How To add a "Click to Tweet" link to Quotes within your posts?

Click To Tweet - Create Customized Tweets
Tweet buttons on a website allows users to tweet the link to a post or page, along with its entire meta title. But the title isn't always what you want users to tweet, since it is designed with SEO in mind, and could look unseemly and out of place on Twitter. Instead, you might want users to tweet about an interesting fact, a quote or an opinion. Wouldn't it be cool if users could simply tweet that specific quote or fact by just clicking on a link or button? Check out how to create "Click to Tweet" links for quotes within your posts or pages.


ClickToTweet is a small online tool that will let you easily create tweet-able text. Before you use it, you first need to have your content ready.

For example, let's say you are writing a post on some Facebook statistics, and you have a stat that says something like;

The total number of Facebook likes since launch is over 1.13 Trillion

...and you want users to tweet this interesting figure.
  • First, get your text ready (it would be very similar to the quote I've written above, with only a slight difference. For example, "Did you know, since its Launch, the total number of Facebook likes has crossed 1.13 Trillion!"
  • Next, generate a shortlink to your article, or a section of your article. You can use any of the shortening services such as Bitly.
  • Next, take your text, your short link, and your twitter name, and combine it, making sure it all looks like a tweet, and fits into 140 characters. It could look something like this;
Did you know, since its Launch, the total number of Facebook likes has crossed 1.13 Trillion! (via @qasimzaib)
  • Paste this into the ClickToTweet text area, and click on the Generate Link button.
ClickToTweet interface

You will get a link which you can paste wherever you want in your post. Mine looks like this; Let's go ahead and test it out. Check out the final implementation of this nice little feature below.
If you click on the tweet link, you'll see that you'll be prompted to tweet it just the way we wanted above. Just try it out!

Got any questions? Feel free to ask in the comments section below. Cheers :)

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