Replace your blogspot domain with a Dot com domain From Godaddy

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One thing that makes people, who want to start a blog, hesitate is the set up of a custom domain. Even people who have a free blog don't immediately want to move to a custom domain, because it all seems like a a lot of work, and too complicated at that. Many are unsure as to where they should get a domain from, and are afraid they'll get scammed online. We have compiled this small guide to help such people overcome their hesitation, and take the big step that will essentially influence the growth of their blog. For this purpose, we walk you through Domain setup from GoDaddy, a large and reputable domain registrar.

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Before we move on, let me remind you that this post is a continuation of our Blogging Guide for Beginners series. If you have missed something, you can find it below.
Part 2Replace your blogspot domain with a Dot com domain From Godaddy

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What is GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is a large and reliable domain registrar and web hosting company that serves millions of domains - so you can be sure that they won't be running away with your money. The best thing I like about GoDaddy is, it is integrated into Google Blogger. If you have a Blogger blog, you can simply buy a domain from inside your Blog's dashboard!

Why choose GoDaddy?

GoDaddy offers some of the cheapest domain rates you could get anywhere. Their .com domains (which are usually the most expensive) can be purchased for as low as $10 (even $7 using some discount offers). They also give you plenty of features you can employ to extend the functionality of your blog.

  • Hosting with site builder - A basic free and easy to use website builder for beginners who'd like to make a small website of their own in no time at all
  • Easy starter guide - A detailed step-by-step guide to help beginners get started online
  • Personalized emails - Get your own email addresses ( instead of the conventional (or similar) emails
  • Sub-domains - Create personalized sub-domains such as instead of just
  • Domain forwarding - Easily forward or redirect to another domain
  • And much more.....

Buying a domain

Buying a domain through Blogger is extremely easy. From your dashboard, click on Settings. Under the Publishing section, click on the Add a custom domain option.

Buying a domain through Blogger

You will get an option to choose from among a list of top-level domains (.com, .net etc). Choose any, and then continue to next step. Blogger will check with GoDaddy whether your domain is available or not. If it is, you can continue to domain registration, which is basically a form you have to fill.

Once filled, you can proceed to Google Checkout. It will ask for your credit card details, and will charge you only $10. Once the transaction is successful, you're all done! Sit back and relax as the Blogger team sets up and configures your DNS settings. Once this is over, you will be able to access your site at!

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