I could personally meet you and thank you for keeping me alive all these years. I hope my little efforts may motivate many youngsters to better apply their skills online and to protect their misuse both Online and Offline. You guys are no less than a Gem - its just that no one ever guided you properly! Wishing you a healthy and peaceful life dear buddies. See you at Radio Station! :>

Note: Please share this post with all your loved ones and colleagues. Help us reach your loved ones through your contribution. Inform everyone you know and tell them, they deserve to know the truth!

A Special thanks to RJ Haroon and FM94 for giving us the honor of conveying our message to nationwide audience.

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  1. Best of luck Bro :-)

    You are truly an Inspiration bro

    1. You are an inspiration for me too haider. We all learn and groom together. thanks for the kind feedback always! :)

      Haider Don't you have anything to ask? We can count your question in!

    2. Me and Inspiration :P Nice Joke bro :-D

      Well no Question but i really want you to make your readers to focus on one point strongly for a Successful business. Not only business but everything in life


      That's all ;)

    3. Those words have a lot of weight haider. Trust me patience and tolerance are the key components to any business success, without which you barely can think of achieving long term goals. Thank you man for that great input! :)

  2. Wow awesome opportunity for bloggers to meet with Muhammad by live calls. thanks

    1. Don't you dare calling then! =p

      Would love to hear from you hafeez. Thanks a millions!

  3. I don't want to miss this opportunity :)

    1. It would be no less than a pleasure to meet you Gagan. do honor us with your interesting question. :)

  4. Good Luck. I will try to get time and listen to you.

  5. Thats great Mustafa brother,
    You have written that interview will of 3 and a half hours. and mentioned timing is from 1:00PM to 3:30PM (2.5 hours)
    which one is correct? ;)

    1. Ahmed thanks for pointing that out. My bad. Just forgot that the timings had been changed, previously we had planned it from 12:00 noon onwards but later they had different plans. Thank you! Do share your valuable views with us on Saturday. :)

  6. vow; tonight I have no option but glue to Radio FM 94; I have little experience of Radio that is why I am dmaned sure I won't be able to connect; so I am posting my question here just hoping you may include it in your live broad cast.
    Q: Should a blogger marry a girl who is also blogger; if yes should he marry a blogger girl working in same niche or it is better she should be in another niche.

    1. Hey Muba, I must tell you I loved your question! That is hilarious yet makes sense. I would love to answer it on Saturday by quoting your name. You know I recently got engaged so this question makes a lot of sense now. =p

      Why worry connection when you can hear it live from their website?

  7. best of luck bro.. i am lots of inspire of you because i lots of learn day by day .. thanks

  8. Nice one bro Muhammad... I wish to be like you someday!

    1. You are a hundred times better than me already Victor. Trust me.

  9. I am running a blog for the past several months and it is doing good. Though it has lot of potential, i am not able to grow after a point. I want your assistance and review in this.
    My blog is
    I tried implementing few widgets and social plug ins by following your step by step instructions, but none worked. I am not sure about the issue. Please assist me.

    1. Rekha you are lucky that you are at least receiving traffic at your blog because I just reviewed your blog and there are a list of things you have not even tried which could have marketed the blog to somewhere far ahead of MBT itself.

      We recently optimized & designed and she is doing amazing today just by applying our simple strategies.

      You may contact us for complete details on what you must do.

  10. MBT is truly a responsible,educational,reputable and inspiring site with high quality and standards!

    Hi,i'm from Malaysia and i really feel very happy with the team and Mohammad's great performances after all these year of learning from his tutorials!

    Due to the internet connection is not very stable in my area recently,i choose to leave my question here =)

    Here's a small question from Malaysia!
    May i know can we continue rely on Google's to create a Website and blogging platform to Make Money Online in future?

    Thank You & GOOD LUCK Bro on your
    Saturday Exclusive Live Interview!

    Warren Kuan

    1. You know warren how much I love Malaysia Myself. thank you for being a dedicated reader for so many years. I have learnt a lot form Malaysian developers and you guys are extra ordinary!

