Meet Chef LoOny!

Chef loOny - a Blogging Buddy

At last 2013 greeted us with a complete new transformation. MBT is now wearing a new dress, certainly version 2.0 of its theme transformation. The blue and black layout has been replaced with a far better solid structure, colored in green and grayish black. With Google's great emphasis on a better core HTML structure and fast loading content, we had to make some serious changes to the template by replacing every single bit of the old user interface with something more favorable and interesting.The template is a result of one week of continuous Graphic and Coding exercise. In order to add further fun to this new MBT environment and especially to better promote our idea of a blog kitchen and its delicious recipes, I spared few more working hours in giving birth to an extremely helpful partner, called "Chef LoOny" :)

Who exactly LoOny is?

The name 'LoOny' is inspired from a nick name of one of my bestest friends ever. For some reasons life takes new cycles unwillingly but to preserve that person forever in my life, I am terming this promotional character of STC Network as LoOny as an honor to that friend for as long as blogging goes on.

LoOny will appear next to our blog logo in every advertisement be that a street marketing campaign or an online one. Our future presentations and workshops will be conducted under the title of LoOny. We have adopted this strategy  in order to turn the traditional way of transferring Online Business Ideas to general public in a more interactive and innovative style.

Chef LoOny will be responsible for answering readers' queries and solving their problems on our 24/7 free Help and Consultancy forums (i.e. Our Kitchens). In short he is your new blogging counselor

Posts covering each recipe of a particular Kitchen will be published one after another this week. A lot of fun is coming buddies, make sure you don't miss this free golden opportunity of turning your blogging dream into a real lucrative income.

The Change?

To give you an idea of the differences between the old and new layout, I am presenting two screenshots. In order to discover what changes have we made, please take a tour of the new design to investigate it yourself.

Previous Design: v1.0

old MybloggerTricks Design look

I will surely release v1.0 of MBT design and make it available for free download. Its structure is as strongly coded as that of Salahuddin's

New Design: v2.0

new MybloggerTricks Design look

This image speaks enough! :)

What about some Freebies?

We love serving our readers with new and more exciting freebies. To make this exciting news more worthwhile, I am sharing two free Desktop wallpapers of Chef LoOny that you may put on your walls to keep yourselves blogHolic day and night! =p

Chef LoOny as a Super Star!

1600X900, PNG

Download Now!

Chef LoOny wallpaper - SuperStar


Chef LoOny as a Professor!

1600X900, JPEG

Download Now!

Chef LoOny wallpaper - Professor


The Vector Character above is a part of our premier service we introduced last week. You may not use the image for commercial or reselling purposes. All rights for the Blog Style Sheets, Scripts and Vector Images are strictly reserved by  STC Network

Failure to comply will result in a forced action by DMCA and Google Blogger.

Your views?

I tried my best to transform the blog in a shape that may prove to be a peaceful place  for you all to browse and learn without getting eye burns. Colors and font sizes are chosen keeping in mind an age group of 13-50. We could not further enhanced the post width and font size due to web standards. Some pages like the contact us page and HTML editor still needs an update. We will update them very soon. Please mention any design conflict issues you may experience and do not forget to tell us if this new dress lives up to your expectation!

I just hope this little blog serves its purpose of serving the community in the most interesting way possible. I will be replying all your queries by tomorrow and I hope with the introduction of kitchens, you can then expect a reply within 24 hours. Chef loOny wont disappoint you. I promise! :)

If you don't want to get yourself into Serious Technical Trouble while editing your Blog Template then just sit back and relax and let us do the Job for you at a fairly reasonable cost. Submit your order details by Clicking Here »


We have Zero Tolerance to Spam. Chessy Comments and Comments with 'Links' will be deleted immediately upon our review.
  1. Keep going on, things are now looking pretty much fresher than old days.

    Previous version was also a unique one and this one is without doubt an eye catching style..

    And LoOny is something that everyone was looking for.. Hope loOny will take its responsibilities soon and won't be angry with anyone. :P

  2. Bro i always wanted you to have such a great looking professional template. Now it looks like a BOSS ;)

    Bro one more suggestions, i strongly recommend you to do something for ur mobile template as it should also look as good as the current desktop theme. Just login from Mobile and see, your new logo is Awesome but on mobile it looks ugly.

    Bro i really wish to have a template like ur current one. Can u design for me? What will be the charges?

    Happy Blogging!

  3. another masterpiece ... :)
    BTW Loony is quite similar to u .. :D
    specially the goatee (beard style) ... :D

  4. I am one of the biggest fan of Vector art. I have also created some cartoon characters and also using them on my site. BTW: your LOony is really awesome.

    AS per the Design, Far and far better than the previous version. But, Guess what people have started to copy it already. I have seen few blogs with Similar Navigation Menu that you have. I will email you there links.

    I Agree with Haider BRO. Check out here (This would even work on WEB) just visit it and see the LOGO. Since, you have made the LOGO with Transparent background and the "MBT" is in white color. Therefore, its looks yucky on mobile...

    Instead of using Transparent Background just Crop the Correct Background Image from the Header-Wrapper Background (The one which you are using on the Web version) and paste it behind the logo. :) Than, It would look Stunning...

    Best Regards:
    Syed Faizan Ali

  5. Wow new design new logo and the best part i love is navigation menu and logo.Loony looks like great but no change in footer.

  6. Oh thank you so much MBT - I am using this wallpaper now and I so love it... you are a true inspiration for all bloggers who want to make money out of this passion!

