Success Secrets of Pete Cashmore who started blogging at age 19

mashable and pete cashmoreFor any field that you might pick for yourself, has its own benchmarks of perfection and if you talk about blogging, Mashable is a winner here. No matter which niche you choose for your blog, there is no doubt that the best place to grab your hands on the latest news related to the online world and social media network is mashable. We have been advising our newbie readers to keep their eyes on sites like mashable as following sites which breaks headlines is something that always brings you not only a boost in readership, but also a quick revenue.

What I now believe after reading many success stories is that entrepreneurs are born that way actually, and a good example here is of Pete Cashmore, the mashable-man!

Mashable-The Inside!

Covering every minute aspect related to social media, technology, news and what not, Mashable is the largest independent online news site. The site that was launched back in 2005 is now enjoying a respectable alexa rank of 361, with more than 20 million unique visitors a month and 6 million social media followers. What makes this site unique is its reliability and quickness when it comes to cracking the latest news. Mashable is now headquartered in New York City and also has an office in San Francisco.

Secret#1 : Pete Cashmore and his childhood!

There is one thing very special about the fortunate people; they experience something misfortunate and that very incident becomes a turning point of life. What made Pete Cashmore what he is now, was his surgery of vermiform appendix at the age of 13. Although the surgery was a complete success, the recovery was even harder and due to his illness, Pete had to skip his school for complete rest. While being at home, he started peeping in to many blogs and started learning from what was shared on those sites.

Secret#2: Pete never told parents until his first success!

Been locked in a room, all busy with your machine and doing something attentively makes parents suspicious, and that’s true, isn't it? However, Pete was a lucky one here; probably some credit goes to his illness too that his parents never questioned him about what he was up to all day long. All that they predicted was that Pete was busy in something and wanted to make some money online.

Secret#3: Mashable born at the age of 19!

In 2005, after learning all that was needed, Pete founded mashable that primarily focused on social media and technology initially. He was only 19 at that time and was living in Scotland with his parents.

Secret#4: Pete hasn't slept at nights since a long time!

After getting a considerable response from his home country, Pete realized that targeting Britain only would not work and for that he planned a different strategy. As much of the work was done in America, he decided to reschedule his life to be available on those hours that could bring better results by targeting audience from America as well. If you are a pro-blogger, you must have understood his logic behind doing so, time really matters!
pete cashmore

He started writing and posting at night and used to sleep few hours in the morning. Most of us, whether it be students or bloggers know how bad it really is to be up all night and compensate the loss in daytime.

Pete, in an interview shared:
'Cause I quickly realized, Well, Britain's not gonna be a big enough market, and most of the stuff is happening in America anyway. So, I need to be on those hours. So, maybe I'd go to bed at 6:00 AM, 7:00 AM, maybe I'd be up by mid-day and writing again, and every time that just burned me down. What I would do at weekends, I would... Friday night I would say, okay, there is no news that's gonna happen, I would just sleep all of Saturday, I'd wake up on Sunday morning. And hopefully, I had recovered enough that I could start blogging again, 'cause the news cycle doesn't stop, and I went on for a long time. That was probably 18 months or so, when it was just me up at bizarre hours. Sleeping in the morning, not getting any sunlight, and it really drains you.’

Secret#5: Success in 18 months!

It was amusing for him also to figure out mashable’s popularity and the fact that there were about two million people reading mashable content a month by the end of 18 months.

Secret#6: “Have I beaten Yesterday?”

Every successful man has got his own rules to follow and Pete has this question to answer daily. He revealed once that what matters to him is the fact that whether his today is better than his yesterday or not! If yes, it’s a satisfaction!

Secret#7: Mashable-a team of more than 50 people!

When your work gets recognition, you need to produce even better. Being all alone in a business might help you in keeping all the revenue with yourself, the revenue been generated, however, is pretty less. Pete has now more than 50 people working for him and enjoying a reasonable share in the returns.

So, that’s all for now, but there is one thing for sure, Pete is one of those lucky people on earth who find their talent at initial stages of life and learn how to cash it.

More power to him,

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