Designing a Successful Facebook Offer for your Brand

Previously, we have talked about a new feature released by Facebook recently called Facebook Offers. This feature lets you promote your brand by offering people rewards for visiting your website or your brand's physical location. Simple creating an offer, however, is just a start. To make it work, you have to utilize the maximum potential of your audience by designing a successful offer, and keeping the basic Facebook marketing tips in mind. And since you're spending money on creating offers, you have to be extra careful, as a slight mistake might result in a loss for your business. Here, we'll discuss some tips for designing a successful Facebook Offer.

Offers can be a game-changer, but only if placed correctly. Every business has different type of customers. So it's always a good idea to experiment with what offers work best for your customers. If they do not understand your offer, or if they think it's a scam, they might unlike your page. So to keep things smooth, here are a few tips you should keep in mind.

Make it easy to understand

The most important part about an offer is its simplicity. If it's easy to understand, then a lot of people will do it, just for the sake of participating. But if the process is complicated, and makes users go through an unusual activity (such as signing up for something), then that will substantially reduce the number of people who participate. So make the process simple, and explain your Terms of Service in simple words as best as you can.

Discount offers

Make your discounts substantial. No one is gonna bother if you're giving 5 or 10% off on a t-shirt. Generally, discounts become notable and intriguing at 20%. You can also offer free items, as in 'Buy one, get one free'. But at the same time, make your discount believable. If I see an offer on my Facebook home saying 'Click here and get a free iPhone 5', I'll probably flag that story as scam. Make no mistake, business do hand out such lavish gifts. But you've gotta have some reputation before you make such a bold step. For example, everyone seemed to believe in it when Redmondpie decided to give away two free copies of the latest Windows 8.

Discount offers

Use a good image

Most of the time, products sell better if other people see a customer using it. So it'd be a good idea to use an image that shows your product in action, rather than just a logo image or an image with just your product on it.

Pay attention to your headline

Your headline is one of the most important things. Make it engaging, and yet keep it natural. Caption it as if you're talking in the real world, and as naturally as possible. Don't excessively capitalize, and don't use extravagant words. Keep it simple, and easily understandable, while at the same time making the purpose crystal clear.

Expiration date

Set up a reasonable expiration date. Don't make it end so soon that most people would miss it. And don't set it too far away, or it'll lose a sense of urgency. It depends from offer to offer, but around a week or two sounds realistic.


Spread the word! Share your offer with the world. Re-share your offer as much as possible, and encourage others to do so too. Share on other social networks such as Pinterest as well, so maximum number of people might access it. Usually, word-of-mouth-marketing works like a charm in such situations.

Those were of the basic tips you should keep in mind while creating a Facebook offer. Such offers can mean a lot to your business, but only if done correctly. Hope you understand these points. See you soon in the next post. Peace :)

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