  7. It's awesome bro, Chief Lonely, keep giving us delicious meal :)


  8. Your new design pumps up your blog to a new level also it is a Happy surprise for us .

    Mr loOny is a amazing character.Hopefully he will serve better :)

    All the best for future

    sarada prasad

  9. Wow! Awesome new dress of MBT!

  10. Hi Mohammad Bro,
    You did awesome work. It's looking much better than previous design. :)\

    Welcome LoOny... :)

  11. looks so FRESHY & Techy,really great job man!!
    MBT 2013 revolution, blogosphere revolution! <3

  12. I think this new dress of MTB is awesome than any other blogger blog :)

    Regards :

  13. Awesome bro.. but you still stick to blogspot.

  14. Its Wonderful............ love it

  15. Nice Stuff! Awesome!
    Please check your email!!!

  16. @Abdul Bajaber

    Thank you brother Abdul. :)

    Oh sure I am without any doubts! :)

    Oh I promise he wouldn't be! :d Indeed a change is required for every working environment. I am sure this new look will engage readers more and help them better interact with us and a,amongst themselves. :)


    Oh thanks for reminding about that I have just changed the mobile theme and now it looks much more neater. :) I always prefer Dynamic views for mobile devices. I also added a drop shadow and stoke effect to the white text in logo so it would look just fine everywhere :)

    Designing templates like this one is what I do haider, that's why I rarely get time to write here. Of course you may contact us via the services page. Always welcomed :)


    Yes you got it right, Both the glasses and the beard were made such so that it resembles my face. :)
    Btw goatee is not a kind word from you.

    @Syed Faizan
    Glad you liked it pal. about the Design copy, of course it is practical reaction and I have kept the bullets ready :d

    About the logo, cropping an image and aligning it with the background is not a web standard approach. You may never adopt such habit dear. Always choose the simplest and most compatible solution to every problem. So that when people analyze your design they may not find glitches in it and instead find it perfectly structured.

    A simple solution to it was adding a black drop shadow to the logo text along with a 1px width stroke. Things are normal now. :)

    JazakAllah buddy :)


    For the current dummy image i.e Chef loony, I utlized Adobe photoshop only and added the 3D effect using shadows and gradients. A lot of Pen tool work is used in it. A tutorial on Photoshop does not come under our category. :)

    New changes do surely always look better. I am glad dear you liked the change. About the footer, Its changed, isn't it? :D

    My inspiration are you guys. My duty is sharing and passing the knowledge. I have seen most of you adopting the advices and son glad to see you all doing so great. More power to you all buddies :)


    If a designer like you said that then it must be great! :)

    Chef loOny promises that! :)

    @Mohammad hasnain
    JazaKAllah dear brother. :)

    Mr LoOny will be at your service very soon dear sarada and thanks a bunch for the kind appreciation :)

    Thanks to you people jake. Thanks a bunch! :)

    @najiah @Deepak @muneeb
    I am so glad you all like dit pals. Tank you! :))

    Means a lot zeshan. Thanks for the appreciation. :)

    Oh that is a great honor. I hope we live up to that. Thanks a millions Gigi :)

    Your true generosity pal. Thank you :)

    I bet I knew your comment would come back to wordpress. No I will never migrate! :p

    @varun singh

    Thank you varun a lot :)

    JazaKAllah brother Ali. A pleasure indeed :)

    A pleasure gagan :)

    @lonein woods
    People like you make our entire online experience fruitless. You are most welcomed to illegally share its styles and scripts. We are after you. We have noted down your G+ profile along with any Id from which you blog. All will be reported to Google.

    I really enjoy entertainment :)


    Thank you mehul. Haven';t checked mails for so long. Ok sure i will :)

  17. @Mohammad, it feels bad when someone copies your styles. I recommend encode even the CSS and HTML files,
    BTW blogger also accepts files as ( which contains CSS styles) and and similarly if you put it in files (same as WP) either host in your server or in google but encoded though i suggest multiencode so it cant be decoded easily.


  18. @Mohammad

    Google Dynamics Views for Blogger is never a Right option.

    Visit it from mobile, We cannot open the Post even if we Click the Read more button. I Discovered this issue when Dynamics views for mobile was release about 5 months a go and the problem still exists.

    Check yourselves Readmore link takes us to no where.

    As per cropping, I always do that lol. No idea why. But it works fine for me :)...I only adapted it from some PRO website..

  19. dear i am wanto to download this template

  20. Wow Amazing Template Bro

  21. Woow, an awesome change. I think you must be paid moe to design blogs.
    1 last thing I'd recomend you to do is to add a background for the sidebar so the title will be much more better.

    Also, you must make some designs like this for wordpress.

    I hope you all the best Mohammad.
    Please respond to my email.

  22. Hey,
    So am your new Fan and Reader Mohammad, Great Work

    Rais Zada
    Payment Medium, inc

  23. Hey Mohammad!
    V 2.0 is indeed splendid and it's theme(only color combination etc) resembles a lot with my blogger's blog:

    But It would be a much prettier and attractive(while remaining elegant) if you add some CSS3 spices to your Google Powered Search box. It looks good now but will then(after customization) it'll look even better :)

    P.S: It surely is my first ever comment on MBT, I've been reading your posts for more than a year and your work is an epitome of excellency, creativity and charisma. Stay blessed, keep blogging :)

    Mubbashir Mustafa

  24. I appreciate your hard work, you are such a amazing hlper :)

  25. i am using salahuddin template it has read more option with like this read more option is duplicate content are not my website is