      I noted down your question and will quote your name and reply it. Stay tuned! :)

    2. Thank you bro!I'm listening to Planet94 now! Can't wait to listen to you!! :)

  11. Mustafa Bhai i feel Ashamed to ask the damn question here...but i feel confident of myself you will not refuse my question...but what to do i often content you when you are replying the commentators....

    Please Answer me the 2 questions....?

    1: Mohammad bhai how rich income ways approve by BSA...their criteria is touching the sky.....i see that RIW is now under 1 lac and have no page rank then how it approved by BSA.....yesterday i apply for BSA but disapprove i have 36,000 pageviews and i think rich income is still getting 16k impression...So please let me know how RIW approve by BSA...because we heard that BSA needs 50,000 unique page views...

    2: Also describe me the last few lines that i received from BSA......It means that now i will banned for 6 months to apply again for BSA or should to go after 2 months....?

    Read BSA message:

    As BuySellAds continues to expand, so does our advertiser base. Hit us up again in 6 months and maybe we'll be able to welcome you into the fold with confidence. In the meantime, we know there are a ton of ad networks to choose from, and we appreciate you thinking of us.

    So please share your thoughts with me...what is the whole process when to go for BSA and why they disapprove me....and how RIW approved...?

    Thanks and hope for earlier reply...bundles of thanks....Hunger to see your reply.

    1. Here is your answer Hafeez:

      RIW is approved quickly by BSA because STC network is already their premium publisher since 2009, and when a publisher have previously approved sites by BSA then their new sites may easily be accepted by BSA regardless impressions and Page Rank etc, but the must consider the content and the design of the new sites. And you know MBT is a older publisher of BSA and also looks great in the eyes of advertisers and same goes for SEM and RIW.

      If your site is disapproved, you can work on the design and content of the site during the next 6 months, make it unique in the eyes of the world. Produce quality and unique content and make better than better. After 6 months you should apply again, because if you applied before that, you might be disapproved again. Meanwhile, test other ad networks to monetize your blog.

      And this is Wali from

    2. Thanks Wali bhai for giving me the best answer of the question. Bundles of thanks...and you do not need to say i am wali from online bro.......I considered you as Teacher we have learned many mores from online ustaad since 2012. We are still loving you and your blogs. Best of luck. May you live long.

  12. Assalam O Alikum Muhammad Mustafa bro,
    First of all I congrats you on getting success day by day and May Allah Tala give more which is better for you. Now if you have time, i know you are so busy, then check my blog and give me some suggestion for the improvement.

  13. Great Post Brother

    I still have my question pending, I have an approved youtube adsense account but do not have adsense approved account for website. How can i approved adsense account for website. Please help

  14. Mohammad u r reall an inspiration for me

  15. In fact created more and more internet entrepreneurs!! (Live from the Planet94 interview~)

  16. Although Missed this wonderful opportunity due to my travel.. but congratulations mustafa bro for another successful step towards your path of success and satisfaction.plz upload the recorded version as soon as possible.

  17. Hey mustafa,

    My blog is i want you to check my blog and give some motivational ways to improve it.

  18. Assalam-o-Alikum Sir your blog template is amazing. I like that you always motivates new bloggers towards blogging. Sir please suggest me a Topic I want to start a blog.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Asalam o Alaikum. Dear Mohammad, it's been since few months i am trying to contact you. actually i am interested in starting entrepreneurship career in the field of blogging. So i need a lot of your help in regards of WEB DESIGNING, DEVELOPMENT AND Blog Marketing. I hope you may apply to my query, better if i would be given your personal contact number to discuss further details over phone call.


  21. OO Shitt I miss it i want to talk with you ......

  22. MBT is always for us. We love to hear great words from mustafa sir. I have gone through all the video and learnt some tips. Do you know guys I have made an article that changed voice from video into text so go ahead and see what mustafa sir explains...

    Link to article : Live Talk With Mustafa Sir(MBT) at FM 94

  23. Congratz n Best of Luck !!! :D

  24. Nice. I am a big fan of yours an learning so many tips from your blog. Keep it up. God Bless you

  25. Oh Nice i am very thanksful Muhammad bhai