Popular Blogging Tips That Don't Always Work

Blogging Tips

Most bloggers, when they start blogging, search Google for 'blogging tips' or 'increasing blog traffic' at one point or another in their life. For most, its when they publish their first post (or thereabouts), and decide to create an awesome blog in the near future by following the best advice on the internet. And while searching for advice, they come across some really common and popular tips that everyone seems to be talking about.

But the logical question is, if those tips are so 'award-winning' or efficient, then why isn't every other blog getting popular? Well, the simple fact of the matter is, while they might be great tips, they don't always work, or work in a way that you might think. Here are a few well known blogging tips that need some consideration before implementation.

Creating controversy

Yesterday, in our list of 10 Whitehat Blogging tips, we talked about creating controversy. Here, I want to explain it a bit more. We discussed how controversy can light a spark and start the conversation. Controversy is also a good way to start some buzz, and become viral. That is the theory, at least.

In practice, well, you all know how heated discussions can become on the internet. And even if you talk about something that's not controversial, sometimes, there's going to be someone who comes along the way and negates what you just said (rather rudely, I might add in light of recent events). And for controversial topics, well, multiple the consequences by any integer you like, and the result will always be worse.

Creating controversy
If you create controversy online, you must have some really solid points to support your claim. Otherwise, someone with better arguments might come along, and convince your readers that you're wrong, which can be an embarrassing situation. So to avoid this, it's best if you look at something from a certain angle. For example, the all-time-hot debate about iPhone vs Android will probably never conclude. But you can pick a certain aspect, such as availablity and open source, and argue that Android is better in that regard.

Is holding competitions worth it?

Let's face it; for new blogs with little audience, holding competitions with a prize at the end just makes you look stupid. I can relate from another blogger's example, who held a competition, but so few people participated that the prize had to be given to a candidate selected from a total of 4 participants. It all made it look like a joke. So for beginners, this strategy does not work, as it involves effort on the part of readers, which they are unwilling to do.
Hold Competitions
A better approach is a give-away or an exchange program. You can use social media to raise awareness, and then invite people for the event. I will relate to an example here. Syed Faizan Ali, a dear follower and a dedicated blogger created a group on Facebook and held exchange programs for Tweets, Google +1's, comments, and Facebook Likes, etc. That way, those who participate like others' content and comment on it, and then get likes and comments in return. Creating such promotions is a better way to increase your readership.

Commenting on other blogs

The blogosphere is increasingly getting busier. And let's face it, not everyone has the time to read comments on other blogs, and reply to them or follow the link. A lot of people get out soon after submitting their comment, and possibly never comeback unless pinged by a reply email. in such circumstances, leaving your comments all over the internet can prove to be just a waste of your time.


The best way to utilize your time is to post relevant comments on posts that are popular, and where the're's a conversation already going on. Join in, and express your views. People will then relate to you and follow you. Also, it'd be a good idea to monitor what site is giving you most benefits for commenting, such as traffic and readership, and spend more of your time commenting on that website.

Content is king?

How many times have you heard that phrase now? I won't say it's an incorrect notion, but there's something else we need to think about. Creating quality content takes a lot of time and effort. But you see, anyone can work hard. The real thing is to direct that hard work towards where it's needed the most. It's like working as a laborer, or as a supervisor. You need to optimize the work process, such that you work hard creating content that your audience can really benefit from. If they can't, then there's no real worth of your quality content.

So direct your energy towards some research, and find out what people are looking for. Spend time doing keyword research, and then start writing on topic that have the potential to become evergreen, or to live for a longer time, because people are looking for such stuff. It's all about the consideration and implementation really. Advice is nothing if interpreted correctly. Learn to do so, and you'll have your chance to become a pro blogger. All the best :)

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