How to Cast your Vote in US elections With Google?

So the U.S presidential race is a full swing, and expectations are high as the election day arrives. Different people have different ways of keeping track of the race, and so do many websites which provide varying data on who has the most support. But every term (four years), more and more people are looking for reliable sources of information on the voting process and their ballots. Google has now made this incredibly easy, and searching for such information is no longer a hitch. It has launched a Voter Information Tool that will help voters stay updated about the elections.

The Voter Information Tool is designed to help people find information on how to register for voting, where to vote, and who's on their ballot. So on the election day that is 6th November, whether you are supporting Romney or Obama (again), you won't be left out of anything, and will get all the help you'll need from Google.

Google Voter Information Tool

You can use the Voter Information Tool to enter your address (US only). You will instantly find information on what your polling place will be, along with early vote locations. You can also get ballot information, complete with links to the social media profiles of the candidates. Rules and requirements can also be looked up using this tool.

This is a really useful tool for voters, and webmasters and bloggers can embed the tool easily on their own websites / blogs. Here are the instructions from Google on how to embed the tool. The tool is open source as well, which means developers can download the code and customize it as they see fit.

Google is working with some media partners such as AT&T and Foresquare to make this tool accessible across the web. So you can expect to see more of it in the days leading up to the election. And hopefully, it will help make the entire process simpler and much easier. Cheers to the future U.S. president :)

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  1. This gonna be easy to vote..

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  9. Thanks for this Info..
    its really helpful....
    Google is really getting popular...
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