Watch Live Hangouts of AdSense Experts on Mobile Optimized Sites

Google AdSense 10 Challenge
If you still haven't learnt about the AdSense 10 Challenge, then you have been missing out on a lot of opportunities to learn and explore new things! Google launched the AdSense 10 Challenge in June as a way to help publishers become AdSense experts, and meet members of the AdSense community online. Since then, loads and loads of people have joined in and caught the action live on their computer screens through various Hangouts on Google+. If you've missed all of the happenings, worry not! There are still two more weeks to go, and you can catch the last few lectures where AdSense Experts will be talking about AdSense for mobile optimized sites.

What is the AdSense 10 Challenge?

The AdSense 10 Challenge was launched on June 25th, and was scheduled for 10 weeks, ending on 30th August. Each week, Google hosts three Hangouts. On Tuesdays, people get to learn about topics as listed in the agenda by the top experts. On Wednesdays, successful publishers get to share their experiences, and on Fridays, a Q&A section is held where people can ask questions regarding the topic of the week. This way, in 10 topics are going to be covered in 10 weeks.

These topics range from optimization opportunities and Google Analytics, to user experience and A/B testing. AdSense experts have also discussed strategies and best practices with successful publishers and optimization experts over the course of the challenge.

So, what's left?

If you have been following the sessions, then you're in good luck. But even if you haven't, you needn't worry. Because although a lot of important topics have already been discussed, a couple most important ones still remain, and you can still catch them before they slip past too.

Coming up

Week 9 (20th August)

Titled Mobile: The Time Is Now, this Hangout will explore the importance of having a mobile-optimized site, how to create one, and what you can do to capitalize on mobile opportunities. In addition, it will review some of the best practices and will introduce a new mobile monetization solution from Google.
Week 10 (27th August)

Grow and Engage with Google+. The title itself is pretty  self explanatory. With social media growing in popularity every day, it’s becoming increasing important to have a strong online presence. This presentation will provide an overview of how Google+ can be used to grow your site traffic and engage your users
If you have missed any of the hangouts, you can still catch the recordings of the previous 8 weeks, along with their corresponding community sessions by following this archive link. And if you have questions that you need to ask us, please feel free to drop your comments in the comments section below. Cheers :)

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